During the construction of TBM and Pipe Jacking activities, the dirty slurry coming out from the hole will contain a large quantity of sand and stones. In order to protect environment and recycle the water, it is necessary to treat the dirty mud. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer to design and make complete set of slurry separation plant. GN Solids Control can make various sizes slurry separation plant to suit for different job site situation.

This week, a set of GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant is ready. The unit is made for a South America client.
The handling capacity of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 240m3/h. The cut point of the separation plant is 20 microns. The GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant contains a shale shaker, desander separator, desilter mud cleaner, bottom drying shaker, feed pump and mud tank. The shale shaker is a double deck shale shaker with totally 5 screens. The desander cone contains Qty 1 × 20 inch hydra cyclones. It is combined with the coarse separation double deck shale shaker. The desilter cleaner contains Qty 12 × 4 inch hydra cyclones. It is mounted on a 2-panel shale shale shaker to use as a combo type shale shaker.

Feeding pump for GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant heavy duty slurry pump. Totally 2 slurry pumps are used in the separation plant to feed for desander cone and desilter cones. Clients can use another heavy duty slurry pump to feed for the whole GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant.

Total power of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 116Kw. GN Solids Control offers electrical control system to offer clients turn key solution.

The GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is designed for easy transportation. Operation dimension of the system is L6058×W3081×H4316. Inland shipment of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is L6058×W2438×H2591.

GN Solids Control makes Solids and Sludge vacuum pump to suck and transfer various types of waste material. It is popular to use before GN oil sludge treatment system to suck the oil sludge from the waste pit and feed to the separation system.
Some client want the vacuum pump is strong enough to suck thick sludge.

It is no problem to use GN sludge vacuum pump suck the upper layer oil sludge in the pit. On the upper layer, the liquid content is higher, the sludge is flow. So vacuum pump can suck it. At the bottom, the solids content maybe much high. If the fluidity is poor or unable to flow, the vacuum cannot be sucked.

It is difficult to confirm slush up to what solids content can be evacuated. It also depends on the viscosity and density.
Clients are normally suck it in 2 ways.

1) vacuum pump to suck the liquid sludge at upper layer, and separated by shale shaker, centrifuge, etc… The liquid recovered is dirty. They transfer the dirty liquid to waste pit to dilute the bottom solids waste.

2) they use vacuum pump to suck the liquid sludge at upper layer, use excavator to take the bottom solids, or they use the excavator machine for all the sludge waste.

This video is showing clients use both vacuum pump and excavator machine to suck the sludge and waste.

This video is showing clients use excavator machine to suck the sludge and waste.

Another purpose of clients using GN Solids Control vacuum pump is to remove slush from Skips and drop in a pit. They are collecting the oil slurry in skips and taking them to our site for treatment and disposal. At the site we remove slurry from Skips, and treat them in TDU

Mixing unit is widely used for trenchless machine and trenchless rigs, like for  pipe injection, tunneling or micro tunneling, etc…

Depends on the kind and size of the trenchless machine and limitation of the job sites, various sizes of mixing tank and various capacity of mixing units are equipped to suit for the trenchless activities.

Centrifugal pump is widely used at drilling mud mixing unit. It can be used as water pump, mixing pump, or transfer pump. Mixing tank and transfer pump is the most popular used for drilling mud tank unit.

Some mixing tank unit use 1 centrifugal pump, while some drilling mud mixing unit are equipped with 2 centrifugal pumps. The 1 centrifugal pump mixing unit also have the function of mixing and transfer. The cost of 1 centrifugal pump unit is surely lower than 2 centrifugal pump units. Why there are some clients prefer 1 mixing pump unit, while some clients prefer 2 centrifugal pumps unit. What is the major difference of the 2 proposals?

In the 1 centrifugal pump unit, the mixing pump can be used as transfer pump as well. There will be a T-pipe equipped at the outlet of the mixing pump. In this case, the mixing pump is also transfer pump. But in this conditions, mixing and transfer function cannot be used at the same time. While the pump used for mixing, the transfer must be stopped. While the pump used for transfer, mixing must be stopped. The shift of transfer and mixing can be switched by operators, or controlled by level meters or sensors.

In the mixing tank unit with 2 centrifugal pumps, a pump used for mixing, another pump is used as transfer pump. There is a separate transfer pump in the system. Some clients prefer a separate transfer pump, although their cost will be higher compared with single pump mixing tank unit. But in this conditions, the clients can use the other tank as backup pump. The mixing unit can mix mud and transfer mud at the same time. There is level gauge for high level transfer and lower level mixing.

As Chinese new year holiday is coming in Feb. 2021. Only 1 month left. New Year is the most important big day for all Chinese people. It will cause at least 3 weeks delay on manufacturing schedule. Everything will be very slow during the whole Feb. Although it is deeper winter in China, the weather is frozen and cold. In order to not delay clients projects and delivery orders on time, all workers of GN Solids Control are working hard. Below are some of the orders will be delivered this week.

1) Mud recovery system GNMS-1000D and GNMS-500D. GNMS-1000D is a desanding plant C/W double deck shale shaker and 2×10inchdesander cleaner with capacity 1000GPM for piling and micro tunneling projects. The GNMS-500D is a desanding plant C/W double deck shale shaker and 1×10inch desander cleaner with capacity 500GPM for piling and micro tunneling projects. The layout of GNMS-1000D and GNMS-500D are very similar.

2) Mud dewatering centrifuge GNLW554E-VFD. It is a 18 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge mainly used for dewatering treatment and oil slurry. Clients can choose VFD control or FHD control for the centrifuge. It is normally used together with chemical dosing unit.

3) Slurry mixing and storage tank system with a separate Jet mud mixing device. It is a 3-tank mud mixing and storage system. The mixing is ready for shipment. The mixing unit is complete with a separate jet mud mixing unit. Each tank is equipped with 2 mud agitator. All mud tanks are connected for mud transfer between each other. Each mud tank is the same length and width 20ft ISO sea freight containers. And each corner of the tank are equipped with container locking device.

Clients can also choose 40ft container size mud tank. It is easy for inland shipment. For international sea freight, GN Solids Control will make a smaller size mud tank for loading into containers.

GN oil sludge separation system is a kind of reducing processing to reduce the waste volume, and to prove processing efficiency of next stage separation equipment, like thermal desorption unit.

Many clients are interested in GN Solids Control Oil Sludge treatment machine. They check video from GN website or from You Tube showing how does GN oil sludge separation system work. They will contact GN Solids Control if have questions. Below are some questions the clients normally ask.

1) We have both sludge and grease, does GN Solids Control Oil Sludge treatment machine work with both?
2) How much is the productive energy?
3) How much is the the viscosity and density of the recovered oil?
4) Does GN Solids Control Oil Sludge treatment machine treat solid sludge and grease mixed with sand?
5) what kind of oil does GN Solids Control Oil Sludge treatment machine produce? Is it fuel, diesel…? If we can have more details about the produced oil properties, like the density, and the viscosity.

The normal capacity of GN Solids Control Oil Sludge treatment machine is 1 m3/h, 5 m/3 and 15m3/h. Although the normally has shale shaker separator in the system, the handling capacity is defined by decanter centrifuge not shale shaker. As decanter centrifuge has the min. treating capacity in the system.

GN Solids Control has many equipment and oil sludge separation system in environment protection companies, waste management company, mud service company, and other companies who handle waste materials. GN Solids Control also has many separation equipment, especially decanter centrifuges used at refineries to help them separate ultra fine solids from waste oil. But the treatment technology of GN Solids Control is only physical separation. Sometimes, heating and chemical enhancing will be used to help for achieving a better separation performance.

GN oil sludge separation system is to separate liquids and solids. The final productions from GN oil sludge separation system are water, oil and solids. But it will not change the oil parameters.

GN Solids Control makes different sizes mobile Dewatering unit. It is full package dewatering decanter centrifuge unit, which is complete with its own mixing, dosing and monitoring system.

The Dewatering Unit can be containerized, self-contained with all required equipment and suitable for offshore and onshore rigs. The objective of Dewatering Unit shall be to reduce liquid waste volume in such locations.

The Dewatering Unit can provide chemically and /or mechanically enhanced treatment of wastewater based drilling fluids using flocculation and coagulation methods of separating solids up to colloidal size for disposal and recycling the fluid for preparing new drilling fluid volume.

The Dewatering unit shall have fluid processing capacity such that it is able to effectively and efficiently process waste 10 ppg waste water based drilling fluid containing minimum 10% (v/v) solid particles of particle sizes ranging from 200 microns to <1 micron. The mud handle capacity depends on the decanter centrifuge bowl size.

The waste drilling fluids will be bentonite based fluid or polymer based fluid containing all chemicals normally used in drilling fluids, including but not limited to, barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, marble, xanthan gum polymer, drilling starch, modified starch, polyanionic cellulose, acrylamide polymers, polyamine, latex polymers, sulphonated asphalt, ester based lubricants, phosphate based lubricants, graphite, cellulose fibers, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, potassiumchloride, calcium chloride, calcium bromide, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, citric acid, defoamers, zinc carbonate, sodium sulphite, ammonium bisulphite, amine corrosion inhibitors, biocides, lime, etc. each in various concentrations as required by COMPANY’s drilling program.

The waste drilling fluid will also have formation-drilled solids predominantly from clay, shale, limestone and dolomite formations, formation oil traces, scale, etc…

The Dewatering unit includes all necessary pipes, hoses, tanks, vessels, valves, connectors, fittings, adapters, sampling points, flushing system, cooling system, electrical system, cables, protectors, control system and safety system (level, pressure, temperature, torque, emergency stop, system protection, etc.), spares, etc. The electrical system can be non-explosion proof for safety ares. It can also be Zone 1 which is suitable and safe for drilling rig’s zonal requirements.

The decantering decanter canl be fully operational on a continuous basis. The ambient temperature can up to + 55° C

screw conveyor is the most popular transfer device for drilling cuttings transfer at oil and gas drilling rigs. There are many types of screw conveyor, but U- type is most common type for oil and gas drillings application. GN Solids Control can make fixed speed screw conveyor and manual adjustable speed screw conveyor.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control can also make VFD control panel for fixed speed screw conveyor. The explosion proof standard can be fully CNEX, IECEx or ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 Rated and suits for 460V/60HZ 3 Phase, 480V/60HZ 3 Phase, 380V/HZ 3 Phase, or suits for customized power system. Clients confirm voltage and HZ before order.

GN Solids Control makes screw conveyor with auger diameter vary from 10 inch to 18 inch (10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch). And the screw conveyor length can vary from 12 ft to 48ft (12 ft, 24 ft, 36 ft and 48 ft) as standard model. Each auger are combined with standard length of 12ft per section. For other customized diameter and transfer length, clients can contact GN Solids Control for customization.

As screw conveyor is rotation equipment, there must be necessary safety protections to meet HSE standard and to protect job site operators.

Firstly, the top of screw conveyor will be covered and sealed by metal plate or by gratings. From one hand, it can prevent big matters fall down inside the screw conveyor which may broke the auger impellers. Secondly, it can protect people figure or foot from touch the screw conveyor while the auger rotation.

Secondly, GN Solids Control can equip Safety Grab Wires all long the auger length and ESD Devices (emergency stop device) to start and stop the control panel in case of emergency.

GN Solids Contol can offer Audio / visual alarm system on auger control panel which will be automatically activated once the power is switched on followed by the actual auger startup with a safety delay time. Audio / visual alarm system to be in the OFF mode after some time once the auger starts operation.


GN Solids Control can design and make waste water treatment systems. Oil water separator unit can be used together with inclined plate clarifier. The function is to settle down small content of soil and sands, separate oil and water for recycling and reuse. It can be used to replace skimmer on the oil field.

For example, GN oil water separators can “Run-off” water from the rig activities is directed by the rig drains and collected in the concrete pit under shale shaker. The contaminated water generated from the activities is then pumped into the skimmer tank or inclined plate clarifier (ICP) by using the vacuum sludge pump or diaphragm pump to facilitate the separation process by gravity between the water and any free oil contaminate.

There are many inclined plates inside the inclined plate clarifier (ICP) which increase the settlement area, accelerate the settle down of soil inside the oil slurry mixture liquid, and increase the waste water discharge capacity. Liquid will flow to oil water separator device next to the ICP for getting oil and water. There is a small auger and a small diaphragm pump underneath the inclined plate clarifier (ICP) to clean out the settle down soil at the tank bottom periodically.

Once the process has been completed, the oil is transferred to the oil tank in the oil water separator skid, likewise for the clean water which goes to water tank on the same skid; the separated oil and water are then pumped into the other oil or water tanks at rig sites or at job sites. There are level gauge with its control on oil tank and water tank for high / low level control. When the level is high, the gauge control will start the pump to transfer the oil / water outside. When the level is low, the gauge control will stop the pump.

The capacity of GN waste water treatment unit is 50 m3 per hour.
Finally, the water and oil are ready to be reused back into the mud and rig operations (cleaning, dilution, mixing, etc)

Decanter centrifuge is used to treat oil slurry, waste water and drilling mud of drilling field. It utilizes centrifugal force to separate fine solids from slurry and water mixture. It is precision separation equipment for solids control mud system at oil and gas drilling rigs. It is used after solids control equipment. After the drilling mud treated by shale shaker, desander, desilter, or mud cleaner, the recovered mud will be pumped to decanter centrifuge for precision separation. The decanter centrifuge can be used to recover barite for reuse, or to remove the ultrafine solids from drilling fluids to reduce the mud weight, to make the drilling qualified for drilling activity.

When the slurry or drilling mud is fed to FHD decanter centrifuge internal bowl, the slurry flows in the channels between the conveyor’s flights, the heavy particles settle at an accelerated rate due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotating bowl. Sand particles settle almost instantly; then the finer, lighter particles settle. Particles that cannot be settled under the present centrifuge settings will be discharged with the liquid through the adjustable weirs on the liquid bowl head. Liquid exiting the liquid bowl head is directed through the liquid discharge outlet.

The settled solids form a cake on the inside of the bowl and are transported by the conveyor toward the narrow end of the bowl, or beach. As the solids travel across the beach, their free liquid film is lost due to centrifugal squeezing and drainage. When they are discharged at high velocity through the solids discharge ports on the bowl, they contain only the adsorbed moisture.

Since the discharge cake is very heavy and sticky due to the lack of free liquid, the centrifuge should be installed over the receptacle that is to receive the discharged solids. If this is not possible a slide or chute is needed to convey the solids. A steep angle is required to ensure self-cleaning, or a wash system must be provided to prevent material buildup.

The coronavirus situation hit the whole world greatly since months ago. More and more countries and people involved in. The virus let us know, all people in the world are bonded, we are a whole unit, no one can exist without consider others.
China, as the first country to aware the serious of the virus and the first one to fight against the virus, got great help from many countries and worldwide people. We get many kinds of material from China and outside of China to help us bit the virus soon. The virus situation in China got into control since March. And people life and factories get recovered. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Now it is time for Chinese people to help others.

Face mask is approved to be a good way for protection when people go outside of home. But mace masks are short of storage in many countries, it is difficult to buy it. GN Solids Control bought some medical surgical face mask. For any friends or clients from GN Solids Control, if you need medical surgical face mask, please send you request and information to GN Solids Control for arrangement. GN Solids Control will arrange the delivery soon once get your request.

For people outside of China, you can send your mask reservation to sales@gnsolidscontrol.com
If you are stay in China, you can send your mask reservation to sales@gngukong.com

Besides wearing face mask, below actions is also suggested to be useful to fighting against the Virus:
1) Try to stay at home. Do not go out wide more than 2 persons.
2) Wash your hands as often as you can. Because you do not know when and where you may touch something which is not clean or have been polluted by virus.
3) Avoid touching other people. Keep at least 1.5m with other people.