CBM drilling

The HDD trenchless and pipe jacking mud treatment system produced by GN Solids Control has been successfully sold abroad and is widely used in trenchless projects.

GN Solids Control can design and produce mud treatment systems that meet working conditions according to customer needs and project conditions. As the main separation equipment, GN Solids Control’s shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and drill cuttings treatment systems have been highly recognized by customers inside and outside the cabinet. The mud treatment system produced by GN Solids Control has a wide range of applications.

In building foundation engineering, a large amount of mud will be generated during the construction of cast-in-place piles and underground continuous walls, and this type of mud needs to be treated urgently.

In tunnel engineering, whether it is the excavation of highway tunnels, railway tunnels, or subway tunnels, a large amount of mud will emerge, and the mud treatment system can ensure the smooth progress of construction and protection of the environment.

In the field of oil and gas drilling, a lot of mud will be generated during the drilling process. GN makes solids control equipment and system to separate useful drilling mud and reduce drilling waste emissions.

In the mining process, mining such as coal and metal mines will produce mud containing minerals and impurities. In order to meet environmental protection requirements and achieve resource recycling, it is essential to treat it.

In river dredging projects, the mud generated when cleaning river silt can be treated by the treatment system to reduce pollution to surrounding waters.

In geothermal resource development, the mud generated by drilling operations needs to be properly disposed of to ensure the smooth progress of the project and the surrounding environment is not affected.

In terms of horizontal directional drilling (HDD), in addition to the trenchless and jacking projects mentioned above, ordinary horizontal directional drilling projects also rely on mud treatment systems to ensure construction quality and environmental safety.
In environmental remediation projects, in the remediation of some contaminated sites, treating related contaminated mud can help reduce the spread of pollutants.

In a significant development, GN Solids Control has successfully delivered three sets of Desanding Plant and Mud Recycling System to clients in Asia for HDD field. This milestone project includes the deployment of two sets of GNMS-1500GPM desanding plant and one set of the GNMS-200 mud recycling system, specifically designed for applications in the trenchless industry.

As a professional manufacturer of mud treatment equipment, GN Solids Control offers a wide range of products, including various types of mud treatment equipment and systems. Their mud separation systems are among the company’s core products and boast high efficiency, stability, and safety.

Renowned for its expertise in manufacturing cutting-edge mud treatment equipment, GN Solids Control offers an extensive range of products, including a variety of mud treatment equipment and systems. The mud separation systems, a cornerstone of the company’s offerings, are recognized for their exceptional efficiency, stability, and commitment to safety standards.

The recently delivered GNMS-1500GPM and GNMS-200 systems represent large-scale mud treatment equipment tailored for substantial engineering projects. With processing capacities of up to 1500 and 200 gallons per minute, respectively, these systems underscore GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing solutions for the evolving needs of large-scale projects. The automation and reliability features of both systems contribute significantly to enhancing engineering efficiency and ensuring the highest quality standards.

This successful delivery not only signifies a breakthrough for GN Solids Control in the international market but also reaffirms the company’s leadership and robust capabilities in the field of mud treatment. The advanced technology incorporated into these systems positions GN Solids Control as a frontrunner in meeting the dynamic challenges of the mud treatment industry on a global scale.

As GN Solids Control continues to expand its footprint and make strides in delivering innovative solutions, this accomplishment strengthens its reputation as a trusted partner for clients seeking state-of-the-art mud separation systems. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction underscores its position as a key player in the global mud treatment equipment market.

GN Solids Control has successfully delivered an advanced HDD Mud Recycling System to a prominent drilling company in the Middle East. This achievement underscores GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the drilling mud industry. The system, a 2-tank configuration, is designed to efficiently manage drilling mud and ensure optimal performance during Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations, as well as other trenchless activities like Trenchless Boring Machine (TBM) projects, piling, and pipe jacking.

One of the key components of this system is the inclusion of a shale shaker, which plays a pivotal role in the initial phase of drilling mud processing. It effectively removes coarse particles and solids from the drilling mud, enhancing its longevity and performance. To further enhance the mud quality, GN Solids Control has integrated a combo-type mud cleaner, facilitating a 3-stage separation process. This step ensures that even finer particles are efficiently removed, resulting in mud that meets the stringent requirements of HDD operations.

To ensure a seamless workflow, the system is equipped with feeding pumps that efficiently transport the mud through various stages of the recycling process. A powerful mixing pump is also incorporated into the system, enabling the addition of necessary additives and chemicals to optimize the drilling mud’s properties. This comprehensive approach to mud management ensures that the drilling process remains efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, GN Solids Control has integrated an electric control system that oversees and regulates all aspects of the recycling system. This automation simplifies operation and allows for precise control over mud properties and system parameters, reducing the margin for error and enhancing overall productivity.

GN Solids Control’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for HDD and trenchless drilling operations demonstrates their expertise and commitment to the industry. With this newly delivered HDD Mud Recycling System, the Middle East drilling company can expect improved drilling performance, reduced environmental impact, and increased efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of their projects and their reputation in the industry.

GN Solids Control is the first Solids Control manufacturer from China with API Q1 management certificate. Currently, GN Solids Control quality control certificates includes but not limited to API Q1, HSE, ISO 14001-2015, OHSMS-ISO45001-2018, QMS, and so on.

GN Solids Control major products is solids control system and drilling waste management as well as oily sludge separation system for oil and gas drilling field. And plus, GN Solids Control makes compact mud recycling system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), CBM drilling, TBM Drilling, water well drilling, And also GN Solids Control makes various sides of desanding plant for tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, etc…

With regarding to trenchless field, such as tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, normally clients do not have high standard on the separation result, hence standard system is accepted by most clients. GN Solids Control makes standard desanding plant from the small size 200GPM, middle size 500GPM, and big size mud system 1000GPM. And also GN Solids Control makes big capacity slurry separation plant up to 360 m³/h, 5000 m³/h, 1000 m³/h, 2000 m³/h and up to 3000 m³/h. Clients can also choose more than 1 set of desanding plant and slurry separation plant to combined for a large handling capacity.

This month, GN Solids Control makes some desanding plant for some overseas projects. One set of desanding plant is middle size 500 GPM. The model of the unit is GNMS-500D. The desanding plant is customized with client’s color. GN Solids Control can also make customized logo and branding for GN system and equipment or clients’ order request. The GNMS-500 mud cleaning system will be exported to Sounth America for HDD projects.

Another system is GNMS1000D. It is a 1000 GPM capacity mud cleaning system. The model of GNMS-***D series mud desanding plant are very compact on design. It is one-skid and with the shaker and hydraucyclone separators. Feeding pump for hydro cyclone is inbuilt in the desanding plant for easy movement. The GNMS1000D mud system will be exported to Singapore for pipe jacking projects.

GN Solids Control can design and make various type of mud cleaning system to suit for various applications.

Drilling mud solids control system for Oil and gas drilling is the multi-tank mud system, like Silting mud tank ( Shaker Tanks), Active Mud Tank, Suction Mud Tank, Mixing Mud Tank, Storage Mud Tank. GN Solids Control can offer complete turn key solution. Drilling mud solids control system is also called solids control system, or mud circulation system for the oil gas drilling rigs. GN Solids Control makes oil drilling mud system available for different oil drilling rig sizes from small rig 250HP to deep drilling rigs up to 3000 HP with various capacity.

GN Solids Control can design and manufacture hydrovac slurry processing system, which is also called as Slurry Dewatering System, in some countries, like in U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, it can also called as hydrovac slurry waste treatment or waste slurry management system.

GN Solids Control can design and manufacture Mud Recycling System for water well drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and CBM drilling rig.

GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Mud Equipment / HDD Mud Recycling System. GN Solids Control drilling mud recycling system has been applied in many countries for HDD and CBM drilling operation. Especially popular in Singapore, Indonesia, India etc. GN Solids Control can offer Self-Contained Mud Recycling System with model as below: GNMS-200B for 200GPM capacity, GNMS-400B for 400GPM capacity, GNMS-600B for 600GPM capacity, GNMS-800B for 800GPM capacity.

GN Solids Control can design and manufacture efficient TBM slurry separation plant. It is the basis for the successful use of slurry-supported tunnel boring machines(TBM). GN Solids Control Slurry separation plant is popular for project of AVN Machines, Mix shields  or Shaft Sinking Machines . GN Solids Control use double deck shale shakers, desander desilter separators, as well as decanter centrifuges to separate and remove the excavated solids from the bentonite suspension.

GN Solids Control Desanding unit provide economic solution to treat the dirty mud generated from trenchless projects, like Bored Piling Slurry desanding, TBM slurry treatment, HDD mud recycling, as well as water well drilling mud treatment, and so on.

This week, GN Solids Control finished 4 packages mud cleaning unit for an Asia client. The mud cleaning units will be used for desanding at trenchless and pipe jacking projects. There are 2 models included in the 4 packages mud cleaning unit.

There are 2 packages of GNMS-1500D desanding plan. The handling capacity of the GNMS-1500D unit is up to 1500GPM. The major separation equipment is double coarse shale shaker GNZS707, which is a double deck shale shaker for coarse solids separation. After pre-separation shale shaker, there are number 2 desander cone with size 16 inch for big flow mud treatment.

Another 2 packages desanding unit is smaller capacity, the model is GNMS-1000D. The handling capacity is 1000GPM. The pre-separation shale shaker model is GNZS705. After shale shaker, the desander cone size is 10 inch with quantity 2.

GN Solids Control utilize high quality PU material desander cones for longer lifetime. The separation shake screen is made by 100% PU or by steel with big opening. Clients choose the right screen opening to reach the separation result.

Besides the 1000GPM and 15000GPM mud desanding plant, GN Solids Control is capable to make other smaller size and bigger size mud recycling and desanding unit, it includes but not limited to below models:

Some small Desanding Plants designed and made by GN Solids Control:
Desanding Plant model GNMS-200D, the design Capacity is 200GPM, 50m³/h.
Desanding Plant model GNMS-500D, the design Capacity is 500GPM, 120m³/h.
Desanding Plant model GNMS-1000D, the design Capacity is 1000GPM, 240m³/h.

Some big Desanding Plants designed and made by GN Solids Control:
Desanding Plant model GNMS-360M, the design Capacity is 360 m³/h
Desanding Plant model GNMS-500M, the design Capacity is 5000 m³/h
Desanding Plant model GNMS-1000M, the design Capacity is 1000 m³/h
Desanding Plant model GNMS-2000M, the design Capacity is 2000 m³/h
Desanding Plant model GNMS-3000M, the design Capacity is 3000 m³/h

GN Solids Control make small footprint solids removal unit (SRU) for diamond drilling and mining industries. solids removal unit (SRU) can help to separate the liquid and solids in the slurry waste generated from such mentioned drilling activities. After the shale shaker and centrifuge separation, the dry solids waste is with little water content, the volume is much smaller than the original waste. And it is easy for transport. And the solids waste can be used as construction material. The recovered liquid phase is with less solids, it can be reused for drilling and mud mixing.

Besides the shale shaker and decanter centrifuge separation, GN Solids Control equipped a small size mixing hopper with a mixing pump to prepare qualified new drilling mud to support a continue diamond drilling and mining activity.

The dirty drilling mud from drilling collar is first collected in a mud storage tank. There is a submersible slurry pump allocated on the storage tank to feed the dirty mud to shale shaker for coarse solids separation. The shale shaker is the 1st stage separation. GNZS752 shale shaker is used in the process. It is a min size shale shaker with single deck and 2 screen panels.

The coarse solids will be screened and discharged from the small shale shaker, the liquid phase will pass the screens and fall down into the #1 sand trap of the mud tank. And then there is a screw pump will suck the liquid from sand trap and feed to high speed decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation.

The replacement screens on the mini size shale shaker GNZS752 is fine in order to remove more solids phase, and to maximum reduce the mud weight. And it is to ensure that, after the shale shaker separation, the recovered liquid phase is qualified for decanter centrifuge separation. After centrifuge separation, the clean liquid will flow to the 2# centrifuge tank.
The mixing pump is capacity to suck the drilling mud from #1 sand trap and #2 centrifuge tank, with the power adding from the mixing hopper, the qualified new drilling mud will be send back to the tank compartment and waiting for sending back to rig via s supercharge pump.

Besides the 9 inch mini size decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control is capacity to make other big sizes for various application, it includes but not limited to drilling mud solids control system, waste water dewatering system, oil sludge separation system, and drilling waste management system, etc…

During the 1st snowing day of the winter, GN Solids Control workers keep working. The well packed equipment were dispatched from GN Solids Control factory batch by batch.

A full package of GNTBM-360 Slurry Separation Plant was shipped to the nearest seaport. Handling capacity of the system is up to 360m3/h.It will sail for a pipe jacking engineering company. GNTBM-360 is a compact design Slurry Separation Plant with small footprint. Although the design of GN seperation plant is very compact, there are 3-stage solids control separation equipment included in the unit. It can be used by tunnel boring machines(TBM), piling, pipe jacking, etc…

There is a coarse separation shale shaker equipment in the GNTBM-360 Slurry Separation Plant for the pre-separation. After that, recovered drilling mud will be fed to a double deck mud cleaner for bottom deck shaker separation. And then drilling mud can be pumped to desander cyclone and desilter cyclones for the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage separation.

Heavy duty slurry pumps are used in GN slurry separation plant to feed dirty mud to shale shakers. And than centrifugal pump, also called as sand pumps are used for desander and desilter feeding. In case of decanter centrifuge is applied for fine solids separation, submersible slurry pump or screw pump can be used for mud feeding.

The GN Solids Control Slurry separation unit is popular for project of AVN Machines , Mix shields  or Shaft Sinking Machines. GN Solids Control utilize shale shakers, desander, desilter, as well as decanter centrifuges to process liquid and solids separate, and remove the excavated solids from the bentonite suspension – a mixture of water and thixotropic clay. The cleaned fluid is then transferred back to the slurry circulation.

Besides the GNTBM-360 for 360m3/h capacity, GN Solids Control can make Small Size:GNTBM-120M (120m³/h), GNTBM-240M (240m³/h),GNTBM-360M (360m³/h), GNTBM-500M( 500m³/h)

Big Size: GNTBM-900M (900m³/h), GNTBM-1200M(1200m³/h), GNTBM-1400M (1400m³/h), GNTBM-2000M (2000m³/h), GNTBM-2800M (2800m³/h), GNTBM-3600M(3600m³/h)


This week, GN Solids Control finished some Drilling Mud Treatment system for overseas engineering service companies.

One of the drilling mud treatment system is a GNMS-500D Desander Unit. It is also called as desanding plant. The handling capacity of the GNMS-500D desanding unit is 500GPM. It is equipped with a combo type double deck shale shaker. Feeding pump and electrical control system are included in the the system for turn key solution.

GN Solids Control Desanding Plant is the economic way for the no-dig mud recycling. It is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant, micro tunneling sand treatment, TBM slurry treatment, HDD (trenchless) as well as water well drilling etc.

Other drilling mud treatment system is GNLW224ET-VFD Decanter Centrifuge Unit. The 9 Inch Decanter Centrifuge is a Mini centrifuge with small size for industrial application. GNLW224ET-VFD is a small size Decanter Centrifuge. The Bowl Diameter is 220mm (9 inch) and he bowl length is up tp 924mm (36.4 inch). The bowl diameter and length ratio is up to 4.

The fine solids removal unit includes a 9 inch bowl baby centrifuge for fine solids separation. The mini decanter centrifuge and the Centrifuge feeding pump are all located on a holding tank. There is a VFD control panel also located on the same tank to offer control to the whole system. With the VFD control panel, the typical speed of the 9 inch decanter centrifuge is adjustable from 1 to 4500RPM.

The bowl of the centrifuge is 9 inch (220mm). As the compact design, it’s popular for client to use it in small capacity or limited space application for solids and liquid separation. The 9 inch decanter centrifuge is also considered to be the ideal choice for experiment testing with decanter centrifuge. GN 9 inch decanter centrifuge is optional in three types includes: fixed gear box drive, fully hydraulic drive, and variable frequency drive.

A customized drilling mud processing system is is ready for shipment at GN Solids Control Beijing factory. It mud cleaning system is composted of a mud cleaner, a mixing hopper, and a centrifugal pump for mud mixing and transfer.
The drilling mud cleaning and mixing system is designed and made by client’s request to suit his drilling mud situation. Normally, mud cleaner is equipped after a pre-seperation shale shaker. But in this mud cleaning system, the first separation equipment is mud cleaner.

Drilling Mud Cleaner

Drilling Mud Cleaner

The reason why the client do not use shale shaker is that, they said the solids content in the mud is not much high. And mostly are fine solids. In this case, the drilling mud can be separated by mud cleaner directly. It is to save cost. As once the shale shaker is running, clients need to replace shaker screen periodically. It is a continue cost for operation. While delete the shale shaker, the system can meet client’s request. It can save the cost of shale shaker, and furthermore, the can reduce wearing spare parts shaker screen cost.

But if the solids content is high, or the particle side is big, which is over the hydracyclone separation point and its mud handing capacity, it is better to use a shale shaker before the mud cleaner. At one hand, the shale shaker can reduce the flow rate which feed to the mud cleaner. At another hand, after the shale shaker separation, the solids content will be reduced, and the big size particle are total removed based on the shaker screen API size and cut point. It can increase the hydraucyclone separation efficient, and also to avoid the fast wear out the hydraucyclones. 10 inch desander cone and 4 inch desilter cone are the most popular cyclone sizes used for drilling fluids separation system. Operator can choose the to use only desander cone or desilter cone, or both based on the mud condition and their budgetary. Desander and / or desilter cone quality depends on the handling capacity of the whole system.

Drilling Mud Centrifuge

Drilling Mud Centrifuge

Feeding pump for mud cleaner is centrifugal pump. The centrifugal feed pump is located on tank slope for compact design and for maximize the total tank usable volume.

After the mud recycling and mixing system, a drilling mud decanter centrifuge is used for fine solids separation. As there will be more and more fine and ultra fine solids after some circulation of the system. Decanter centrifuge will be used to reduce the mud weight.