Sometimes, clients or users may contact GN Solids Control to ask for assistance on GN equipment operation.

Recently, a client show own GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge at their rigs sites contact GN and ask GN to help with some technical assistance. The VFD decanter centrifuge is used at their drilling mud solids control system. They said it is related to a small issue on GNLW363CG-VFD Decanter Centrifuge. They said their issue is that the set RPM Bowl speed is reached very slow, about 3 – 5 minutes to reach high speed RPM.

They want to know is that normal to take such time to achieve the set high speed? They want to know what is the reason to cause the slow speed-up? Is it caused by some safety settings? They also want to know is there any way to improve the VFD response?

GN Solids Control gave reply to the client that, the pre-setting of GN Solids Control on VFD control panel is 5 minutes to reach 3200rpm. The slow speed-up is to avoid trip off during running. In this case, it should take around 3 minutes to reach 2000RPM. If the time is too long, it is abnormal. The parameter can be set on the VFD drives. If clients want more assistance on the VFD drive parameters settings, they can send photos of the decanter centrifuge VFD panel nameplate. GN Solids Control will check the original parameter settings before delivery from GN Solids Control factory, and give clients instruction about how to process.

The clients give their thanks to GN Solids Control about the the prompt answer. They accept the time. They said all fine if everything is made to protect the system from overloading. They are just a little bit worry not to be some safe limitation caused by a failure or so.

Besides decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control also make shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, jet mud mixer, vertical cuttings dryer, etc…

This week, GN Solids Control finished some Drilling Mud Treatment system for overseas engineering service companies.

One of the drilling mud treatment system is a GNMS-500D Desander Unit. It is also called as desanding plant. The handling capacity of the GNMS-500D desanding unit is 500GPM. It is equipped with a combo type double deck shale shaker. Feeding pump and electrical control system are included in the the system for turn key solution.

GN Solids Control Desanding Plant is the economic way for the no-dig mud recycling. It is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, micro tunneling sand treatment, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

Other drilling mud treatment system is GNLW224ET-VFD Decanter Centrifuge Unit. The 9 Inch Decanter Centrifuge is a Mini centrifuge with small size for industrial application. GNLW224ET-VFD is a small size Decanter Centrifuge. The Bowl Diameter is 220mm (9 inch) and he bowl length is up tp 924mm (36.4 inch). The bowl diameter and length ratio is up to 4.

The fine solids removal unit includes a 9 inch bowl baby centrifuge for fine solids separation. The mini decanter centrifuge and the Centrifuge feeding pump are all located on a holding tank. There is a VFD control panel also located on the same tank to offer control to the whole system. With the VFD control panel, the typical speed of the 9 inch decanter centrifuge is adjustable from 1 to 4500RPM.

The bowl of the centrifuge is 9 inch (220mm). As the compact design, it’s popular for client to use it in small capacity or limited space application for solids and liquid separation. The 9 inch decanter centrifuge is also considered to be the ideal choice for experiment testing with decanter centrifuge. GN 9 inch decanter centrifuge is optional in three types includes: fixed gear box drive, fully hydraulic drive, and variable frequency drive.

Last week, GN Solids Control has finished the test of a 3 phase decanter centrifuge. The 3 -phase decanter centrifuge will be shipped to an Africa client for tank cleaning slurry treatment.

Besides to treat the oil slurry comes from tank cleaning, GN Solids Control 3-phase centrifuge is widely used for oil recovery or for dewatering treatment. Clients can use the 3 phase decanter centrifuge to treat oil sludge from drilling, drilling refinery, or from industries.

Centrifuge is a high speed separation equipment. The rotating speed is normally up to 3000rpm or more, and the G force is also great. They are used for fine solids separation. The feeding slurry for 3-phase decanter centrifuge should meet the standard that the solids content should less than 10%. And particle size should be less than 2mm. Otherwise it may block the decanter centrifuge or even wearing out the centrifuge faster. Some time, in order to help for the settle down of the fine solids, clients will use chemical dosing for flocculation.

Normally, clients want to know the oil recovery efficiency before they invest to buy the 3 phase decanter centrifuge. The situation in most job site is that, the oil, water and solids percentage is not fixed. Ihe rate is changeable per various source or various rigs. GN Solids Control tell clients that, after 3 phase decanter centrifuge, the oil content in water is less than 15. The oil content in solids is less than 2%. The operator can calculate the oil recovery percentage based on the original oil & water percentage before feeding into 3-pahse decanter centrifuge.

Except for 3-phase decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control is capable to make various sizes of 2-phase decanter centrifuge, and various sizes of disc centrifuge. The 2-phase decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD drilling and water well drilling to recover the barite, and for the fine solids separation. The dis centrifuge is 3 phase separation, it is popular useds for oil sludge separation and and industry separation.

GN Solids Control makes a large quantity of Screw Conveyor and Screw Pumps for a Drilling Waste Management Company in African. There are 10 sets Variable Speed Screw Conveyor and 8 sets Variable Speed Screw Pump are included in the project.

The 10 sets of screw conveyor are equipped with 12 inch auger diameter. There are quantity 7 screw conveyors model GNSC12B-12V and and quantity 3 screw conveyors model GNSC12B-24V. The model code GNSC means GN Solids Control brand Screw Conveyor. 12B means version B 12 inch diameter. 24V means 24 ft transfer length and variable speed screw conveyor. If the final no. is 24 without V, it means 24 ft transfer length fixed speed screw conveyor.

GN Solids Control uses manual adjustable speed gearbox to adjust conveyor speed. The gearbox box and electric driven motor can be connected by coupling which are connected in-line. The gearbox and motors can also be connected by pulley and belt per jobsite request. There are also L-type connection gearboxes for GN Solids Control screw conveyor.

The 8 sets Variable Speed Screw Pump is with quantity 6 model GNG30B-075V and quantity 2 model GNG10B-040V. It is German brand NETZSCH pump which are mainly used as decanter centrifuge feeding pump. The rotor and stator of NETZSCH pump are made in German and assemble in China.

All the screw conveyors and screw pumps are equipped with electrical control panel for start, stop and E-stop.

Besides 12 inch auger diameter, GN Solids Control can also make other sizes screw conveyors, includes: 10 inch diameter, 12 inch diameter, 14 inch diameter, 16 inch diameter, and 18 inch diameter. And the transfer length includes. The auger length is 12 ft and 24 ft per order request.

Besides screw conveyor and screw pump, GN Solids Control also makes centrifugal pump, solids and sludge vacuum pump for transfer. GN Solids Control major products are separation equipment for drilling mud and drilling cuttings, like various sizes decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, High G drying shaker, dewatering unit, full package solids control system, drilling cuttings management system, oil sludge separation system, slurry dewatering system,desanding plant, etc…

GN Solids Control finished a package of drilling waste management equipment for a regular client in Nigeria. The equipment will be used by a service company for drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management.

The drilling waste management package includes following items:

1) 3 sets VFD decanter centrifuge. The model is GNLW363C-VFD.

It is a 14 inch high speed decanter centrifuge with positive pressurized VFD control panel. GN Solids Control is the few centrifuge supplier who is capable to make positive pressurized VFD panel. The VFD panel is equipped with vortex cooling system, which is specially designed for high temperature area. Operators can setup the temperature inside the VFD control panel to be around 25C degree. It can protect the components. Moreover, there are touch screen and PLC programme for smart control.

While most other centrifuge supplier make normal flameproof VFD control panel. And they use fan for cooling. It does not suit for high temperature area.

2) 2 sets of vertical cuttings dryer. The model is GNCD930F.

Vertical cuttings dryer is also called as vertical centrifuge. It is mainly used for oil based mud and oil based cuttings. It can reduce the OOC (oil on cuttings) to 3% ~ 5%.

Clients can also choose bigger opening screen basket for water base mud treatment.

3) Telescopic skids to hold decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

The telescopic skid is designed to hold the decanter centrifuge, VFD control panel and feeding pump. During shipment, the skid can be felt down to 2500mm. During working, the centrifuge skid can be lift up to designed height. Currently, GN Solids Control makes skid with height to 2800 to 4200mm.

Besides VFD centrifuge, GN Solids Control can make fixed speed centrifuge and FHD centrifuge. And GN Solids Control makes centrifuge with bowl size 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and big bowl decanter centrifuge 30 inch.

GN Solids Control also makes other drilling waste management equipment, including screw conveyor, dewatering unit, high G drying shaker, disc centrifuge, etc…

GN Solids Control just finished a job site training via internet for a client in South America. The training is for number 2 decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD. Now the decanter centrifuge start to running well at rig site. It is a 14inch high speed decanter centrifuge with variable frequency drive (VFD) control panel. The 2 decanter centrifuges are used at the drilling rig mud system in South American.

GN Solids Control 14 inch decanter centrifuge is widely used for various applications. The decanter centrifuge can be used in oil and gas drilling solids control system, used in HDD mud recycling system, used in drilling waste management fine solids separation, used in slurry separation treatment, it can also be used in dewatering treatment system, etc…

GN Solids Control major business is for drilling mud solids control and drilling cuttings treatment. Most decanter centrifuge is designed for drilling mud solids control. GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is designed and made for both drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management.

Unlike drilling mud treatment decanter centrifuge, drilling waste treatment centrifuge requests better wearing-resistance of the equipment. In this case, the centrifuge centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer used for waste management must have high material standard:

1) The bearings brand of GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is international leading brand SKF and FAG. As there are big bearings in the machines.

2) GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge bowl material is SS2304 Duplex made by centrifugal casting.

Besides offering variable speed variable frequency drive (VFD) control panel, GN Solids Control is also capable to offer fixed drive control panel, and full hydraulic drive (FHD) control panel for the 14inch high speed decanter centrifuge. For the fixed speed decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control can also offer other sets of pulley and belt. The clients can change the pulley and belts to get another fixed speed. The optional speed is 3200rpm, 2800rpm and 1800rpm.

Besides the number 2 decanter centrifuge, there are 2 screw pumps which are used to feed for the 2 decanter centrifuge.


Last week, GN Solids Control finished a mud decanter centrifuge dewatering system for a TBM engineering company in China. The decanter centrifuge dewatering unit will be used to treat waste slurry from TBM drilling.

big bowl decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge used in the dewatering system is a special model with very huge bowl: GNLW764A-VFD. The bowl size of the centrifuge is 760mm (30 inch) . The bowl length is up to 3328mm. It is a high speed 2-phase decanter centrifuge for liquid and solids separation. The cut point of the centrifuge is 2 ~ 5 microns. It is a dual motor centrifuge. The main drive motor used in the decanter centrifuge is 160Kw, and back drive motor is 90kw.

The chemical dosing unit used in the centrifuge dewatering unit is a very big size GNDW-6000L. The chemical dosing capacity of the unit is 6000L per hour in order to suit the big bowl centrifuge handling capacity.

The GNLW764A-VFD 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge is fixed inside a 40ft container, there are windows and door with access to discharge soil by screw conveyors.The GNDW-6000L chemical dosing unit is fixing on another 40ft container and lies on the top of the centrifuge container. It can minimum the footprint to save space.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes of screw conveyor augers for the oil gas industry. The screw conveyor augers are widely used for transfer the drilling cuttings to feed to the cuttings dryer,and cuttings collection box.GN designed 3 size of diameter, 10inch, 12inch, 14inch, 18inch, each size has 4 different length for option according to the drilling site of the customer.GN Solids Control can offer fixed speed gearbox drive and manual adjustable speed gearbox for each size of gearbox.

Some clients want to use Standard Bearing with seal (if possible double bearings) instead of Middle Hanging Bearing core in the hanger bearing for the connection of each auger sections. GN Solids Control does not recommend this design.

Firstly, standard bearing and seal design are costly. Plus it is more complicated to install.

Secondly, the bearing at this location is easy to be worn out,especially be worn out by drilling mud and drilling cuttings. If the seal is not good enough at this location, the bearing will soon be broken.

Moreover, it is inconvenient to replace the bearing and seal after wear. The operators need to fully dismantle the auger for replacing new ones. As far as we know, there are no suppliers in China use standard bearing at this position. Their popular design is using copper sleeves at this location.

GN Solids Control use hanger bearing which are made of alloy materials to fit for oil field drilling waste transfer. Alloy material is more wear-resistant than copper. Plus, GN Solids Control makes the hanger bearing in the form of a separate unit. The parts can be quickly replaced by removing the bolts and mounting brackets in case of needed.

GN Solids Control use helical gear reducer (speed adjuster). It is more stable and less maintenance.
Besides, clients will want there are clear separation between the electric motor and manual speed adjuster (gearbox or reducer) to enable job site operators to remove the electric motors for repair without affecting the gearbox (speed adjuster or reducer). GN Solids Control connect the driven motor and gearbox (speed adjuster reducer) by flange. It is easy for installation and dismantle.

The largest size of Liquid Mud Plant that GN Solids Control has constructed is 35,500 bbls. It is composed of NO. 75 mud tanks. GN Solids Control built  a small liquid mud plant for the client first. They are happy with the performance.

Later on, this year, the client order another big size liquid mud plant with totally 35,500 BBL storage capacity. The 35,500 BBL liquid mud plant include the solids control tank, mixing tank, Brine storage tank, WBM storage tank and OBM storage tank.

The solids control tank and mixing tanks are horizontal tank. The tank size is the same with 40ft container. The lifting is utilizing standard container lifting corners. All storage tanks are vertical type to minimize the footprint.

The solids control tank includes solids control equipment shale shaker and a dual decanter centrifuge package.
The shale shaker model is GNZS594F. It is GN latest design shaker model. It is a 4-panel single deck shale shaker. The shaker screens are complied with API RP13C standard and made from composite material frame.

The dual centrifuge package includes No. 2 high speed decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge model is GNLW363C. It is 14inch bowl size decanter centrifuge with fixed speed control. Clients can choose different sizes of pulley and belt to get another fixed speed. Besides fixed decanted centrifuge, GN Solids Control can offer VFD control and FHD control for GNLW363C centrifuge.

There are 2 mixing tank in the big liquid mud plant. Each mixing tank is composed of No. 2 shearing and mixing hopper, No. 2 mixing pump and No. 2 mud agitators.

Unlike other systems, submersible slurry pump is widely used in the liquid mud plant. Normally GN Solids Control use screw pump to feed for decanter centrifuge. But in this liquid mud plant, the client requests to use submersible slurry pump to feed for the dual centrifuge package.

The client does not use centrifugal pumps for mud mixing but they request submersible slurry pump as well.
Centrifugal pumps are used as transfer pump in the liquid mud plant.

GN Solids Control is a specialist to manufacture full line solids control equipment, drilling waste management, and various sizes replacement shaker screens. In order to offer clients better support, GN Solids Control is flexible to offer customized equipment and solutions to meet clients request.

Recently, GN Solids Control made a customized drilling mud cleaner and mud gas separator for a drilling company. The equipment are customized color and mud customized design.

The capacity of the drilling mud cleaner is 1500GPM. It is a 3-in-1 combo type shale shaker, which is powered by 2 vibration motors. The motor brand can be Italy Oli or U.S. Martin. The drilling mud cleaner is combined by a under flow shale shaker, no. 3 desander cones and no. 12 desilter cones. The hydra cyclone assembly can be removed and the combo type shale shaker as a single deck shale shaker. The standard color of GN equipment is green, color code RAL 6024. For this project, it is customized gray color per client’s request.

Mud gas separator, which is also called as poor boy degasser, it is fully customized per the order. There are HSE standard ladders with guardrails all along the mud gas separator tank body. For easy movement and easy transportation, there are lifting frame along the mud gas separator. In this case, it can be easily lay down on the ground.

Besides drilling mud cleaner and mud gas separation, GN Solids Control can also make full line solids control equipment: shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, jet mud mixer, mixing hopper, shearing and mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, screw pump, submersible slurry pump,etc…

And GN Solids Control is capable to make full line drilling cuttings treatment equipment: big bowl decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shaker, screw conveyor, drilling cuttings solidification unit, dewatering unit, etc…

Plus, GN Solids Control can make various size oil sludge separation equipment, and contaminated soil washing system.

If clients have any questions about GN equipment. Welcome to contact GN Solids Control freely.