GN Solids Control recently supplied drilling mud solids control equipment to four oil and gas drilling rigs in Indonesia. Each package included a range of essential components such as shale shakers, desanders, desilters, vacuum degassers, mud gas separators, and mud agitators. These equipment packages are designed to ensure efficient and effective solids control during the drilling process.

One of the key components provided by GN Solids Control is the GNZS594 shale shaker. This 4-panel shale shaker features linear motion and adjustable high G force, making it capable of handling a wide range of drilling fluids. It is designed to separate solid particles from the drilling mud, improving the overall drilling efficiency.

The desander, model GNZS752J-2S, is another crucial component of the solids control system. Equipped with two 10-inch desander cones, it efficiently removes sand and other larger particles from the drilling mud. Additionally, it is accompanied by the GNZS752 mini underflow shale shaker, a compact 2-panel shaker that further enhances the solids control process.

To further refine the drilling mud, the GNZS752J-12 desilter nud cleaner is utilized. With twelve 4-inch desilter cones, it effectively removes finer particles from the drilling mud, ensuring its quality and stability. The quantity of desilter cones is designed to match the handling capacity of the desander and shale shaker, providing a comprehensive solids control solution.

The mud gas separator, model GNZYQ-1000A, is a critical component to prevent gas invasion during drilling operations. It efficiently separates gas from the drilling mud, ensuring the safety and stability of the drilling process.

In addition to these components, GN Solids Control also supplied mud agitators to equip the four drilling rigs. These agitators are essential for maintaining the homogeneity of the drilling mud, preventing settling and ensuring optimal performance.

GN Solids Control is known for its high-quality equipment and commitment to providing reliable solutions for the oil and gas industry. The supplied drilling mud solids control equipment is expected to enhance the drilling efficiency and productivity of the rigs in Indonesia, while also ensuring the safety and environmental compliance of the operations.

GN Solids Control recently delivered a comprehensive Slurry Dewatering System to the construction industry in New Zealand. This system is designed to efficiently separate solid particles from slurry and provide effective dewatering solutions for construction projects. The imported equipment includes a range of high-performance components tailored for the specific needs of the construction industry.

The GNLMP1536 coarse separation shale shaker is a key component of the system, specifically designed for the mining industry. It utilizes durable PU screens to ensure a longer operational lifetime, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for coarse particle separation. In addition, the GNZJ706 double deck shale shaker offers a two-step separation process with coarse and fine screens, providing efficient and precise separation of solid particles from the slurry.

The system also incorporates the GNZJ594J-12N desilter mud cleaner, equipped with twelve 4-inch desilter cones for effective removal of fine particles from the slurry. Complementing these components is the GNLW553D big bowl decanter centrifuge, which plays a crucial role in dewatering treatment by efficiently separating solids from the slurry.

To enhance the dewatering process, a chemical mixing and dosing system has been integrated to work in synergy with the big bowl decanter centrifuge. This ensures the effective treatment and dewatering of the slurry, providing a comprehensive solution for the construction industry’s solid-liquid separation needs.

GN Solids Control is renowned for its full line of drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, and replacement shaker screens. Their commitment to high-quality, high-performance equipment makes them a trusted provider of solids control solutions for various industries, including construction and mining. The Slurry Dewatering System imported to New Zealand is expected to significantly contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of dewatering processes in the construction industry.

Recently, GN Solids Control was delivered batch of high-quality solid vacuum pumps and solids control equipment. The equipment was delivered to a drilling company in Asia. These cutting-edge pieces of equipment are designed to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and productivity.

The shipment included some sets of portable mud vacuum pump, as well as a range of advanced solid control equipment, such as solids control shale shaker, centrifdugal pumps, and mud agitators.

The solids and sludge vacuum pumps for this project is portable model with dual functions. It can be used to suck and transfer solids, slurry, liquid, drilling mud and drilling cuttings. And while changing for another set of suction pipeline packages, it can be used a mud vacuum cleaner for oil and gas drilling field to clean the spilled mud on mud tanks. A solid vacuum pump is a powerful pump that is engineered to handle solid particles, separating them from liquids, and transporting them to a designated location.

The shale shaker is linear motion to treat drilling fluids in mud system, to separate particles based on size to ensure efficient processing. The centrifugal pumps are robust pumps designed to transport sand-like particles from one location to another. It is wide used in mud system as feeding pump for desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, as well as used as suction pump and mixing pump.

The Mud agitators are mixing devices that ensure the uniform distribution of solid particles in liquids, enhancing processing results.

These state-of-the-art devices are integral components of a solids control system, which works cohesively to manage and transport solid particles. GN Solids Control is a reputable manufacturer of solids control equipment, renowned for their superior quality, high performance, and reliability. The delivered equipment will provide the Asian drilling company with a robust solution, enabling them to optimize production processes and reduce costs.

GN Separation, a prominent provider of solid-liquid separation equipment, has confirmed its participation in Dubai WETEX 2023, scheduled to take place from November 15th to 17th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This highly anticipated exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in wastewater treatment and sludge treatment, and GN Separation is set to present its cutting-edge equipment and technologies in this specialized field.

During the exhibition, GN Separation will feature its high-speed decanter centrifuge, the GNLW224, and the sludge and solids vacuum pump, the GNSP-10B. These state-of-the-art equipment solutions are widely employed in wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, and various other industry separation applications. Renowned for their high efficiency, stability, and reliability, these solutions are designed to assist customers in achieving superior treatment effects and realizing significant economic benefits.

Moreover, GN Separation’s dedicated technical team will be available at the exhibition to offer comprehensive technical support and tailored solutions to visitors. The team will address any inquiries and specific requirements raised by customers, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights and guidance from industry experts.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit GN Separation at Booth No. 6D13, Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Center from November 15th to 17th to explore the company’s innovative wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering solutions firsthand.

GN Separation, the sister brand of GN Solids Control, offers an extensive range of equipment solutions. In addition to the showcased GNLW224 small decanter centrifuge, the company has the capability to manufacture larger decanter centrifuges for 2-phase and 3-phase separation. These centrifuges are available in various bowl sizes, including 9 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches, and the largest bowl size of 30 inches, catering to diverse industrial requirements.

The GNSP-10B, the smallest vacuum pump for solids and sludge transfer, demonstrates GN Separation’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions across the spectrum of solid-liquid separation applications.

By participating in Dubai WETEX 2023, GN Separation reaffirms its dedication to advancing the industry and delivering exceptional solutions to address the evolving needs of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The company’s presence at the exhibition underscores its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and efficient wastewater management practices.

GN Solids Control, a reputable manufacturer of solids control equipment, has recently exported a Desander and decanter centrifuge Unit for Construction Mud Treatment to an international company. The GNMS-1000D model mud cleaning system is designed to deliver efficient and effective separation of solids from liquids in construction mud treatment applications.

In addition to the Desander and Centrifuge Unit, GN Solids Control also produces the GNLW224FT-VFD Decanter Centrifuge, specifically designed for overseas Kava Powder Suspension Separation. This versatile centrifuge is suitable for various applications, including drilling mud treatment, drilling waste treatment, dewatering, and slurry separation. It is capable of performing both 2-PHASE and 3-PHASE separations, making it a versatile and valuable asset.

GN Solids Control is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality products and reliable service. The company has earned a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions to complex solids control challenges. Its equipment is widely used in the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries, where efficient solids control is crucial for optimal operational performance.

“We are delighted to collaborate with international companies and provide them with our top-notch solids control equipment,” stated a spokesperson for GN Solids Control. “Our equipment is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to ensure their satisfaction.”

The Desander and Centrifuge Unit, along with the Decanter Centrifuge, are integral components of GN Solids Control’s comprehensive lineup of mud cleaning systems. These systems are engineered to deliver superior solids-liquid separation, enabling efficient and reliable operations. The company offers a wide range of equipment options, including shakers, centrifuges, and desanders, to cater to diverse applications and operating conditions.


With its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, GN Solids Control continues to be a trusted provider of solids control equipment. By delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service, the company plays a vital role in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity across various industries worldwide.

GN Solids Control, a leading provider of solids control equipment, has successfully completed the delivery of 10 sets of fully hydraulic drive centrifuges (FHD centrifuge) to a drilling mud service company in North Africa. This latest shipment highlights the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality machinery and equipment to its customers.

The fully hydraulic centrifuge is one of GN Solids Control’s flagship products, renowned for its reliable quality and stable performance. Equipped with a hydraulic system imported from Europe, and the gearbox is Rotodiff. These centrifuges are designed to effectively separate solid particles and liquids in oil drilling mud systems, thereby enhancing drilling efficiency and quality.

In addition to the hydraulic centrifuge, GN Solids Control also offers fixed speed centrifuges and VFD variable frequency centrifuges, GN Solids Control is specialize in separation equipment, include solids control equipment, industry decanter centrifuge, waste management equipment, and shaker screens. catering to the diverse needs of customers. The company provides centrifuges in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that clients can find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

GN Solids Control is confusing on delivering high-quality and high-performance machinery and equipment to its customers. The successful sale of 10 sets of fully hydraulic centrifuges to the North African market is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts and the recognition it has gained from its customers. Moving forward, GN Solids Control will continue to prioritize the “customer first” approach, introducing more high-quality products and providing customers with attentive services.

The company invites both new and existing customers to reach out for consultations, as GN Solids Control looks forward to establishing fruitful collaborations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, the company strives to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

As GN Solids Control completes another successful delivery, it reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the oil drilling industry. With its range of high-performance centrifuges and dedication to customer service, the company continues to make significant contributions to the efficiency and quality of drilling operations worldwide.

In the selection process for centrifuge models used in wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing through three-phase separation, the test tube centrifuge method plays a crucial role. This method involves a specific procedure to determine the most suitable decanter centrifuge model. The customer is instructed to set the separation factor to 1200G for a duration of 2 minutes. If clear layering occurs during this process, it indicates that the centrifuge possesses excellent separation capability. However, if clear layering is not observed at 1200G, the setting is increased to 2000G for an additional 2 minutes. If clear layering is achieved at this stage, it suggests that a high-speed decanter centrifuge can also achieve effective separation.

The test tube centrifuge method provides a preliminary assessment of the centrifuge’s separation capabilities, making it an essential step in the selection process. By gradually increasing the separation factor and observing the clarity of the layers formed, it becomes possible to determine the optimal centrifuge model for wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing.

Clear layering serves as a critical indicator of a centrifuge’s ability to effectively separate the different phases present in wastewater and oil sludge. The presence of clear layering indicates successful separation of solid particles from the liquid phase, resulting in distinct layers. This separation is vital for efficient treatment and processing, allowing for the removal of contaminants and the recovery of valuable resources.

However, if the centrifuge fails to achieve clear layering even at higher separation factors like 2500G or 3000G, it suggests that the separation efficiency may be compromised. In such cases, alternative separation methods beyond centrifugation need to be considered.

In conclusion, the test tube centrifuge method is a crucial tool in the selection of centrifuge models for wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing. By gradually increasing the separation factor and observing the clarity of the layers formed, the centrifuge’s separation capabilities can be determined. Clear layering indicates effective separation, while the absence of clear layering suggests the need for alternative separation methods. This careful selection process ensures the optimal choice of centrifuge models for efficient wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing.

GN Solids Control brand Mini vacuum pump GNSP10B and GNSP20B are the portable size vacuum pump for solids and sludge transfer. They are both dual function vacuum pump to work as industry cleaner and work as transfer pumps. This week, 5 sets the mini size vacuum pump GNSP10B are ready for shipment. They will be shipped to an international drilling company. They will be used as vacuum cleaners.

The Mini GNSP10B and GNSP20B are compact, portable vacuum pumps designed for the efficient transfer of solids and sludge. These versatile devices serve a dual function, acting as both industry cleaners and transfer pumps, making them essential tools in various industrial settings.

Their portable size ensures ease of maneuverability and access to confined spaces, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. These vacuum pumps excel in handling drilling cuttings and oil sludge as oil and gas drilling fields, the function is also making them indispensable in industries such as waste management plant, construction mud system, and manufacturing.

These pumps are user-friendly, featuring intuitive controls and easy maintenance. One of their standout features is their ability to function as industry cleaners, effectively removing debris, dust, and contaminants from work areas. This dual functionality simplifies equipment requirements, as a single device can perform both cleaning and material transfer tasks.

These pumps are user-friendly, featuring intuitive controls and easy maintenance. Operators can seamlessly switch between vacuum transfer pump and vacuum cleaner modes, enhancing overall efficiency. Built to withstand industrial demands, they are constructed from durable materials for long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments.

In summary, the Mini GNSP10B and GNSP20B are compact, versatile vacuum pumps that excel in both solids, drill cuttings and oil sludge transfer. Their dual function as industry cleaners adds to their value, making them indispensable tools across a variety of industrial applications.

Drilling mud pump and water pump are both centrifugal type pump. They are widely used in drilling mud system with different designs and functions.

Drilling Mud Centrifugal Pump is indispensable components within the realm of oil and gas drilling, as well as other specialized drilling endeavors like geothermal drilling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD drilling). Their primary objective is to circulate drilling mud, or drilling fluid, throughout the borehole during drilling operations. This circulation serves several pivotal functions:

Cuttings Removal mud pump: As drilling progresses, it generates rock cuttings and debris. Drilling mud pumps are instrumental in conveying these cuttings to the surface, ensuring borehole clarity and the overall efficiency of drilling operations.

Wellbore Stability mud pump: Drilling mud also plays a critical role in preserving wellbore stability. It exerts pressure on the surrounding formations, counteracting formation pressure and averting potential blowouts.

Water pumps are versatile devices used across an array of applications where the transfer of water is essential. Their designs and functions are tailored to meet diverse needs:

Irrigation: Water pumps are pivotal in agriculture, supplying a consistent water source to fields and crops, fostering optimal growth and yields.

Residential and Commercial Water Supply: In both urban and rural settings, water pumps deliver potable water to homes, businesses, and communities, often drawing from wells, reservoirs, or municipal sources.

Industrial Processes: Industries rely on water pumps for cooling, heating, and material handling purposes. They are integral in manufacturing, power generation, and chemical processes.

Firefighting: High-capacity water pumps are employed by fire departments to dispense copious amounts of water for firefighting operations, effectively combatting fires.

In essence, while drilling mud pumps and water pumps share the commonality of being vital components in their respective domains, their design and functionality are finely tuned to serve their distinct purposes. Drilling mud pumps are specialized for the drilling industry, ensuring the efficiency of drilling operations and the stability of wellbores. In contrast, water pumps find utility in a wide spectrum of applications where water movement is imperative, spanning agriculture, firefighting, residential and commercial water supply, and various industrial processes.

GN Solids Control has successfully delivered an advanced HDD Mud Recycling System to a prominent drilling company in the Middle East. This achievement underscores GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the drilling mud industry. The system, a 2-tank configuration, is designed to efficiently manage drilling mud and ensure optimal performance during Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations, as well as other trenchless activities like Trenchless Boring Machine (TBM) projects, piling, and pipe jacking.

One of the key components of this system is the inclusion of a shale shaker, which plays a pivotal role in the initial phase of drilling mud processing. It effectively removes coarse particles and solids from the drilling mud, enhancing its longevity and performance. To further enhance the mud quality, GN Solids Control has integrated a combo-type mud cleaner, facilitating a 3-stage separation process. This step ensures that even finer particles are efficiently removed, resulting in mud that meets the stringent requirements of HDD operations.

To ensure a seamless workflow, the system is equipped with feeding pumps that efficiently transport the mud through various stages of the recycling process. A powerful mixing pump is also incorporated into the system, enabling the addition of necessary additives and chemicals to optimize the drilling mud’s properties. This comprehensive approach to mud management ensures that the drilling process remains efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, GN Solids Control has integrated an electric control system that oversees and regulates all aspects of the recycling system. This automation simplifies operation and allows for precise control over mud properties and system parameters, reducing the margin for error and enhancing overall productivity.

GN Solids Control’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for HDD and trenchless drilling operations demonstrates their expertise and commitment to the industry. With this newly delivered HDD Mud Recycling System, the Middle East drilling company can expect improved drilling performance, reduced environmental impact, and increased efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of their projects and their reputation in the industry.