thermal well drilling equipment gn solids control
April 14 2010

Thermal well drilling mud equipments

GN provide solids control equipments to match customer’s thermal well drilling mud system. Including mud agitator and double mud mixing pump on one skid etc.GN designed eight mud agitators, double jet mud mixer on one skid for them to configure and mix drilling mud. Adapt heavy duty on drilling fluids treating capacity.  Thermal well drilling is one division on civil construction, similar to HDD. So the drilling mud equipments also need to be portable so GN designed double mud mixer on one skid to ensure easy transportation but also meet client’s requirement on treating capacity.
double shale shaker gn solids control
April 10 2010

Double Shale Shaker and Mini mud cleaner unit to Beijing

Double shale shaker and Mini mud cleaner designed for Coal bed gas well drilling. Typical customized drilling mud processing equipment for specific demand on easy transportation and compact dimension.Double shale shaker has many advantages to adapt customers’ convenience. Two sets of ZS83-3 shale shaker fixed on one skid to make the shale shaker removal more easily. 

Mining slurry separation system
April 09 2010

Slurry separation system for hydromining to Turkey

GN240 Slurry separation system is a customized hydromining slurry separation system for our Turkey clients.It includes:FG-18 Transition Slurry Tank,FG-10 Mixing Slurry Tank,FG-45 Circulation Slurry tank ,ZS4×1.5 Shale Shaker ,ZQJ250×2 Desander,ZQJ100×12 Desilter,And related Slurry pumps,agitators,accessories for the tanks.

GN Provides customize Slurry separation plant for separating your mining material into different paticle size range material,or recycling water for you.

  FG-45 Circulation Slurry tank  FG-18 Transition Slurry Tank FG-10 Mixing Slurry Tank   ZS4×1.5 Shale Shaker ZQJ250×2 Desander     ZQJ100×12 Desilter  Mining slurry pump  
water well drilling mud reycling system
April 03 2010

Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia

A group company with division for water well drilling in Mongolia and oil gas drilling service in Kazakstan. They are satisfied with the 2 mud system for oil gas drilling which we delivered to them to Kazakstan..They re-purchased a set of mud system for their water drilling.The small unit water well drilling mud recycling system is compact and easy-transportation

CIPPE 10th
April 01 2010

GN Solids Control back from 10th CIPPE

With the developing of GN Solids Control,we are keeping enlarging our promotion to more world's largest petroleum equipments exhibitions.We attended 9th CIPPE,and doubled our booth space in 10th CIPPE.

Comparing with other exhibitors, only GN Solids Control bring a complete line drilling mud solids control equipments and mud tanks for exhibition.That's because GN is one of the expert who specialize in design and manufacture solids control equipments for oil gas drilling & HDD

Our main equipments in the exhibition:Shale Shaker,Mud Cleaner ,Vacuum Degasser,Decanting centrifuge,Sand Pumps,Mud agitator,Mud tanks etc.

Oil Gas Drilling mud solids control system