GN Solids Control Mud Gas Separator is located after BOP choke manifold and before the mud enter into the drilling mud processing system. After the BOP and choke manifold., for continued drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges are normal. It is always used comply with a igniter.

GN Solids Control Mud Gas Separator adopt dump gate on the bottom to control the fluids height, and no sediment.
The liquid impingement tubes are cylindrical which extends the equipment life. The main part of the equipment adopt anti H2S material and the surface is processed. This can totally avoid H2S damage.

GN Solids Control Mud Gas Separator can be equipped on a big shipping skip for easy movement, and while the mud gas separator is rigged up, the free space can be used to allocate choke manifolds.

GN Solids Control flare ignition device is used for connecting to the gas Vent line of Mud Gas Separator to burn the dangerous gas from the drilling mud like H2S. The upper part of the flare ignition system is stainless steel, and it is designed for rain proof in the oilfield. The major components for the electrics are from famous Brand like SIEMENS or Schneider. The power for the electric can be directly from industry normal power, or users can charge the battery and take the unit for remote areas application. GN flare device is with remote control, and PLC is optional available for less manpower notice for continually and automatically working..

GN Solids Control is specialized in full package drilling mud system. Unlike other solids control manufacturer, who only self-make a part of solids control equipment, GN Solids Control makes all the drilling mud solids control equipment by himself. After degasser, GN Solids Control makes solids control equipment to process the drilling mud, like 3-panel shale shaker and 4-panel shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander and desilter, vacuum degasser, and decanter centrifuge. GN Solids Control make other accessory equipment to complete the processing, like mud agitator, centrifugal pump, slurry pump, screw conveyor, etc…

GN Solids Control vacuum pump is mainly designed for solids and slurry transfer. With its special design, the vacuum pump can reach discharging distance up to 500m or 1000m, it’s up to the models clients choose. The big size vacuum pump can discharge to 1000m away, and the even the smallest model vacuum pump can reach up transfer distance 500m away.

Recently, GN Solids Control offered a mini size vacuum pump applied for tank cleaning works. The client will use the mini size vacuum pump to suck the waste slurry from deep tanks. The model of the mini size vacuum pump is GNSP-10B. It is the smallest size vacuum pump made by GN Solid Control. The biggest model is GNSP-10B.

After tank cleaning, the client choose a GN mini size decanter centrifuge to do the liquid and solids separation. After the separation, the client can reduce the waste liquid, recover more usable liquid and reuse the water. It is a 9 inch baby centrifuge with high speed and high G force for water treatment and slurry recover. GN Solids Control mini size centrifuge is widely used at Industry Waste Water Treatment plant and Diamond Core Drilling Fluids Treatment.

GN Solids Control major advantage is to offer full package tank cleaning treatment system and solids removal unit for mining industry, which will consist of shale shaker separator, desander / desilter, decanter centrifuge, feeding pumps, control panels, mud tanks, and skids to holding all items. Sometimes, the chemical dosing unit will be used together with centrifuge to ultra fine solids separation.

GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump, also named as solids transfer pump. It is a pneumatic slurry transfer vacuum pump. The pump is widely used for liquid, slurry, powder and solids transfer. GN vacuum pump is a high vacuum loading solids transfer pump, so it can be used at tough environmental for solids or sludge transfer especially used to suck and transfer the high density and high viscosity oil sludge from waste pits generated by oil and gas drilling. GN vacuum pump is working with high performance and less maintenance. The pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density, with dry solids material or slurry with solids content max. up to 80%.

GN Solids America, which is located in Houston America, is a subsidiary of GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer who is focusing on drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management. Its products covering oil and gas drilling, as well as non-oil drilling, such as water well drilling, horizontal directional drilling, piling, pipe jacking, and other trenchless activities.

GN Solids Control make various types of waste management equipment to treat the oily and non-oil slurry generated from drilling and construction field.

GN Solids America and GN Solids Control Successfully attended 2022  Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.
The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston is the largest exhibition in oil and gas field. It takes place every year in May, the same as this year. There are many visitors in oil field coming from middle east, Africa, South America, and other areas. As the effect of covina-virus, internal trip become very difficult. There are restrictions in many countries. OTC is a good chance to meet clients there.

GN Solids America has big warehouse in Houston. Clients can get standard equipment stock equipment and replacement spare parts in Houston warehouse. This yeas, GN Solids America team take below equipment for the exhibition.

1. Screen vacuum unit. The unit is fixed under shale shaker to further recover useful drilling fluids from the drilling cuttings. It is a 100% air driven unit. A GN screen vacuum unit can be connected to 1 or 3 shale shakers.

2. Sludge and solids vacuum pump. It is also a 100% air driven device. It is specially designed for long distance transfer on solids, powder and sludge.

Replacement screens for various brand and models shale shakers. GN Solids Control makes high quality composite frame pretension screens. GN Solids Control can even make customized screens per clients drawing, and packing.

Drilling mud agitator is widely used in drilling mud systems. It is equipped in all kinds of mud tanks to avoid solids settling down, like in sand trap, mixing tank, reserve tank, centrifugal tank, etc…

The Mud agitator is composed of driven motor and gearbox. The motor and gearbox are connected via coupling or flange, and driven the shaft to rotate. There are canted impeller / impellers fixing on the shaft to protect the drilling mud from settling down.

According to the connection face of driven motor and gearbox, there are horizontal mud agitator and vertical mud agitator. Clients choose the suitable model based on the mud tank situation.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes drilling mud agitator to fit for clients’ applications. This week, GN Solids Control finished some mud agitators for an offshore platform. The agitators are customized per client’s color. GN Solids Control make shaft to suit for the tank inner depth. And the canter impeller size and quantity is designed to accordance with the motor power and tank size. Plus, in order to avoid the agitator shaft hanging during rotating, GN Solids Control make tank bottom stabilizer to support the agitator shaft inside the mud tank. It can also improve the service time of the mud agitator.

During assembly, the operator should adjust the gap between the stabilizer and the shaft to make the gap between the stabilizer and the shaft uniform to ensure concentricity. If the concentricity of the stabilizer and the shaft cannot be guaranteed, the agitator will be noisy and the gearbox reducer will be easily damaged.

Correct and suitable lubrication is vital to ensure stable running of mud agitators. Most problem of mud agitator are caused by unsuitable lubrication, or the lock of lubrication.

Besides mud agitator, GN Solids Control is capable to make full line drilling mud solids control equipment.

GN Solids Control make small footprint solids removal unit (SRU) for diamond drilling and mining industries. solids removal unit (SRU) can help to separate the liquid and solids in the slurry waste generated from such mentioned drilling activities. After the shale shaker and centrifuge separation, the dry solids waste is with little water content, the volume is much smaller than the original waste. And it is easy for transport. And the solids waste can be used as construction material. The recovered liquid phase is with less solids, it can be reused for drilling and mud mixing.

Besides the shale shaker and decanter centrifuge separation, GN Solids Control equipped a small size mixing hopper with a mixing pump to prepare qualified new drilling mud to support a continue diamond drilling and mining activity.

The dirty drilling mud from drilling collar is first collected in a mud storage tank. There is a submersible slurry pump allocated on the storage tank to feed the dirty mud to shale shaker for coarse solids separation. The shale shaker is the 1st stage separation. GNZS752 shale shaker is used in the process. It is a min size shale shaker with single deck and 2 screen panels.

The coarse solids will be screened and discharged from the small shale shaker, the liquid phase will pass the screens and fall down into the #1 sand trap of the mud tank. And then there is a screw pump will suck the liquid from sand trap and feed to high speed decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation.

The replacement screens on the mini size shale shaker GNZS752 is fine in order to remove more solids phase, and to maximum reduce the mud weight. And it is to ensure that, after the shale shaker separation, the recovered liquid phase is qualified for decanter centrifuge separation. After centrifuge separation, the clean liquid will flow to the 2# centrifuge tank.
The mixing pump is capacity to suck the drilling mud from #1 sand trap and #2 centrifuge tank, with the power adding from the mixing hopper, the qualified new drilling mud will be send back to the tank compartment and waiting for sending back to rig via s supercharge pump.

Besides the 9 inch mini size decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control is capacity to make other big sizes for various application, it includes but not limited to drilling mud solids control system, waste water dewatering system, oil sludge separation system, and drilling waste management system, etc…

GN Solids Control finished another full package of oil sludge treatment system to Kazakhstan market. Before this, GN Solids Control exported other sizes oil sludge treatment package to the market, and clients are happy with the performance.

Below are the major separation modular included in the oil sludge treatment system to the Kazakhstan client.

1. A 20ft containerized pre-mixing tank.

The mud tank is the same size with 20ft container for easy transportation. The tank is for both dilution and mixing. There are 2 mud agitators equipped in the mud tank to mixing the oil sludge well. A vertical slurry pump are mounted on the tank top. It is for transferring the drilling mud from the pre-mixing tank to shale shaker separator.

2. A shale shaker separation modular

There is a mud tank and a shale shaker separator included in the modular. It is a double deck shale shaker for solids removal. The double deck shale shaker is specially designed for oil sludge treatment. There are covers on the shaker top to avoid sludge spay. As the oil sludge is normally with high density and viscosity. GN Solids Control equipped nozzles for heating the material. It is to reduce the viscosity to help for the separation.

3. Decanter centrifuge and disc centrifuge modular

There is a decanter centrifuge and a disc centrifuge allocated on the mud tank. The decanter centrifuge is for 2-phase separation. The outputs from decanter centrifuge is particle phase, oil and water mixture. It is to treat the liquid recovered from shale shaker. The disc centrifuge is for 3-phase separation, it to recover the clean liquid discharged from decanter centrifuge. After disc centrifuge, the final outputs are fine solids cake, clean water and recovered oil.

There is a small water buffer tank and a small oil buffer tank allocated on the centrifuge modular. There are oil pump and water pump near the oil tank and water tank to transfer the recovered oil and water to outside storage tanks.

GN Solids Control make vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser to suit for various sizes drilling rig solids control system. Mostly, clients use the degasser unit after shale shaker and before mud cleaner separator. Most vacuum degasser should be used together with a centrifugal pump for feeding. GN Solids Control vacuum degasser is self-suction type. It is generate vacuum and suck drilling mud automatically. It can save a pump and save power.

The correct installation of drilling mud vacuum degasser should be at the suction tank. It is the first tank downstream of the sand trap, or when there is no sand trap, it is the first sand trap. The sand trap should be constantly stirred to help the drilling fluid tumble and separate as much gas as possible from the drilling fluid.

The treated drilling fluid then flows into the next circulating tank. There should be a welded pipe or overflow port that can withstand high flow rate between the two pools. The discharge tank of the degassing device is also the suction tank of the centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump here is used to pump the drilling fluid from the ejector of the degassing device. At this time, the drilling fluid is usually called dynamic drilling fluid.

Pumping the drilling fluid from the ejector is actually sending the drilling fluid from the suction pool of the degassing device to the unloading pipeline. Design and equipment installation due to Bernoulli effect, a low-pressure area is formed at the ejector, so that the discharge from the ejector returns to the same container. It is used as the suction of power well fluid. The drilling fluid is sucked into the vacuum degasser, and then passes through the degassing container. The reason is that the centrifugal pump cannot pump out the drilling fluid containing gas. Therefore, the drilling fluid cannot be pumped out of this container, but can only be inhaled.

Recently, GN Solid Control has successfully finished a set of mini size sludge vacuum pump and mini size decanter centrifuge, they will be exported for a foreign customer. They will be used for a tank cleaning project.

The solids and sludge vacuum pump is a mini size with portable design, the model code is GNSP-10. The mini size vacuum pump is equipped with tires for easy movement. It will be used to transfer the waste slurry which is generated from tank cleaning works. And the decanter centrifuge model code is GNLW224. It is a 9 inch mini size bowl centrifuge with high speed for solid and liquid separation. GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump and decanter centrifuge are widely used in China and outside China at various job sites. Clients are very happy with their performance.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes sludge vacuum pump for solids, sludge, powder or liquid transfer. It is a kind of vacuum pump that forms a vacuum in the tank through pneumatic, then sucks the materials, and then inflates the tank into positive pressure to discharge the materials from the tank. Because its working principle is pneumatic and no power supply is required, GN Solids Control vacuum pump can be used in explosion-proof areas and hazardous areas.

Due to the unique venturi device of GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump, it can produce a vacuum effect of 25 inches Hg (mercury column) under the condition of strong air flow, empty the air in the tank and then suck the materials, so there are almost no wear parts. It is suitable for the transportation of high-density materials and materials with solid content exceeding 80%, and its stable performance enables it to operate in the most difficult environment.

GN Solids Control 9 inch decanter centrifuge is a small bowl centrifuge, which are mainly used under the working conditions of small treatment or limited site, and are also ideal equipment for centrifuge experimental test. The mini side centrifuge is mainly used to treat the oily sludge extracted from the oil tank by the vacuum pump for solid-liquid separation. According to different customer needs, our company can also provide customers with three different control modes; Constant speed control, frequency conversion control and full hydraulic control. In addition to centrifuges, our company can also provide customers with professional chemical dosing devices, which can be used with centrifuges to obtain better solid-liquid separation effect.

Quantity 2 decanter centrifuges is under assembly and do factory testing in GN workshop. Both the 2 centrifuges are 14 inch bowl size. It is the most popular centrifuge size for oil and gas drilling mud treatment. GN Solids Control can make customized color and logo for GN centrifuges and other equipment. The 2 centrifuges are make per clients’ request for Middle East.

The quantity 2 decanter centrifuge are equipped with positive pressurized VFD control panel. The VFD panels are with installed with explosion proof air conditioner for self-cooling. Both the decanter centrifuge and VFD panel are complied with Europe ATEX Standard Explosion Proof to suit for 55C degree ambient.

Below are some basic principles of drilling fluid treatment decanter centrifuge operation:
1. Do not start the centrifuge without belt shield;
2. To ensure trouble free operation, first rotate the centrifuge bowl by hand before power the centrifuge;
3. If there is abnormal noise or vibration, do not continue to use. Stop the machine soon for trouble shooting.
4. Before feeding drilling fluid into centrifuge, make sure the centrifuge reach the specified speed.
5. Do not overfeed the centrifuge to avoid overload.

GN Solids Control can make heavy duty telescopic skid for all size GN centrifuges. During jobsite operation, the feeding pump, VFD control panel, pipelines and cables are all installed on the skid for easy layout.

GN Solids Control offer German brand NETZSCH pump to feed for GN decanter centrifuges. The rotor and stator are made in German. The whole pump assembled in China.

Besides screw pump, GN Solids Control makes other transfer devices for oil and gas drilling field.
1. GN Solids Control can make various sizes centrifugal pump for drilling mud transfer.
2. GN Solids Control can make vacuum pump for solids and sludge transfer. Compared with normal transfer pump, GN vacuum pump can allow high solids content and bigger size solids. The discharge distance of GN vacuum pump can up to 500m or 1000m based on the models.
If you are interested in any equipment, welcome you contact GN Solids Control freely.

A set of Construction Mud Solids Liquid Separation Equipment are ready for shipment. The construction slurry separation system are designed per client’s request to meet their applications.

Below are the major separation and processing equipment included in the treatment system:

1.Linear motion dewatering shale shaker. The shaker model is GNLMZ1236. It is a big size shale shaker for coarse separation.

GN dewatering vibrating screen-linear motion is widely used in beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. In the beneficiation industry, it is commonly used for desliming, dewatering, demineralization and dry discharge of tailings of iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, coal mine and other materials.

2.Double deck shale shaker. The model is GNZS706. The shaker model can be linear motion or dual motion. The double deck shale shaker has 3 screen panels at bottom deck and 3 screen panels at upper deck. It is used after dewatering shale shaker to remove the fine particles. The double deck shale shaker is widely used for non-oil mud separation.

3.Mud cleaner separator, the under flow shaker model is GNZJ703. It is single deck shale shaker which use the same size screens as double deck shale shaker GNZS706.

4.Big bowl decanter centrifuge. The model is GNLW553. The GNLW553 (High Volume-Big Bowl) centrifuge is supplied with a 22 inch diameter bowl which has a length over diameter ratio of 3.3:1 for effective removal of low gravity solids from the active drilling fluid system.The centrifuge is widely used for various types slurry dewatering treatment.

5.Chemical dosing dewatering unit. It is used together with decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids separation.

The dewatering unit which is composed of high speed decanter centrifuge and chemical dosing unit are fixed inside a modified container. In this case, it is easy for movement and layout at jobsite. And the design is more compact for less footprint.