mud agitator to Oman
February 02 2010

Venturi mixing hopper-oilfield spare parts to Oman

We just sent out venturi mixing hopper and mud agitators as well as mud guns to Great Wall Drilling Company Ltd,they use the oilfield spare parts at their drilling project in Oman.

Venturi Mixing hopper is a special hopper for Highly Efficient solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing device; The Venturi mixing hopper Used for mud mixing, aggravating, adding drilling fluid additive and leak blocking work process;Check GN Solids Control total jet mixing system

JBQ15 mud agitators
January 18 2010

Solids Control System accessories To Libya

A mud tank manufacturer in Libya outsource accessories and equipments from us to build drilling mud solids control system.. AS a China  leading manufacturer  specializing  in complete line of  equipments for solids control system.GN Drilling mud equipments are widely used in Oil & Gas Drilling , HDD Mud System and Slurry Separation Plant.

Mud desander Desilter
January 08 2010

Mud recovery system to Singapore

A mud service company in Singapore ordered a complete drilling mud recovery system from us about 30 days ago.Now GN Team have finished production and careful testing and running until every equipment works properly.It is ready for delivery today.

This drilling mud recovery system is a customized system with compact design,and the total mud tank system can be put in 40' top open container.The mud recovery system including following Solids Control Equipments and components.

workover rig mud decanter centrifuge
December 28 2009

2 mud tank systems for workover drilling rig to Indonesia

Two mud tank systems for workover drilling rig are going to be delivered from GN Solids Control Factory to Indonesia. From this news 5 Solids Control System Order in 10 Days,you will see we are still building another 3 mud systems,actually,now GN still have another 5 drilling mud systems in production.


After the 2 workover drilling rig mud tank system,we are going to deliver another 2 HDD mud system in few days.

Solids Control Equipments for each workover drilling  rig mud system:

  • Two linear motion ZS830×108-2 Shale Shaker 
  • One LWF450×842N decanter centrifuge
    drilling mud mixer
    December 15 2009

    Drilling mud mixers to Indonesia

    Few days ago,GN got a top urgent drilling mud mixers inquiry from an Indonesia clients,Just in 3 days,GN have finished production and inspection for the drilling mud mixers.With GN good production management,and well trained sales representative,we work fast to offer fast delivery to meet clients urgent requirements for mud mixers,and other drilling mud treatment equipments.