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With over 15 years of industry experience, GN Solids Control has cemented its reputation as a leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality solids control and waste management equipment, including replacement shaker screens. Following its recent participation in the Beijing CIPPE oil show, GN Solids Control garnered significant attention and engagement from a diverse array of clients hailing from various industries and countries.

The aftermath of the Beijing CIPPE oil show saw a notable influx of valuable customers visiting the GN Solids Control factory, either during the event itself or in its aftermath. This surge in interest underscores the trust and recognition GN Solids Control has earned over the years for its commitment to excellence and innovation.

At the exhibition, GN Solids Control proudly showcased its flagship products, providing clients with an immersive experience to inspect the quality firsthand and engage with knowledgeable GN sales engineers. The spotlight was on a range of key offerings, including transfer equipment like Solids Vacuum pumps and Screw conveyors, Decanter centrifuges featuring large bowls capable of both 2-phase and 3-phase separation, specialized Disc centrifuges for efficient 3-phase separation, a diverse selection of replacement screens compatible with various shaker models, Vertical cuttings dryers tailored for the effective treatment of oil-based mud cuttings, and Vacuum screen shale shakers designed to facilitate mud recovery processes.

Clients were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with GN Solids Control sales engineers, explore the manufacturing facilities firsthand by visiting the GN factory, and engage in constructive discussions regarding potential projects. GN Solids Control remains committed to providing expert guidance, showcasing its extensive product range, and fostering collaborative partnerships to address the unique needs and challenges of its clientele.

In conclusion, GN Solids Control’s participation in the Beijing CIPPE oil show served as a testament to its ongoing dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, further solidifying its position as a trusted industry leader in solids control and waste management solutions.

GN Solids Control, a renowned provider of drilling cuttings treatment systems, recently completed the construction of a cutting-edge system designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industry. This system, meticulously crafted by GN Solids Control, embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation, showcasing the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier solutions to its clientele.

The client, recognizing the superior quality of GN Solids Control’s equipment, dispatched an engineer for inspection and training sessions. The cornerstone of this cutting-edge system is the vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930G, a powerhouse capable of reducing oil content on cuttings to an impressive 5%. For clients seeking even lower oil content levels, the option to introduce chemicals before feeding cuttings into the vertical cutting dryer is available, demonstrating GN Solids Control’s flexibility in meeting diverse customer needs.

Following the operation of the vertical cuttings dryer, the fluids extracted are laden with fine soil particles, necessitating further treatment. To address this, a decanter centrifuge is employed to reduce the mud weight and facilitate reuse, underscoring GN Solids Control’s commitment to sustainable practices and efficient resource management.

Integral to the system’s functionality is the utilization of a high-performance NETZSCH pump of German origin, serving as both a flush pump for the vertical cuttings dryer and a feed pump for the decanter centrifuge. This choice reflects GN Solids Control’s dedication to incorporating top-tier components to ensure optimal system performance and reliability.

Moreover, the system features screw conveyors for both feeding cuttings into the vertical cuttings dryer and facilitating solids discharge, streamlining the operational processes and enhancing overall efficiency. Consolidating all the separation equipment, control systems, and the holding tank onto a single general skid further exemplifies GN Solids Control’s commitment to seamless integration and ease of operation.

In conclusion, GN Solids Control’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction shines through in the design and implementation of this cutting-edge drilling cuttings treatment system. By offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services, GN Solids Control continues to set the standard for excellence in solids and sludge transfer applications across diverse industries.

GN Solids Control has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully shipping two sets of state-of-the-art 1500HP drilling mud equipment to a valued client in Africa. This strategic delivery underscores GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the drilling industry.

At the heart of this shipment are 6 sets of shale shakers, each featuring the advanced GNZS594J model. Renowned for their efficacy in particle removal from drilling fluid, these shale shakers serve as the first line of defense in solids control. The inclusion of three shale shakers per rig ensures a robust capacity suitable for the high-powered 1500HP drilling rigs.

Following the shale shakers are 2 sets of mud cleaners, specifically the GNZJ594J-2S12N model, designed to elevate fluid purification processes. This combom-type shale shaker integrates 2 10-inch desander cones and 12 4-inch desilter cones, further enhancing the equipment’s efficiency in tackling various solid contaminants.

A total of 16 centrifugal pumps were also part of the shipment, serving critical roles as trop pumps, mixing pumps, and feeding pumps for both the desander and desilter components. These pumps contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of the drilling mud treatment process.

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, the shipment included 2 sets of GNLW452 decanter centrifuges. These robust decanter centrifuges play a pivotal role in efficiently separating diverse substances within the drilling mud, attesting to their capacity for handling substantial volumes.

The deployment of these high-performance products underscores GN Solids Control’s dedication to upholding the quality and integrity of drilling fluid, thereby improving overall drilling efficiency and safety. With a proven track record and the trust of a global customer base, GN Solids Control remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional solutions to the drilling industry. As the company continues to innovate and excel, stakeholders can anticipate more exciting updates and advancements in the near future.

GN Solids Control has recently concluded the manufacturing of an advanced system comprising a large bowl decanter centrifuge, specifically the GNLW654 model. This substantial centrifuge is outfitted with a cutting-edge variable frequency control cabinet, strategically placed alongside the centrifuge on an adjustable-height lifting frame. This integrated design allows for seamless coordination between the centrifuge and its control components. The dewatering centrifuge unit will be shipped to a South America client.

Notably, the centrifuge system is complemented by a sophisticated 6000-liter chemical dosing unit, which plays a crucial role as the central component in the dewatering system. The polymer mixing unit is meticulously engineered to facilitate efficient coagulation and flocculation processes, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the dewatering system.

One of the distinctive features of this centrifuge setup is its adaptability, owing to the adjustable-height lifting frame that accommodates both the centrifuge and the control cabinet. This design not only enhances operational convenience but also underscores the commitment to ergonomic and user-friendly solutions.

In terms of performance, the centrifuge feeding pump is German brand, NETZSCH. This choice reflects a dedication to quality and reliability, ensuring that the centrifuge operates at optimal levels and delivers consistent results.

This comprehensive system, comprising the GNLW654 centrifuge, variable frequency control cabinet, and the 6000-liter polymer mixing unit, stands out as a cornerstone in dewatering technology. Its robust design, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge components, positions it as a key player in industrial processes requiring efficient solids-liquid separation.

Except for the big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW654, the 6000L chemical mixing and dosing unit with holding skid and feeding pumps, GN Solids Control also supplied 2 mud tanks together along with the dewatering unit. The mud tanks are the same size as 20ft container for easy transportation.

In summary, GN Solids Control’s latest centrifuge system represents a synthesis of advanced engineering and functionality, promising enhanced performance and reliability for dewatering applications across various industries.

GN Separation, a prominent provider of solid-liquid separation equipment, has confirmed its participation in Dubai WETEX 2023, scheduled to take place from November 15th to 17th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This highly anticipated exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in wastewater treatment and sludge treatment, and GN Separation is set to present its cutting-edge equipment and technologies in this specialized field.

During the exhibition, GN Separation will feature its high-speed decanter centrifuge, the GNLW224, and the sludge and solids vacuum pump, the GNSP-10B. These state-of-the-art equipment solutions are widely employed in wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, and various other industry separation applications. Renowned for their high efficiency, stability, and reliability, these solutions are designed to assist customers in achieving superior treatment effects and realizing significant economic benefits.

Moreover, GN Separation’s dedicated technical team will be available at the exhibition to offer comprehensive technical support and tailored solutions to visitors. The team will address any inquiries and specific requirements raised by customers, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights and guidance from industry experts.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit GN Separation at Booth No. 6D13, Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Center from November 15th to 17th to explore the company’s innovative wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering solutions firsthand.

GN Separation, the sister brand of GN Solids Control, offers an extensive range of equipment solutions. In addition to the showcased GNLW224 small decanter centrifuge, the company has the capability to manufacture larger decanter centrifuges for 2-phase and 3-phase separation. These centrifuges are available in various bowl sizes, including 9 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches, and the largest bowl size of 30 inches, catering to diverse industrial requirements.

The GNSP-10B, the smallest vacuum pump for solids and sludge transfer, demonstrates GN Separation’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions across the spectrum of solid-liquid separation applications.

By participating in Dubai WETEX 2023, GN Separation reaffirms its dedication to advancing the industry and delivering exceptional solutions to address the evolving needs of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The company’s presence at the exhibition underscores its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and efficient wastewater management practices.

GN Solids Control, a leading provider of solids control equipment, has successfully completed the delivery of 10 sets of fully hydraulic drive centrifuges (FHD centrifuge) to a drilling mud service company in North Africa. This latest shipment highlights the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality machinery and equipment to its customers.

The fully hydraulic centrifuge is one of GN Solids Control’s flagship products, renowned for its reliable quality and stable performance. Equipped with a hydraulic system imported from Europe, and the gearbox is Rotodiff. These centrifuges are designed to effectively separate solid particles and liquids in oil drilling mud systems, thereby enhancing drilling efficiency and quality.

In addition to the hydraulic centrifuge, GN Solids Control also offers fixed speed centrifuges and VFD variable frequency centrifuges, GN Solids Control is specialize in separation equipment, include solids control equipment, industry decanter centrifuge, waste management equipment, and shaker screens. catering to the diverse needs of customers. The company provides centrifuges in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that clients can find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

GN Solids Control is confusing on delivering high-quality and high-performance machinery and equipment to its customers. The successful sale of 10 sets of fully hydraulic centrifuges to the North African market is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts and the recognition it has gained from its customers. Moving forward, GN Solids Control will continue to prioritize the “customer first” approach, introducing more high-quality products and providing customers with attentive services.

The company invites both new and existing customers to reach out for consultations, as GN Solids Control looks forward to establishing fruitful collaborations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, the company strives to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

As GN Solids Control completes another successful delivery, it reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the oil drilling industry. With its range of high-performance centrifuges and dedication to customer service, the company continues to make significant contributions to the efficiency and quality of drilling operations worldwide.

GN Solids Control will ask for pictures and / or videos of the raw waste sludge to design and implement the different phases of clients’ project for the waste management coming from the Oil & Gas sector.

GN Solids Control offers 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation treatment on oil base mud (OBM), oil sludge treatment solution, tank cleaning, vessel cleaning, etc…

The 2-phase separation treatment: It is for liquid and solids separation. Most clients only need to reduce the solids waste and recover the usable drilling fluids for reuse. In this situation, they will choose 2-phase separation system.
It is more popular and the process is relative easier. Oil base mud and water base mud is used for different drilling sections. The separation equipment for OBM and WBM is different. The major separation equipment for OBM cuttings is vertical cuttings dryer. It can reduce the oil on cuttings to 5% and less.

If for water base mud, high G drying shaker is used to reduce the liquid content.

After vertical cuttings dryer and High H drying shaker, decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids in the recovered fluids which comes from cuttings dryer with high content fine solids content. The purpose of the centrifuge application is to reduce the mud weight to make it suit for reused. After high speed centrifuge separation, the fluids will go back to solids control mud system for drilling activities. Some time, will use chemical dosing system for flocculation.

Another option is more complex, it is 3 phase separation: it means the separation of solids, water and oil. GN Solids Control have both 2-phase and 3-phase centrifuge. 3-phase centrifuge can only allow slurry with less than 3% solids contend. In this case, clients have to use 2-phase centrifuge before 3-phase centrifuge. But while treating the sludge with less ultra fine particles, clients can use 3-phase decanter centrifuge or disc centrifuge to separate oil and water.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes and various designs of oil sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system is customized per client’s job site situation and clients’ demands.

A full package of GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment has finished job site installation. Currently, GN Solids Control engineer is at the job site for commission, and offer training services to the job site operators.

The handling capacity of the GNOST-15B Oil Sludge separation system is 15m3/h, which is defined per the decanter centrifuge rather than the 1rst stage shale shaker. It means it is the not the raw material treatment capability. Decanter centrifuge is the last separation equipment, but its capacity is the smallest inside the system. Then we use the centrifuge capability to define the system.

It is a full function separation system including following treatment modular.
#1: Feeding pump modular. The vacuum pump is used to suck the oil sludge and transfer to the treatment equipment.
#2: Coarse shale shaker separation modular. There is a coarse shale shaker GNLMP1236 with coarse screens to remove the big particles.
#3: Crusher machine: It is used to crush large particles and rocks to help for the next stage separations.
#4: Pre-mixing and heating modular. There are 2 ea 20ft containerized mud tank to do the work.
#5: Fine screen separation shale shaker. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706 is used in this stage.
#6: Decanter centrifuge separation modular. Big bowl centrifuge GNLW553D-VFD is used in this stage. This process is for 2-phase separation.
#7: 3-phase centrifuge separation unit. It is equipped with disc centrifuge or 3-phase decanter centrifuge. For this project, it is GNSD-125 disc centrifuge.

And plus, there is a containerized chemical dosing unit in side the oil sludge separation system. It is suitable for both liquid and powder chemicals. It is equipped in the system to dosing chemicals for the whole process.

The ViST screen shale shaker is a vacuum screen shale shaker utilizing vacuum power. GN Solids Control specially designed it to treat drilling mud in oil and gas drilling. It is work together to recycle the drilling fluids and reduce the drilling waste.

GN Solids Control started to developing the Vacuum Screen Technology since 2017 and owned many pending patent design on it. With the feedback from different jobsites, GN Solids Control keeps updrading its design to make it mode it more stable, less maitenance, and more user friendly. Through the years’ running, GN Solids Control Vacuum Screen Technology proved to be very efficient for recycling drilling fluids.

Based on GN Solids Control standard shale shaker, there is a catch pan installed under the discharge side of the shaker deck. There is a suction pipe with a rubber hose connected to the bottom of the catch pan for collecting the recycled drilling mud. As the sucktion pipe and rubber hose to the catch pan is short in length, GN Solids Control offers extension suction pipe to connecting the shale shaker to the vacuum unit. After that, there are discharge hose from vacuum unit to mud tanks.

And GN Solids Control screen vacuum unit is driven by air, the will be air hose from air compressor or other air suppliers, and feed air for the vacuum screen unit. The compressed air from air compressor or the rig air supply is required to create suction on the last screen surface, pulling additional fluid off the cuttings. It can reduce the liquid on the cuttings by 30-50%.

There must be a set of catch pan with its suction pipe, suction rubber hose and extension rubber hose for connecting to the vacuum unit. If the vacuum screen unit is connecting to 2 shakers or 3 shakers, there must be 2 packages or 3 packages of catch pan with its hoses. One vacuum screen unit only need a rubber hose with its extend discharge hose to mud tanks. And with an air hose to the air compressor or to the rig air supplier.

GN Solids Control finished a package of Oily soil leaching solid-liquid separation system. The separation package is sold to customer in the Middle East for the contaminated soil treatment. The system is designed to treat the oily sludge and oily soil.

Below are the major separation modules included in the contaminated Soil Washing and Separation system:

Module 1: The vacuum transfer unit. There is a solids and sludge vacuum pump used for transferring the waste material from waste pit. The vacuum pump is a 100% air driven device, there is no electrical components. Hence, there is an air compressor to feed air for the vacuum pump. And there is an air tank equipped after the air compressor and before feeding air for vacuum pump.

Module 2: The pre-mixing and washing unit. There is a tank with heating pipes. The vacuum pump transfer oily sludge or oily soil into the tank. Water will be feed into the tank to dilute the sludge and oily soil. After this stage, there will be oil, water and sand mixture.

As the viscosity and density of oil sludge is normally high. It is very difficult or nearly impossible for separation. There is a heating system used for together with the heating pipes for heating the oily sludge. The most suitable temperature is 70℃ ~ 80℃, which is the most suitable temperature to keep the activity of chemicals.

Module 3: Coarse shake separation unit. The coarse shale shaker is to pre-separate the big particles and sands from the oily sludge. As the solids contents are very high. The big opening PU screens are used in the shaker for longer service time.

Module 4: The decanter centrifuge separation unit. It is used for liquid and solids separation.

Module 5: The 3-phase separation unit for oil, water and solids separation. 3-phase centrifuge are used in the unit.

Module 6: Chemical dosing module. Chemicals are used nearly in all process. There is a skid mounted chemical dosing unit in the system to supply chemicals.