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Shale shaker is very common equipment used in the drilling mud recycling system. Its function is the first stage for remove the coarse solids in the drilling mud. Sometimes, we may see the double layers shale shakers are installed in the mud system. Below we would like to share some information on how the double layers shale shaker works in the mud recycling system.
Some mud system may has limitation on the footprint, thus, the operators would like to equip a shale shaker with high treating capacity but compact structure. The double layer shaker no doubt is the ideal choice.


Shale Shaker

For shale shaker application – when the unit is used as primary shale shaker, it is located at the very beginning of the mud system. As we know, the shale shaker unit has buffer box for mud feeding into the shaker unit. The mud overflow out from the buffer box would flow into the upper shaker screen panels with coarse screen for larger size solids separation. The lower screen panels would be much finer for small solids separation. Double layer shale shaker will have a relative larger capacity; in the meanwhile, it can remove out smaller
For Mud Cleaner application – Shale shaker can also be used as underflow drying shaker by combining with hydro cyclone unit. This type mud cleaner functioned as both shale shaker and cyclone unit. The lower screen with coarse mesh is for larger solids separation, and the upper screen with fine mesh is for drying the slurry discharged from the cyclone.
GN now has main two models of double layers shale shaker. One is coming from the shaker model of GNZS703. Its deformation GNZS706 double layer is for larger capacity shaker and GNZS705 for mud cleaner unit. The other is GNZS752; it can be upgraded to GNZS753 double layers. These double layer shale shakers are widely used in GN’s compact design mud recycling/de-sanding unit for area limitation project.

The persons who know solids control equipment may know well on the shale shaker and mud cleaner unit. These 2 machines are very common in solids control system that do solids separation job from the first to forth stage. The shale shaker is located at the very beginning of the mud recycling system for primary solids control; the coarse cuttings could be removed by the shale shaker. While after treated by the shale shaker, the drilling fluids would be transferred to the mud cleaner for further treatment.
For the purpose of easy maintenance, in the same solids control system, the mud cleaner is equipped with under drying shaker that is same model as the primary shale shaker. Mud cleaner is just a machine on which the cyclone frame was fixed above. The mud cleaner unit is only able to be used to separate the solids via the hydrocyclone units. Why the mud cleaner unit cannot be used as a shale shaker even if it has the under drying shaker? This is really a good question. GN’s engineer equipped a logging tank to the mud cleaner unit and the mud cleaner unit becomes a shale and mud cleaner composition unit.


GN Shaker & Mud Cleaner Composition Unit

Normally, GN’s shaker unit has back type logging tank that is used to collect the drilling fluids coming out from the drilling hole. The drilling fluids accumulated in the logging box firstly and then overflow into the shaker deck, thus the shaker screen will not be damaged by the high pressure drilling fluids. This unit could be used as a shale shaker unit.
De-sanding and de-silting cyclone are installed on the mud cleaner for finer solids separation. The solid discharged out from the bottom nozzle of the cyclone also has high pressure that will shorten the screen life if directly dropped onto the screen surface. To avoid this situation, there is a hopper collection box that is used as buffer between the cyclone and screen. To make this machine compact, GN’s engineer designed to insert the buffer box into the logging box, which means the logging box is also used as second buffer box for the cyclone unit. This is the function of mud cleaner.
One thing need to be noted is this shaker and cleaner machine can only be used for one function one time: either shaker or mud cleaner. This is a cost saving unit with small footprint, for some project not very urgent, this unit could be a very ideal choice. GN ever showed this unit at Beijing CIPPE, much attention was attracted there.

Lots of GN’s solids control equipment has been used in Turkey project and the feedback is good. This time, GN again got order for 2 sets solid control equipment for 1000HP rig from Turkey customer.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (2)

The ordered equipment in this project are 2 units GNZS594 shale shaker and 1 unit GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner for each rig. Total 4 units shale shaker and 2 mud cleaner. The shale shaker is designed 4 screens panel that would be interchangeable with Mongoose screen.
Worth to mention is that the customer is manufacturing the mud tank in Turkey and uses our equipment. To make sure the better matching of GN equipment and the mud tank, GN would provide the drawing and technical support to the customer. GN Solids Control will also dispatch engineer to customer site for installation instruction and training when the time of assembling the mud recycling system.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (1)

GN Solids Control would like very much to cooperation the customers who could fabricate the mud tank by themselves and get GN’s equipment. This cooperation method would greatly reduce the cost of delivery on large size mud tank and make sure prompt delivery of order equipments.

A client inquiry us for providing them a  GN Mud cleaner for  MI Swaco 2-12/6T4 Mud Cleaner replacement

GN Mud Cleaner

GN Mud Cleaner

  • Environmentally Efficient – The 2-12/6T4 MUD CLEANER provides efficient removal of sand and silt particles larger than 20 microns, and some as small as 15 microns. Removing and drying drilled solids helps meet environmental regulations by minimizing waste generated and reducing disposal cost.
  • High Performance – Processing capacity of 1,000 gpm with the 2-12 D-SANDER and 900 gpm with the 6T4 D-SILTER concentrates solids onto a classification shaker
  • Versatile – The MUD CLEANER can be operated with the 2-12 D-SANDER, 6T4 D-SILTER or both to process weighted or unweighted fluid systems.
  • Extends Equipment Life – The 2-12/6T4 MUD CLEANER helps minimize maintenance, repair and replacement of downstream equipment.
  • Reduces Operating Cost – The 2-12/6T4 MUD CLEANER reduces sand and silt-size particles and saves liquid, thus reducing mud cost, chances of stuck pipe and lost circulation and improving rate of penetration.
  • Reduces Disposal Cost – The 2-12/6T4 MUD CLEANER minimizes waste generated thus reducing disposal cost.

ZQJ250×100B Mud Cleaner

ZQJ250×100B Mud Cleaner is a combination of ZS83×108-2 Shale Shaker and ZQJ250×2B Desander, and ZQJ250×10B Desilter. Specs as below:

ZS83×108-2 Shale Shaker Specs



Vibrating mode

Linear Motion

Motor power


Motor Brand

Italy OLI

Vibrating strength




Treating capacity


Frequency Voltage


Deck angle adjustment


Screen area


Screen Specifications

(W×L)×QTY 830×1080×2
Meshes (40-250meshes)


1,Screen is Hook strip soft screens, The Life the screen is about 10-15 days, The Screen price is USD20,Saves operation cost!

2, Adjustable Shaker with wedge lock tensioners

Hydrocyclones desander desilter Specs


ZQJ250×2B Desander

ZQJ250×10B Desilter


≤240 m3/h (1050GPM)

≤240 m3/h(1050GPM)

Inlet pipe



Outlet pipe



Marching pump



Cone diameter



Cone number






Separation size



Now we are waiting to see if our client will agree on this agreement for MI Swaco 2-12/6T4 Mud Cleaner replacement!