Elevating mud gas separator to Mozambique
October 25 2010

Elevating Mud Gas Separator to Mozambique

The mud gas separator was exported to Moazmbique. However, it was bought via one Poland company. The Mozambique company is end user and they are oil&drilling company. While the Poland company is big corporation on oil&gas exploration industry. They appreciated our elevating designe. Moreover, they know we are API cerified manufacturer and we'll get certificate in early November.

The specification is as following:

tandem shale shaker for workover rig
October 23 2010

Tandem Shale Shaker for workover rig to Indonesia

This week we shipped 2 sets of Tandem shale shaker to our Indonesia client for their workover drilling rig. Main specification of GNZS83-2 Tandem shale shaker1 Vibrating mode: Linear motion2 Treating capacity: each with 264gpm, totally 528gpm. 3 Screen mesh size:40~80 mesh 4 Screen area: each with 1.8 m2, totally 3.6 m2(38.75 ft2)5 Screen type: Parimid screen to enlarge screen area

most popular shale shaker to thailand
October 19 2010

GN Offers the Most Popular Shale Shaker to Thailand

GNZS 63-3 is the best sold and the most popular shale shaker. Design, Produced, by GN Solids Control with its own patent. It has same screen area with Nov brandt king cobra shale shaker, but more efficient, simplifier design, competitive price.

Solids control equipments are very popular in Thailand, in April, Storage mud tank agitator to Thailand, in May Shale Shaker To Thailand, in August Poor boy degasser customized design for Thailand client. And now anther two shale shaker purchased by a famous drilling company in Thailand.


hdd mud cleaning system
October 14 2010

2 sets HDD mud cleaning unit repeat order of Korean contractor

Yesterday we shipped HDD mud cleaning unit to Korea. This client is Korean HDD contractor, and he has ordered us 3 sets mud cleaning unit totally.

They ever ordered 1 set HDD mud cleaning unit holding 400GPM treating capacity. They felt satisfied with our system. Then after 3 months operation they made repeat order to us. The 2 sets HDD mud cleaning unit are same used for 35 ton rig, and mud pump flows 325LPM.

Main configuration on the HDD mud cleaning unit

decanting centrifuge
October 13 2010

Solids Control System to Ukraine

Just a few days ago, one solids control system was delivered to Ukraine. This system considered the specification of Ukraine, in the Northern of the earth, the weather, temperature, and other situations after detailed communication with the customer. This system contains one GNZJ 83-3 Mud cleaner, one LWF 450x842N decanter centrifuge, three JBQ 11mud agitators, 1 50YZ40-10 submersible slurry pump, and two GNSB 8*6-13 centrifugal pumps, eight NJQ50-3 mud gun, and so on.