GN Solids Control is a specialist to manufacture full line solids control equipment, drilling waste management, and various sizes replacement shaker screens. In order to offer clients better support, GN Solids Control is flexible to offer customized equipment and solutions to meet clients request.

Recently, GN Solids Control made a customized drilling mud cleaner and mud gas separator for a drilling company. The equipment are customized color and mud customized design.

The capacity of the drilling mud cleaner is 1500GPM. It is a 3-in-1 combo type shale shaker, which is powered by 2 vibration motors. The motor brand can be Italy Oli or U.S. Martin. The drilling mud cleaner is combined by a under flow shale shaker, no. 3 desander cones and no. 12 desilter cones. The hydra cyclone assembly can be removed and the combo type shale shaker as a single deck shale shaker. The standard color of GN equipment is green, color code RAL 6024. For this project, it is customized gray color per client’s request.

Mud gas separator, which is also called as poor boy degasser, it is fully customized per the order. There are HSE standard ladders with guardrails all along the mud gas separator tank body. For easy movement and easy transportation, there are lifting frame along the mud gas separator. In this case, it can be easily lay down on the ground.

Besides drilling mud cleaner and mud gas separation, GN Solids Control can also make full line solids control equipment: shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, jet mud mixer, mixing hopper, shearing and mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump,etc…

And GN Solids Control is capable to make full line drilling cuttings treatment equipment: big bowl decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shaker, screw conveyor, drilling cuttings solidification unit, dewatering unit, etc…

Plus, GN Solids Control can make various size oil sludge separation equipment, and contaminated soil washing system.

If clients have any questions about GN equipment. Welcome to contact GN Solids Control freely.

During the construction of TBM and Pipe Jacking activities, the dirty slurry coming out from the hole will contain a large quantity of sand and stones. In order to protect environment and recycle the water, it is necessary to treat the dirty mud. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer to design and make complete set of slurry separation plant. GN Solids Control can make various sizes slurry separation plant to suit for different job site situation.

This week, a set of GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant is ready. The unit is made for a South America client.
The handling capacity of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 240m3/h. The cut point of the separation plant is 20 microns. The GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation Plant contains a shale shaker, desander separator, desilter mud cleaner, bottom drying shaker, feed pump and mud tank. The shale shaker is a double deck shale shaker with totally 5 screens. The desander cone contains Qty 1 × 20 inch hydra cyclones. It is combined with the coarse separation double deck shale shaker. The desilter cleaner contains Qty 12 × 4 inch hydra cyclones. It is mounted on a 2-panel shale shale shaker to use as a combo type shale shaker.

Feeding pump for GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant heavy duty slurry pump. Totally 2 slurry pumps are used in the separation plant to feed for desander cone and desilter cones. Clients can use another heavy duty slurry pump to feed for the whole GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant.

Total power of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is 116Kw. GN Solids Control offers electrical control system to offer clients turn key solution.

The GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is designed for easy transportation. Operation dimension of the system is L6058×W3081×H4316. Inland shipment of the GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant is L6058×W2438×H2591.

A package of solids control equipment is ready for shipment. They are made for a waste management project for a Canada client. A shale shaker, a 1000GPM 3-1 mud cleaner and a high speed decanter centrifuge. They are basic separation equipment for oil and gas drilling mud treatment system.

Shale shaker model is GNZS594. It is a 4-panel linear motion shale shaker with compositeframe pretension screens. There are 2 vibration motors are equipment for the shale shaker. The motor brand are international top brand Italy OLI or US Martin Brand. The EX control panel are made by GN Solids Control with with SIEMENS or Schneider Component. The screens are fixed with wedges and with Gear unit for fast screen change and longer screen life. The Mechanical Deck angle adjustable system is GN patent design. It can adjust shaker deck while the shale shaker is working. And the user only need to adjust shaker deck at one side, both shaker deck angle will be changed levelly.


Mud cleaner is a desander & desilter & Shale Shaker 3 in 1 unit for compact footprint combo type shale shaker separator. Its capacity is 1000GPM. The combo type shale shaker is equipment with no. 2 × 10inch desander cone and no. 12 × 10 inch desilter cone. The hydro cyclones are made by Polyurethane Material for long life time. And the hydro cyclone assembly is removable for adjusting to be a shale shaker. The under flow shale shaker model is the same with first stage solids control shale shaker GNZS594.


The high speed decanter centrifuge is 14inch bowl size. The separation speed can up to 3200rpm. GN Solids Control can offer fixed speed control, VFD control and FHD control for the 14inch decanter centrifuge. It is located on a telescopic skid. The skid can fall down to less than 2.5m for international container shipment. And it can lift to 2.8m ~ 4.2m per clients request during working.

GN Solids Control can make full package rapid liquid mud plant. Besides the metal components, GN Solids Control is capacity to supply all items including mud storage tanks, mud mixing tank and mud processing tank with all the manifolds, mixing equipment, processing equipment, level sensors, and central control room, etc…

Vertical storage tank is popular used at liquid mud plant. Compared with horizontal storage tank, vertical tank takes small footprint. And further more, vertical tank need less quantity mud gun than horizontal mud tank. A vertical tank only need to equip Qty 2 mud gun. But the same capacity horizontal mud tank will need at least double qty mud gun.

Last year, GN Solids Control supplied a liquid mud plant for a South America client. There are Qty 14 vertical mud tank and a package of mud mixing tank in the system. It is only part of a whole liquid mud plant. As the client is urgent to use some parts of the liquid mud plant. The whole liquid mud plant includes below items:

1) Totally Qty 75 × vertical storage tanks. The project request min. 400bbl usable capacity. GN Solids Control supplied 450 bbl vertical storage tank. Each storage is equipped with qty 2 mud gun and a level meter. Total usable capacity of the 75 vertical mud tanks is 33,750 bbl.

2) 2 packages of horizontal mixing tank unit. Each mixing tank is equipped with a dual mixing unit and dual transfer pump unit.

3) 1 package of horizontal processing tank C/W a shale shaker and qty 2 decanter centrifuge.

4) 6 packages of centrifugal pump transfer unit with its motor starter.

All pipelines and electrical control system are supplier by GN Solids Control. This year, GN Solids Control will supply the rest qty 61 vertical storage tanks, 1 package of mixing tank unit and 1 package of processing tank unit.

Shale shaker and Mud cleaner is the basic separation equipment in drilling mud solids control system. Shale shaker is the 1st stage solids control equipment. It is 1st separation equipment to treat the dirt drilling mud from drill holes. Drilling mud cleaner is used after solids control shale shaker. It is the 2nd and / or 3rd solids control separation equipment.

A set of dual tandem shale shaker and mud cleaner package is ready and will be shipped to a drilling company. Dual tandem shale shaker is widely used at work over rig drilling mud recycling system. The dual tandem shale shaker shipped in this project is a combination of Qty 2 GNZS594F-SHBF shale shaker, a mounting skid, and mud distribution pipelines. All of them have 2 motors on each shale shakers.totally 4 motors for a set dual tandem shale shaker package. GNZS594F-SHBF is the model of single shale shaker. It is a single deck linear motion shale shaker.

GNZS594 is the series code of the shaker model. It means the shaker screen width is 590mm. 4 means 4-panel shale shaker. F is the version of the shale shaker. S means solids control shale shaker. GN Solids Control also offers HG (high G drying) shaker for drilling cuttings management. HB means the shale shaker is equipment with back type mud distribution box. F is the design version of the shale shaker.

The mud cleaner in this system is a 1000GPM combo type 3-1 shale shaker. The model of the combo type mud cleaner is GNZJ594F-S2S12NF. It is a combination of Qty 1 solids control shale shaker GNZS594F, Qty 2 × 10 inch desander cone, and Qty 12 × 4 inch desilter cone. The under flow shale shaker model is GNZS594F. In this case, all spare parts are interchangeable with the first step solids control shale shaker. Clients are easy to stock back up spare parts and replacement shaker screens.

Mud cleaner is the most popular separation equipment in oil rig drilling mud solids control system. Drilling mud cleaner is used after solids control shale shaker. It includes desander mud cleaner, desilter mud cleaner, and combo type 3-in-1 mud cleaner. 3-in-1 mud cleaner is also widely known as combo type shale shaker. GN Solids Control makes various models of combo type shale shaker.

A package of drilling mud desander cleaner and desilter cleaner are ready for dispatching to a oilfield service company in China. The desander mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner for this project is combined with 2-panel small size shale shaker.
The desander mud cleaner model is GNZJ752F-3S. It is includes a 2-panel under flow shale shaker, and No. 3 × 10 inch desander cones.

The desilter mud cleaner model is GNZJ752F-12NF. It is includes a 2-panel under flow shale shaker, and No. 12 × 4 inch desilter cones.

API RP13 confirmed shaker screens are used for the mud cleaners.

Besides the 2 models desander mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner. GN Solids Control makes other models mud cleaner. Below are the major types of mud cleaner GN Solids Control can make:

1) Desilter mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner without downstream drying shale shaker. It is the most economic mud cleaner. Its design is compact and price is low. Typical model is GNWS-2SF / GNWS-3SF and GNWS-12N / GNWS-16N for 1000GPM or 1500GPM handling capacity.

2) Desilter mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner with GNZS752 Series Mini Shale Shaker Screen. There is a small size shale shaker under the hydro cyclone separator. Typical model is GNZJ752F-1S / GNZJ752F-2S and GNZJ752F-8NF / GNZJ752F-12NF

3) Desilter mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner with GNZS703 Series 3 Panel Shale Shaker Screen. It is combo type shale shaker.  Typical model is GNZJ703F-S2SF / GNZJ703F-S3SF and GNZJ703F-D8NF / GNZJ703F-D12NF / GNZJ703F16NF.

4) Desilter mud cleaner and desilter mud cleaner with GNZS594 Series 4 Panel Shale Shaker Screen. It is combo type shale shaker.  Typical model is GNZJ594F-S2SF / GNZJ594F-S3SF and GNZJ594F-D8NF / GNZJ594F-D12NF / GNZJ594F16NF.

ViST is Vacuum Shaker Screen Technology which is developed and designed by GN Solids Control. The shaker screen vacuum unit is to work with shale shaker to reduce drilling waste and recycle drilling fluids. At some jobsites, clients use screen vacuum unit to replace drilling waste high G drying shaker.

There are insert type screen vacuum unit and external mounting type screen vacuum unit. For GN own design shale shaker and some other shaker model which use frame screens, if there is space to insert the catch pan (tray) under the outside discharge end shaker screen, we call it insert type screen vacuum unit. It is relative small modification on job site shale shaker. If for GN brand shale shaker, all shaker models reserve the design to add screen vacuum unit directly.

For insert type vacuum screen unit, the catch pan is fixed directly under the discharge side shaker screen. The screen API size depends on the shale shaker API screen, or the high G drying shaker API screen.

But for the external type screen vacuum unit, the client will use a small screen after the shale shaker or high G drying shaker.
Some clients want to use very fine screens, like API-230,270 and 325 while they add the external screen vacuum units to the shale shakers on offshore drilling rig mud system.

GN Solids Control does not recommend clients to choose such fine screens for external screen vacuum unit after solids control shale shaker. As solids control shale shaker does not use very fine screens. The high G drying shale shaker may use fine screens. But API 230, API 270 and API 325 are not used by solids control shale shaker. The small screen API size should be similar to the shale shaker screen. It cannot be too fine. Otherwise, it may cause block.

In other job site while clients use the screen vacuum unit for GN shale shakers, the max. shaker screen API size they use is API 120 and API 140. Hardly over API 140.

GN Solids Control makes Solids and Sludge vacuum pump to suck and transfer various types of waste material. It is popular to use before GN oil sludge treatment system to suck the oil sludge from the waste pit and feed to the separation system.
Some client want the vacuum pump is strong enough to suck thick sludge.

It is no problem to use GN sludge vacuum pump suck the upper layer oil sludge in the pit. On the upper layer, the liquid content is higher, the sludge is flow. So vacuum pump can suck it. At the bottom, the solids content maybe much high. If the fluidity is poor or unable to flow, the vacuum cannot be sucked.

It is difficult to confirm slush up to what solids content can be evacuated. It also depends on the viscosity and density.
Clients are normally suck it in 2 ways.

1) vacuum pump to suck the liquid sludge at upper layer, and separated by shale shaker, centrifuge, etc… The liquid recovered is dirty. They transfer the dirty liquid to waste pit to dilute the bottom solids waste.

2) they use vacuum pump to suck the liquid sludge at upper layer, use excavator to take the bottom solids, or they use the excavator machine for all the sludge waste.

This video is showing clients use both vacuum pump and excavator machine to suck the sludge and waste.

This video is showing clients use excavator machine to suck the sludge and waste.

Another purpose of clients using GN Solids Control vacuum pump is to remove slush from Skips and drop in a pit. They are collecting the oil slurry in skips and taking them to our site for treatment and disposal. At the site we remove slurry from Skips, and treat them in TDU

In order to control the COVID-19,  all exhibitions in 2020 were canceled or postponed. With more and more people get vaccinated, and with the under-control of COVID-19, China become to normal situation. More and more exhibitions are taken in 2021. After the Water Treatment exhibition in Shanghai in April, GN Solids Control are waiting for the largest petrochemical exhibition. GN Solids Control will attend the 2021 CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition.

CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is the largest exhibition in China for oil and gas field. All major oil company, drilling companies, mud services companies will have their booth on the exhibition. Nearly all major manufacturers and supplier related to oil and gas drilling products will joint the exhibition. And CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is also one of the largest oil and gas industry exhibition in the world. It is a good chance to meet and talk with clients and companies in the field.

GN Solids Control will takes their advanced design equipment to the exhibition and show to their clients. And the exhibition is a good chance to share the ideas of each other in oil and gas drilling field. Below list is some equipment GN Solids Control will take for 2022 Beijing CIPPE.

1) Shale shaker screen vacuum unit
2) Big bowl and high speed decanter centrifuge
3) Oil sludge separation system. It is the combination of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, 3-phase separation centrifuge, chemical dosing unit, etc…
4) Solids and sludge vacuum pump

It is so pity that, as international trip is still limited. Clients outside China will not have the chance to come for the exhibition. In order to let clients who are interested in GN to have the opportunity to know more of GN, GN Solids Control offer online factory visiting. Clients can make appointment with GN sales manager to check and visit GN Solids Control factories through webcam and internet.

A drilling waste dewatering unit and a solidification unit is finished the installation at job site in Africa. The client start to use the dewatering unit and the drilling cuttings solidification unit to treat the waste slurry.

It is a 20ft containerized dewatering unit used at this job site. There is a 3-tank automatic polymer dosing system and a single tank PE tank for liquid chemical. The single PE tank is for manual operation. Client can choose to use both dosing system or either of them.

A 14 inch decanter centrifuge is used together with the chemical dosing system for dewatering treatment. Normally, there will be a shale shaker or high G drying shaker used before decanter centrifuge for reducing the solids content and remove the big size solids. But at this job site, there is no big size particles, and the solids content is small. The client does not need to use shale shaker separater, but use dewatering centrifuge separation directly.

After decanter centrifuge dewatering treatment, the client will use the solidification unit to make the solids waste dry. GN Solids make automatic drill cuttings solidification unit, all auger inside the solidification unit are equipped with VFD control panel. The operators can set up feeding speed before start the solidification unit.

Besides the containerized dewatering dosing system, GN Solids Control offers different sizes of 3-tank automatic polymer dosing system and single tank liquid chemical dosing unit. Clients can choose different models and modular to use it separately, or use more sets for bigger capacity.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes dewatering centrifuge, the bowl size is varying from 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and up to max. 30 inch. And GN Solids Control offers fixed speed control, VFD control and FHD control to various size centrifuges to meet clients’ demands.

GN Solids Control also makes screw conveyor, sludge and solids vacuum pump, vertical cuttings dryer, oil sludge separation unit and waste oil/water treatment unit to meet different applications.