Recently, a client ask GN questions about the operation of the big size GN Sludge and solids vacuum transfer pump GNSP40B. The client want to know what is the flow rate of the air supply to GN Sludge and solids vacuum pump? No indication of airflow, clients are just looking at the outlet pressure on the main compressor display to increase the air supply flow rate above 20M3/min will make the pump more powerful.

Below is the communications between GN Solids Control and the client.
The client has been testing the vacuum pump to remove soft sand , and noticed the following situation:
1) Suction pressure is reduced when the status turns into loading (On Auto mode )
2) Continues airflow from the discharge while it is sucking.
3) When the section line is extended to 40 m, the efficiency dramatically reduced.
The client want GN Solids Control could clarify the above.

GN Solids Control replied that,
1) It is right that the air flow goes out from the discharge hose while suction. So this moving air will produce high vacuum by the jet pack. That’s the working principle.
2) The minimum requirement for air supply to feed to the 40 pump is 17M3/hour with pressure 0.8 – 0.9 mpa. What is your air supply now? Clients replied that the pressure while sucking is 0.5 mpa and while unloading increase to 0.8 mpa…. Please advise how to increase the supply pressure while sucking?

GN Solids Control asked the client: Do you have an air storage tank between the air compressor and the pump? And what’s the volume of the Air tank? Clients replied that, there is no air storage tank available, the air is going direct to the pump
GN Solids Control expressed that; it will improve the pump performance a lot
to have air flow rate above 20m3/min Minimum needs to be 17m3/min
Also you need to have an air tank to work as buffer tank to connect to the pump.
By doing above you can make the pump working more properly.
3) 40 meters for water is fine but for solids suction is too long. It’s better to keep less than 12 meters. But as the discharge pressure is high. GN Solids Control suggests the client to reduce the suction hose to less than 12m, but they can have much longer hose for discharge.
4) The longer of suction hose, the longer of the suction time should be set. While leaving factory. GN Solids Control sets 10 Seconds for suction and 10 seconds for discharge. Clients can adjust the suction and discharging time according to job site situation.

During the last week of golden September, the government is business for the preparation of the mega even: Military Parade and celebration for 70’s Birthday of China. And GN Solids Control is busy on equipment delivery every day. Most products are for international clients to let world know more about MADE IN CHINA.

One of the shipments is high speed decanter centrifuges and centrifugal pumps for Russia client for oil field application.
The 2 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge are GN 14 inch (360mm) diameter bowl decanter centrifuge which has a length over diameter ratio of 3.5:1. The decanter centrifuge is with high speed up to 4000 RPM. The bowl of the decanter centrifuge is made from centrifugally casted duplex stainless steel. The impeller of the centrifuge bowl is protected by tungsten carbide hardened tiles to maximize the GNLW363 centrifuges operational service life between overhauls. Furthermore, the centrifuge is equipped with replaceable tungsten carbide inserts at the feed distribution and solids discharge zones for long lifetime and easy maintenance. The unit also has Tungsten Carbide plows to continuously clear the solids discharge area. All bearings fitted to the GNLW363 centrifuge are SKF premium brand bearings for longer life time and reliable operation.

There are many centrifugal pumps in the shipment. Compared with other Chinese pump suppliers, GN Solids Control centrifugal pump is with below advantages:
1) GN centrifugal pumps are fully interchangeable with a popular old brand. All the sizes and spare parts are all interchangeable. It helps clients to replace the pump easy. And it also helps clients to source and stock spare parts easily.
2) GN centrifugal pump casing and pump impeller are made from hard ductile alloy. The higher standard material increase abrasion resistant capability of GN pump compared to competitors pump.
3) All bearings of GN centrifugal pumps are from top brand for reliable performance.
4) The skid for holding the pump and motor is made from casting instead of welding to provide reliable operation and less vibration in a result to extend the pump and motor life.

Besides centrifugal pump, GN Solids Control makes other kinds of pumps for various applications. Below are some of GN made pumps:
1) Solids and sludge transfer vacuum pump
2) Submersible slurry pump
3) Mud shearing and mixing pump

This week, a batch of solids control equipment was dispatched from GN Solids Control. The equipment will be used in Chinese rig site for a drilling rig mud circulation system.

It is a set of full package solids control mud processing equipment including below equipment:
1) 2 sets of linear motion shale shaker: GNZS703F. It is a 3-panel shale shaker for drilling mud pre-separation.
2) 1 set of desander mud cleaner, model GNZS752F-2S. The desander mud cleaner is equipped with a big under flow shale shaker the same model with first stage solids control shale shaker. It is easy for clients to stock spare parts and replacement screens for both shale shaker and mud cleaner.
3) 1 set of Desilter mud cleaner, model GNZS752F-12N. The desilter mud cleaner is equipped with the same under flow shale shaker with first stage solids control shale shaker and desander mud cleaner.
4) 2 sets of Decanter centrifuge, model GNLW452. It is a economic standard middle speed decanter centrifuge for barite recovery.
5) 2 sets of mud tanks.
6) 1 package of jet mud mixing system.

Besides the mentioned equipment, GN Solids Control is also capable to make drilling mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump which are fully interchangeable with international popular brand, other VFD centrifuges, FHD decanter centrifuge, Vertical cuttings dryer, high G dryer, screw conveyor, and various model replacement shaker screens for different brand shaker models.

GN VFD decanter centrifuge is with advantages for self-protection and smart control.
The LPC program of GN hydraulic centrifuge is with below self-protection functions:
The start/stop of the hydraulic centrifuge and the start /stop of the centrifuge feed pump are logical connected for protection.
1. After start the centrifuge, only after the centrifuge bowl achieve the preset speed and running for some seconds, the feeding pump can be started for feeding mud.
2. When the decanter centrifuge is stopped, feeding pump cannot be started.
3. During the centrifuge running, the centrifuge will not be cut off if directly press the centrifuge stop button. Only by pressing the stop button of the feeding pump and stop the feeding pump, and then the centrifuge can be powered off.

Vertical cuttings dryer is a major separation machine for oil base mud drilling cuttings treatment. The VG dryer is used to further treat and recover drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, and in some cases, the cuttings from mud cleaner. The Vertical cuttings dryer cannot be used to treat drilling cuttings discharged from decanter centrifuge. As the solids discharged from decanter centrifuge is something like soil. The vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with screen basket with bigger opening like 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5 mm. The centrifuge discharge is too fine. They will all pass the VG dryer screen basket. There are nothing can be recovered.

The control panel of the vertical cutting dryer must have connection between the main drive motor and the oil pump. So that when the main drive motor is turned on before the oil pump, it cannot be started. If there were not connections between the main drive motor and the oil pump, the VG dryer main motor can be started before or after the oil pump running, there may be no lubrication oil for cooling down while the main drive motor is running. It will make damage to the vertical cuttings dryer. The situation must be taken into consideration because this situation may be lead to damage the bearing or rotor due to Stopped or failure oil pump or leakage or drop of oil pressure .

These situation is abnormal, because according to the operating procedures must be start on the oil pump in the first until the oil pressure reaches 15-25 psi, after 5 minutes of running the oil pump go to start on the main drive to ensure that oil reached to all rotating parts , bearing .

Where is supposed if happened any drop in oil pressure or failure in oil pump the main drive shut off before happens any failure in bearing or rotor. ( for protection the unit)

2019 ADIPEC petroleum exhibition is coming on 11-14 November 2019 in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. ADIPEC is the largest petroleum exhibition in middleeast. It is also one of the largest petroleum exhibitions in the world. Most of the petroleum related companies in middle east, Affrica, Europe South America, North America, and Asia will come for the big events.

Below is the equipment GN Solids Control will take for the ADIPEC oil show. Visitors can check GN products quality on the booth and talk more details with GN engineers and sales team.

1) 9 inch mini decanter centrifuge
It is the smallest decanter centrifuge model made by GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control also makes popular size 14 inch and big bowl centrifuge 18 inch, 22 inch and the huge bowl centrifuge 30 inch.

2) Screen vacuum unit c/w with shale shaker
Screen vacuum unit is used together with shale shaker. The unit is fixed underneath the first screen of shaker deck. Screen vacuum technology is new technology that few company can make. It is GN Solids Control new products launched last year in 2018. If clients have interest, they can ask for more information. Clients can also visit GN website to check the jobsite video.

3) Solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump.
The vacuum pumps has wide application in oil field. GN Solids Control has 3 sizes vacuum pumps. The smallest pump can be used for cuttings/sludge transfer and use as a vacuum cleaner.
The vacuum pump can be used for long distance cuttings transfer, and then feed to cutting skips.

There are 2 feeding design from vacuum pump to skips:
a. The Rotaring feeder can be controlled by sensors, while a skip is full, it will feed to another skip.
b. The Triple skip station is controlled by valves.

4) Replacement screens for the popular shaker models

A batch of drilling mud shale shaker are ready for shipment. The shale shaker will be dispatched to Tianjin sea port for sailing to Indonesia client in the coming days.

Vibrating Shale shaker is one of the main processing equipment of drilling mud solid control system for oil and gas drilling rigs. It is a repeated order the Indonesia client giving to GN Solid Control. Before this order, the client is already has many GN Solids Control mud processing equipment running at his rig site. They are happy with GN Solids Control equipment performance and GN services, and repeated order to GN Solids Control once they got new projects and have demands for new mud processing equipment.

Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipment of mud purification and separation in the drilling mud system, its importance is self-evident. The performance of drilling mud solids control shale shaker will determine the mud purification performance of the whole solid control system to a great extent, and it is importance to the drilling activities.

Advantages of GN Solids Control shale shaker:
1) Patent design shale shaker deck angle jacking system. It can be adjusted while the shaker is working. The jacking system is mechanical deck angle adjustment with reliable performance.
2) Patent rubber sealing design for shale shaker deck and screen. It can project the shaker deck and extend shaker screen servicing time. And the insert type sealing rubber is easy for replacement. It is avoid to use bolts or screws.
3) Shale shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
4) Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck for High G force operation. The adjustable G force is up to 8 G.
5) Pretensioned composite frame shale shaker screen for better separation and longer lifetime. The wedge type screen fixing is for fast screen replacement.
6) Famous Brand Vibration Motors: CN EX, IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified for clients’ optional.
7) Electrical components of the control panel: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand
8) Flexible feeding type including Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed for different applications.


Shale shaker is the most popular separation equipment of drilling mud system, no matter for oil and gas drilling or for non-oil drilling field, like for piling, micro tunneling, CBM, water well drilling, mining, or other construction separation system.

Shaker deck angle is an importance factor to affect the shaker performance. The suitable shaker deck angle can ensure a better separation performance, can enlarge the mud handling capacity, and also it can enlarge the shaker screen lifetime. Per different mud condition and different mud flow, the shaker deck angle may be different to reach a better performance.

For different shaker brand, the shaker deck angle adjustment system design is different. GN Solids Control patent design shaker deck angle adjustment system is welcomed by operators.

The operators like GN Solids Design shaker deck angle adjustment system as below reasons:
1) GN Solids Control shale shaker deck angle can be adjusted during shaker running, while most other brand shakers have to be stopped before adjust the shaker deck angle. It can save time and simplify the operation.

2) GN Solids Control shale shakers utilize Synchronous deck angle regulation system.
It is Mechanical Deck an¬gle adjustable device which can working while shaker is working.
And the Synchronous deck angle regulation system can ensure both side angles changed at the same rate on matter operated from which side. While for other brand shakers, operators have to change the shaker deck angle from one side, and then change another side to the same degree. It takes longer time.

3) GN Solids Control utilizes Ratchet wrench to change the shaker deck angle. The Ratchet wrench is in the tool box on the shaker deck.

Another advance of GN Solids Control shale shaker is the sealing rubbers. GN Solids Control shaker deck sealing rubber is inset type. Compared with screw fixing type, it is reliable for working, and easy for maintenance and replaced.

This week, a batch of drilling waste management equipment is under running test before delivery. It is a full package of drilling waste management system for oil and gas drilling field. After proved qualified by the running test, the drilling waste management system will be packed and shipped to Russia client by international railway shipment. The drilling waste processing equipment for the Russia client will be used for treat oil based mud and oil based cuttings in their rig site.


Below is the major processing equipment included in the containerized drilling waste management systems:

1) Vertical cuttings dryer
Vertical cuttings dryer are the major processing equipment for oil based mud and oil based mud cuttings. It is an effective machine to recovery more valuable drilling mud. After VG dryer, the oil on the cuttings can be lower down to 3% ~ 5%.

2) High speed decanter centrifuge
It is 14 inch high speed decanter centrifuge in the cuttings drying system to using together with vertical cuttings dryer. As the drilling mud recovered from vertical cuttings dryer is too heavy to reuse. High speed decanter centrifuge will be used after it to remove ultrafine solids and reduce the mud weight.

3) Containerized dewater unit for chemical dosing
It is a 3-tank automatic chemical dosing system in the waste management system to help the centrifuge to remove ultrafine solids smaller than 2 microns. As the high speed decanter centrifuge is gravity separation equipment. It can only remove 90% solids above 2 micron. For the centrifuge itself it cannot remove ultrafine solids smaller than 2 microns.

All feeding pumps, connection pipelines, and control system inside the system for included for a turnkey solution.

Besides the mentioned drilling waste management equipment, GN Solids Control also make others waste management equipment, like screw conveyor, solids vacuum transfer pump, drill cuttings solidification unit, big bowl centrifuge 18inch, 22inch and 30inch, automatic tank cleaning system, oily sludge treatment system, etc…

Recently many new clients and old clients contact GN Solids Control to ask for information and request quotation for solids and sludge vacuum pump. GN Solids Control vacuum pump has a very wide application.

Only take the oil field for example, the vacuum pump can be used for oil tank cleaning, vessel tank cleaning, for oil base mud clear-up, for oily sludge suction and transfer, for transfer the drill cuttings from shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge (replace screw conveyor), etc…

Clients can visit GN website to check the job site working videos about the vacuum pump operation:

GN Solids Control has 3 sizes vacuum pump to suit for different applications.
1) GNSP-40B. It is the biggest model. It is skid mounted design. Max Capacity (m³/h) of the 40B pump is 40m³/h. But it is requested a big air consumption: 17m³/min (600CFM). If supplier air by air compressor, the air compressor power should be 90kw or 110kw.

2) GNSP-20B is a middle size. It is a portable design for fast movement. The max. capacity of the 20B pump is 20m³/h. The air consumption is smaller than 40B pump. It is 8m³/min (280CFM).
3) GNSP-10B is the smallest vacuum GN Solids Control made. The max. capacity of the 10B pump is 10m³/h. The air consumption is 4.3 m³/min (150CFM) 8m³/min (280CFM). It is easier to source.

For the middle size 20B and the small size 10B vacuum pump, the operation is the same. During the vacuum pump working, the suction and discharge process conduct alternatively as the setup time in automatic mode.

Other Material transfer applications of GN Solids Control vacuum pumps:
1) Hazardous waste suction and trasnfer
2) Barge holdings and vessel bottom clean out
3) Bulk tank and silo transfer of material
4) Sand; Course, fine, conventional and frac sand
5) Diatomaceous earth
6) Animal waste etc.

In order to know if the oily sludge and waste water is suitable for decanter centrifuge separation or not, the necessary test should be took to know the material situation.

But how should you do the test if you do not want to buy a big decanter centrifuge before you know if it suits your material or not? And you do not know which kind of decanter centrifuge model you should choose? If send the material to the centrifuge supplier for test, firstly, it request a certain quantity material in order to know the real performance, the shipment cost maybe high. Secondly, most hazardous material is prohibited to leave the storage job site. How should you do?

Lab test centrifuge is widely used in this situation. Operators can set up the rotating speed of lab centrifuge to find out the material situation. But unlike the real centrifuge, material after lab centrifuge is still in the same tube. How should you know the performance?

Below are the procedures of Lab test centrifuges processing for oil sludge or waste water may give you an idea:

Below are the procedures to test the sludge by lab centrifuge

1) Setup G force 1200G, Setup Separation time: 2 min. If the solids can significantly layered, and the liquid looks clear, it mean the sludge or waste water is very easy for centrifuge separation.

2) If there is not much difference after 1200G separation, setup G force to 2000G, setup separation time 2min. If the sludge or waste water can layered significantly at 2000G, it means the material suits for centrifuge separation.

3) If 2000G separation is not workable, increase the G force to 2500G by separating 2 min., if the oily sludge or waste water can settle down and the liquid looks clear, it means the material is a little bit difficult for centrifuge separation. But the centrifuge is still workable.

4) If the G force need to up to 3000G~4000G to make the solids settle down clearly, it means it is difficult for centrifuge separation, request high speed centrifuge.

5) If it is must be 4000G or above to make the solids settle down clearly and the liquid look clear, it means the material is very difficult for centrifuge separation, you will need to find other way as instead.