Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

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Solids Control.


GN Decanter Centrifuge is designed for the drilling mud solids control and oilfield waste management. GN VFD drive decanter centrifuge with variable speed allows drilling contractor or mud service company to do the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids separation, dewatering centrifuge. GN have the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different applications. GN decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ratio is over 3, this gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

Remarks, Economic Configuration decanter centrifuge, and mini Centrifuge is in the bottom table.

High Configuration Decanter Centrifuge Features

GN High Configuration Decanter Centrifuge Parameter

Bowl Diameter 360mm(14inch) 360mm(14inch) 450mm(18inch) 550mm(22inch)
Bowl Length 1271mm(50inch) 1271mm(50inch) 1540mm(61inch) 1800mm(71inch)
Reference Capacity 132GPM(30m3/h) 132GPM(30m3/h) 264GPM(60m3/h) 400GPM(90m3/h)
Max Bowl Speed 3900RPM 3900RPM 3200RPM 3000PRM
Typical Bowl
3200RPM 0~3200RPM 0~2800RPM 0~2500RPM
Max G-Force 3063 3063 2578 2719
Typical G-Force 2062 0~2062 0~1973 0~1888
Separation point 2~5µm 2~5μm 2~5µm 2~5μm
Differential Speed 40 0~40 0~35 0~45
Gearbox Torch 3500N.M 3500N.M 7500N.M 12000N.M
Gear Box Ratio 57:1 57:1 35:1 35:1
Main Drive Motor 37KW(50HP) 37KW(50HP) 55KW(75HP) 90KW(120HP)
Back Drive Motor 11KW(15HP) 11KW(15HP) 22KW(30HP) 37KW(50HP)
Recommend Pump 7.5KW(10HP) 7.5KW(10HP) 15KW(20HP) 22KW(30HP)
EX Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Electric cabinet Exd Standard PLC+Positive Presurized
The above specification and parameters for reference only.

Decanter Centrifuge (Economic Configuration)

des 223 decanter centrifuge    des 452 decanter centrifuge

GN Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge Parameter

Bowl Diameter 220mm(9inch) 220mm(9inch) 450mm(18inch)
Bowl Length 670mm(26.4inch) 924mm(36.4inch) 1105mm(43inch)
Reference Capacity 26GPM(6m³/h) 26GPM(6m³/h) 176GPM(40m3/h)
Max Bowl Speed 4500RPM 5054RPM 1800RPM
Typical Bowl
3800RPM 0~4500RPM 1800RPM
Max G-Force 2492 3200 815
Typical G-Force 1777 2492 815
Separation point 2~5micron 2~5micron 5~7Micron
Differential Speed 10/20/30 10/20/30 32
Gearbox Torch 500N.M 1400N.M 3500N.M
Gear Box Ration 35:1 35:1 57:1
Main Drive Motor 11Kw(15HP) 11Kw(15HP) 37KW(50HP)
Back Drive Motor N/A 5.5Kw(7.5HP) N/A
Recommend Pump 3Kw 3Kw 11KW(15HP)
EX Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Electric cabinet Exd Standard Exd Standard Exd Standard
Weight 850KG 850KG 3410KG
Dimension 1924x1050x725mm 1924x1050x725mm 2939x1748x1320mm
The above specification and parameters for reference only.

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge Features:

GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge (Barite Recovery)

GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge is the most competitive price centrifuge for barite recovery and high gravity solids separation up to 5 microns. With it’s removable legs, the GNLW452decanter centrifuge can be used on solids control mud tank or the telescopic skid. The bowl diameter of the GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge is around 18inch (450mm) with bowl length 43inch (1100mm), GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge is driven by a High Torch Sun-Wheel Gear Box with Single motor. This design is to get the right result for customer with lowest production cost. Normally the big size drilling rigs solids control system will install dual centrifuge system, one GNLW452 Middle Speed centrifuge( G force 815 @1800 rpm) for barite recovery or High gravity solids separation, one high speed GNLW363 (G force up to 2062 @3200RPM) centrifuge for low gravity fine solids separation. It is also an economic choice for underground projects like no dig drilling.

GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge (High Speed)

GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge is the most popular size centrifuge in the oil drilling industry. It can be used for fine/ultra fine solids separation, barite recovery and zero-discharge dewatering. With it’s removable legs, the GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge can be used on solids control mud tank or the telescopic skid for drilling waste management. The bowl diameter of the GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge is around 14inch (360mm) with bowl length 50inch (1270mm), 3.5 is good bowl length/diameter ration for oil drilling mud.GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge is driven by main motor and back derive motor with High Torch Sun-Wheel Gear Box, GN have the fixed speed available with different pulley for option to change the centrifuge speed, and VFD drive with PLC control available for your different applications.

GNLW553 Decanter Centrifuge (Big Bowl)

GNLW553 Decanter Centrifuge is a big bowl big volume centrifuge for fast drilling or the high volume mud like Tunneling. The drilling contractors now intend to shift to use fine shale shakers for primary solids separation, and remove the desander and desilters to save energy and save time for maintenance , the bypass of second phase desander and third phase desilter requires the heavy duty, high volume decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. This trend leads the GN Big Bowl big volume centrifuge become more and more popular in the world. GNLW553 decanter centrifuge can be used for fine/ultra fine solids separation, barite recovery and zero-discharge dewatering. The GNLW553 Decanter Centrifuge is around 22inch (550mm) with bowl length 71inch (1800mm), 3.2 is good bowl length/diameter ration for big bowl centrifuge to fit for oil gas drilling mud.GNLW553 decanter centrifuge is driven by main motor and back derive motor with High Torch Sun-Wheel Gear Box, GNLW553 centrifuge is VFD control with PLC for automatically control and monitoring.

With sales of 150 Sets of Decanter Centrifuge every year around the world, you can see GN centrifuge all working all around the world. We also offer OEM services with customized color and LOGO centrifuge for marketing your own brand in the industry.

Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge For drilling fluids

Decanter centrifuge are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids (muds). Mechanical energy is utilized to increase the gravitational force exerted on solids that are present in the mud system.oilfield Decanting Centrifuge are able to apply over 3,000 G-forces on the liquid/solids mixture, which separates the heavier solids from the lighter solids. Additionally, high G-forces separate fine solids from liquid.

Mechanical separation of solids from the mud system through the use of a decanter centrifuge is a highly-effective means of maintaining proper mud weight and viscosity. When used in conjunction with other Solids control equipment, decanting centrifuge enable users to maintain the mud properties within the prescribed range as per the drilling program. Typically,oilfield decanting centrifuge is the final processing units in the arrangement of solids control equipment. Decanting centrifuge preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shakers, mud Cleaners (if utilized), Vacuum degassers and hyrdocyclones.
GN Solids Control based in China manufacture and supply complete line of high-speed, variable-speed and fully variable-speed decanting centrifuge for handling drilling fluids. Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified.GN Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system。 Ruggedly built for oilfield and industrial Solids control service, decanting centrifuge is especially effective in meeting fluid-on-cuttings discharge requirements in environmentally sensitive areas. decanting centrifuge also deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control to significantly reduce the operator’s total mud cost and limit waste disposal volumes.GN-China leading decanting centrifuge manufacturer with locations in Houston,Texas, USA.