High G Drying Shaker

High G Drying Shaker

Waste Management.


GN High G Force Drying shaker  is design for primary solids control and drying the cuttings from the primary solids control equipments, recover silts and ultra-fine sands, provide solids in a consistently stackable and conveyable form and requires no expensive chemicals or polymers. GN high G drying Shaker with Adjustable G force Up to 8.0 G.

GNZS594EH LD hi G shale shaker
des hi g shale shaker 2

GN High G Drying Shaker Parameter

Vibration Mode Linear Motion
Capacity(m³/h) 140(616GPM) 120(528GPM)
Vibration Motor(Kw) 2×1.94
Screen Qty(Pcs) 4 3
Screen Size: L×W(mm) 585×1165 700×1250
Screen Area(m²) 2.73 2.63
Adjustable G Force ≤8.2G ≤8.3G
Vibration Amplitude(mm) 4.5~6.48 4.6~6.62
Deck Angle Range -1to +5°
Feeding Type Hopper Feeder
Feeder Height(mm) 1065
Weight(Kg) 1590 1538
L×W×H(mm) 2912×1968×1435 2667×1968×1435
The above specification and parameters for reference only.

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High G Shaker Videos

High G Drying Shaker Features

Process of the High G Drying Shaker Operation.

High G Drying Shaker

The drilling cuttings discharged from the primary shale shaker and desander desilters will be picked up by a screw conveyor, and another screw conveyor will take the drilling cuttings to feed to the High G drying Shaker. Some times, client will install a low profile drying shaker just under the solids control tank to feed to the drying shaker directly. The drilling cuttings will be drying by the high G shaker, and fluids will be catched by the tank under the shaker, a centrifuge feed pump will take the fluids and feed to a high speed decanter centrifuge, after treatment by the high speed decanter centrifuge, the fluids can return back the active mud system for resue.</p