December 22 2014

Liquid Mud Plant System is centralized to mix, match and storage water based mud, oil based mud or synthetic based mud, which is necessary part for oil & gas drilling. Generally, one liquid mud plant can supply mud usage to several rigs.

GN Solids Control is professional in different kinds of mud system manufacturing, from small compact mud system to big capacity mud system, from HDD mud system to oil drilling mud system, from traditional solids control mud system to mud plant mud system. Early of this year, we got contract from COSL for one 17 mud tank mud plant. October of 2014, we got another mud plant manufacturing contract from Africa drilling customer. The customer uses it to supply drilling mud for 3 land rigs.

GN Liquid Mud Plant System for Africa Drilling

  • 7 ea Liquid mud tank with Rain Shade Roof Cover for the Complete Tank
  • 21 ea mud agitator for mixing and suspending the chemicals
  • 21 ea mud gun, mud from mixing pump; the mud gun itself is rotating and can reach 360 degree cleaning.
  • 1 ea dual mud mixing unit with 2 sets 55kw centrifugal pump & 2sets mud hopper. 1 ea shear pump also installed on this skid for shearing chemicals.
  • 1 ea Electric hoist for lifting chemical bags

Except for this mud plant system, we also get contract for 3 sets decanter centrifuge & 3 sets vertical cuttings dryer. The centrifuge and cuttings dryer is in the painting. All other equipment should come out within this week.

 liquid mud plant 12.24

liquid mud plant system 12.24

3 sets decanter Centrifuge

Centrifuge model: GNLW363CG and GNLW363CG-VFD
Centrifuge type: high standard & high speed & variable speed (fixed speed)
Centrifuge use: for solids control barite recovery & mud weight cut
The centrifuge also matched with NEMO pump (screw pump) for feeding centrifuge, which is ideal pump feeding pump without agitating the drilling fluids.

3 sets Vertical cuttings dryer

Dryer model: GNCD930C
Dryer use: to treat the drilling cuttings from shale shaker & desander & desilter, ( Not including cuttings from decanter centrifuge !) , to decrease the oil on cuttings as low as possible. The OOC can be reduce to 3% to 5% if the dryer working in good condition and operation.
The dryer also matched with Nemo pump (screw pump) for cleaning and Nemo pump for transferring mud from dryer back to Shale shaker.

Success is Natural for GN. Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd (Brand name: GN Solids Control), have offer solids control & drilling cuttings management equipment to over 60 countries and areas. GN success is built upon many years rich experience, advanced technology, professional spirit and responsibility.