August 16 2019

A batch of shale shaker sold to Indonesia

The shale shaker is one of the main equipment in drilling mud solids control system. Recently, GN got an order from an Indonesia client for a batch of shale shakers, now the shakers are ready for shipment. 

GN shale shaker is the first stage cuttings separation equipment in the mud system, thus the importance of the shale shaker is imaginable. The performance of the shale shaker will affect a large extent the performance of subsequent equipment. 

August 08 2019

Solids Vacuum Pump sold to Africa Market

Recently, GN finished the fabrication of a batch solids vacuum pump for clients coming from Africa. With the wide application, since the date of issuing, GN solids vacuum pump has received widespread concerns, and its performance has been proved qualified on site by users.

August 02 2019

Offshore Drilling Mud Tank System Will be Ready for Shipment

One set drilling mud tank system manufactured by GN for offshore has been trial assembled in factory, later will be shipped out to client's site. GN Solids Control is with rich experience in design and manufacturing the mud system no matter standard or customized specifications.

It is widely known that the offshore platform is with limited space to arrange the equipment, which requires the mud tank system need to be a compact design while with full functions for mud treatment. 

The offshore drilling mud tank system is a full function and self-contained design. It has all necessary equipment to process the drilling mud step by step. Per the different working principle, the impurities with different sizes in the drilling mud would be separated by different equipment. 

July 25 2019

Oil Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment for Russia Market

GN is specialized in manufacturing the solids control equipment with over 70% business in coming from international market. Russia is one of GN main markets. This week, GN finished the fabrication of one batch solids control equipment. Now the equipment is waiting for delivery.

The equipment will be applied in oil drilling site for drilling mud recycling. The used drilling mud is consisting of valuable drilling fluids and drill cuttings with various sizes. The solids control equipment is used to remove the drilling cuttings step by step to make the drilling fluids reusable. Accordingly, solids control equipment with different working principle is required to do the separation job.

July 19 2019

2019 GN Tourism Culture Festival in Fisher Island

In the first half of 2019, GN has achieved a fruitful result. In order to thank the employees’ hard work and enrich their culture life, GN Solid Control held the 2019 Tourism Culture Festival on July 15-16 in the beautiful fishing island of Qinhuangdao. The theme of this culture festival is “Smelting the team, surpassing ourselves; working together and being invincible.”