korean hdd mud recycler
June 29 2010

GN 400GPM Complete Mud Recycler to Korea

Just coming back from A HDD mud recycler commissioning ,Now another set of GN 400 GPM mud recycler is ready for delivery to Korea.The HDD Complete mud recycler is based on the highly successful GN 400 GPM mud recycling system.


Advantages of GN 400 GPM HDD Complete Mud recycler Brief Specifications:
solids control equipment to indonesia
June 19 2010

Two sets XJ 450 HP workover drilling rig of solids control system to indonesia

Two Sets of XJ450 HP Workover drilling rig solids control system are ready for delivery to Indonesia. It is for our Chinese drilling and workover service company, their activities are mostly for Indonesia.After several solids control system being sent to Indonesia, and many solids control components such as desander and desilter vacuum degasser, sand pump, drilling mud mixers, etc. Our products have accepted by several oil and gas drilling companies and oilfield contractors.

solids control system componets
June 13 2010

Trenchless drilling mud recycler unit commissioning in Korea

“Good news! Trenchless drilling mud recycler unit in Korea ran very well”, said our engineer. This trenchless drilling mud recycler unit also called HDD or No dig mud circulation system. The trenchless mud system was designed for Korean customer especially. The system including shale shaker, mud cleaner, jet mud mixer, sand pump.

brandt king cobra shale shaker screen
June 08 2010

Brandt King Cobra Replacement Shale Shaker Screens to Syria

We are going to deliver Brandt replacement shale shaker Screens to WORLD Leading Energy Company in Syria this week. This is a new market for GN Solids Control stepped by the market of Russia, UAE, Libya, Brazil, Morocco, Kuwait, Brazil, and Canada. Up to now, we have exported shaker screens to over 20 countries.

About the Syria client

The client who bought our shale shaker screens is one of the biggest listed companies of the world headquarter in Canada, and having projects in Syria. After considering of the quality and price, they choose us as the supplier of the Brandt Cobra replacement shale shaker screens.

Brandt screens to Syria


mud agitators
June 05 2010

Mud tank agitators to Kuwait and Nigeria

Recently we shipped some mud tank agitators to both Kuwait and Nigeria. Both mud tank agitators to Kuwait and Nigeria are used in mixing drilling mud in oilfield and request explosion proof motor at F insulation level and IP54 grade.

The agitators to Kuwait were designed for well drilling mud processing in oilfield. They have ordered five sets of desanders and desilters. They felt satisfied with our equipments performance so they reorder the mud tank agitators to solve their urgency on well drilling project.