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Recently, GN Solids Control was delivered batch of high-quality solid vacuum pumps and solids control equipment. The equipment was delivered to a drilling company in Asia. These cutting-edge pieces of equipment are designed to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and productivity.

The shipment included some sets of portable mud vacuum pump, as well as a range of advanced solid control equipment, such as solids control shale shaker, centrifdugal pumps, and mud agitators.

The solids and sludge vacuum pumps for this project is portable model with dual functions. It can be used to suck and transfer solids, slurry, liquid, drilling mud and drilling cuttings. And while changing for another set of suction pipeline packages, it can be used a mud vacuum cleaner for oil and gas drilling field to clean the spilled mud on mud tanks. A solid vacuum pump is a powerful pump that is engineered to handle solid particles, separating them from liquids, and transporting them to a designated location.

The shale shaker is linear motion to treat drilling fluids in mud system, to separate particles based on size to ensure efficient processing. The centrifugal pumps are robust pumps designed to transport sand-like particles from one location to another. It is wide used in mud system as feeding pump for desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, as well as used as suction pump and mixing pump.

The Mud agitators are mixing devices that ensure the uniform distribution of solid particles in liquids, enhancing processing results.

These state-of-the-art devices are integral components of a solids control system, which works cohesively to manage and transport solid particles. GN Solids Control is a reputable manufacturer of solids control equipment, renowned for their superior quality, high performance, and reliability. The delivered equipment will provide the Asian drilling company with a robust solution, enabling them to optimize production processes and reduce costs.

GN Solids Control, a leading provider of solids control equipment, has successfully completed the delivery of 10 sets of fully hydraulic drive centrifuges (FHD centrifuge) to a drilling mud service company in North Africa. This latest shipment highlights the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality machinery and equipment to its customers.

The fully hydraulic centrifuge is one of GN Solids Control’s flagship products, renowned for its reliable quality and stable performance. Equipped with a hydraulic system imported from Europe, and the gearbox is Rotodiff. These centrifuges are designed to effectively separate solid particles and liquids in oil drilling mud systems, thereby enhancing drilling efficiency and quality.

In addition to the hydraulic centrifuge, GN Solids Control also offers fixed speed centrifuges and VFD variable frequency centrifuges, GN Solids Control is specialize in separation equipment, include solids control equipment, industry decanter centrifuge, waste management equipment, and shaker screens. catering to the diverse needs of customers. The company provides centrifuges in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that clients can find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

GN Solids Control is confusing on delivering high-quality and high-performance machinery and equipment to its customers. The successful sale of 10 sets of fully hydraulic centrifuges to the North African market is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts and the recognition it has gained from its customers. Moving forward, GN Solids Control will continue to prioritize the “customer first” approach, introducing more high-quality products and providing customers with attentive services.

The company invites both new and existing customers to reach out for consultations, as GN Solids Control looks forward to establishing fruitful collaborations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence, the company strives to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

As GN Solids Control completes another successful delivery, it reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the oil drilling industry. With its range of high-performance centrifuges and dedication to customer service, the company continues to make significant contributions to the efficiency and quality of drilling operations worldwide.

Drilling mud pump and water pump are both centrifugal type pump. They are widely used in drilling mud system with different designs and functions.

Drilling Mud Centrifugal Pump is indispensable components within the realm of oil and gas drilling, as well as other specialized drilling endeavors like geothermal drilling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD drilling). Their primary objective is to circulate drilling mud, or drilling fluid, throughout the borehole during drilling operations. This circulation serves several pivotal functions:

Cuttings Removal mud pump: As drilling progresses, it generates rock cuttings and debris. Drilling mud pumps are instrumental in conveying these cuttings to the surface, ensuring borehole clarity and the overall efficiency of drilling operations.

Wellbore Stability mud pump: Drilling mud also plays a critical role in preserving wellbore stability. It exerts pressure on the surrounding formations, counteracting formation pressure and averting potential blowouts.

Water pumps are versatile devices used across an array of applications where the transfer of water is essential. Their designs and functions are tailored to meet diverse needs:

Irrigation: Water pumps are pivotal in agriculture, supplying a consistent water source to fields and crops, fostering optimal growth and yields.

Residential and Commercial Water Supply: In both urban and rural settings, water pumps deliver potable water to homes, businesses, and communities, often drawing from wells, reservoirs, or municipal sources.

Industrial Processes: Industries rely on water pumps for cooling, heating, and material handling purposes. They are integral in manufacturing, power generation, and chemical processes.

Firefighting: High-capacity water pumps are employed by fire departments to dispense copious amounts of water for firefighting operations, effectively combatting fires.

In essence, while drilling mud pumps and water pumps share the commonality of being vital components in their respective domains, their design and functionality are finely tuned to serve their distinct purposes. Drilling mud pumps are specialized for the drilling industry, ensuring the efficiency of drilling operations and the stability of wellbores. In contrast, water pumps find utility in a wide spectrum of applications where water movement is imperative, spanning agriculture, firefighting, residential and commercial water supply, and various industrial processes.

GN Solids Control has successfully delivered an advanced HDD Mud Recycling System to a prominent drilling company in the Middle East. This achievement underscores GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the drilling mud industry. The system, a 2-tank configuration, is designed to efficiently manage drilling mud and ensure optimal performance during Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operations, as well as other trenchless activities like Trenchless Boring Machine (TBM) projects, piling, and pipe jacking.

One of the key components of this system is the inclusion of a shale shaker, which plays a pivotal role in the initial phase of drilling mud processing. It effectively removes coarse particles and solids from the drilling mud, enhancing its longevity and performance. To further enhance the mud quality, GN Solids Control has integrated a combo-type mud cleaner, facilitating a 3-stage separation process. This step ensures that even finer particles are efficiently removed, resulting in mud that meets the stringent requirements of HDD operations.

To ensure a seamless workflow, the system is equipped with feeding pumps that efficiently transport the mud through various stages of the recycling process. A powerful mixing pump is also incorporated into the system, enabling the addition of necessary additives and chemicals to optimize the drilling mud’s properties. This comprehensive approach to mud management ensures that the drilling process remains efficient and cost-effective.

Moreover, GN Solids Control has integrated an electric control system that oversees and regulates all aspects of the recycling system. This automation simplifies operation and allows for precise control over mud properties and system parameters, reducing the margin for error and enhancing overall productivity.

GN Solids Control’s dedication to providing tailored solutions for HDD and trenchless drilling operations demonstrates their expertise and commitment to the industry. With this newly delivered HDD Mud Recycling System, the Middle East drilling company can expect improved drilling performance, reduced environmental impact, and increased efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of their projects and their reputation in the industry.

The traditional drilling mud solids control equipment includes shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, etc…Each of them has a certain cut point (separation point). They are selected and used based on their cut point.

Solids control shale shaker is the basic and pre-separation equipment of drilling mud system. Its cut point is up to the screen opening utilizing on the unit. In order to make sure the accurate and correct separation result, API RP13 complied screens are requested to used in the drilling mud shale shaker. It means all API RP13C screens with the same API size from various screens manufacturers are all interchangeable. They can all reach the same cut point.

But for various screen suppliers, their screen quality and the mud flow rate varies based on the materials and the designations. There are API screens with sizes from PI 10 to API 325, the cut points is from 2mm to 40 microns. The finer the API size, the less the mud flow rate.

Screen shale shaker is the D100 separator. It means 100% particles above the cut point will be removed.

10 inch hydro cyclones are the post popular used in oil and gas drilling for desander. It is also called as desander cone. Its separation point is 47 microns. In some cases, 12 inch hydro cyclones are used for bigger mud handling capacity.

4 inch hydro cyclones are the post popular used in oil and gas drilling for desilter. It is also called as desilter cone. Its separation point is 25 microns. In some cases, 5 inch hydro cyclones are used for bigger mud handling capacity. The smaller size 2inch desilter cone were used in some special drilling waste management situations.

Hydro cyclones are not D100 separator. Hence the underflow shale shaker is suggested to used under the hydro cyclones to further clean the solids discharge from them.

Decanter centrifuge is a high standard and precision separator. Its cut point can up to 2 ~ 5 microns. It is used to reduce the mud weight.

GN Solids Control is the first Solids Control manufacturer from China with API Q1 management certificate. Currently, GN Solids Control quality control certificates includes but not limited to API Q1, HSE, ISO 14001-2015, OHSMS-ISO45001-2018, QMS, and so on.

GN Solids Control major products is solids control system and drilling waste management as well as oily sludge separation system for oil and gas drilling field. And plus, GN Solids Control makes compact mud recycling system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), CBM drilling, TBM Drilling, water well drilling, And also GN Solids Control makes various sides of desanding plant for tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, etc…

With regarding to trenchless field, such as tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, normally clients do not have high standard on the separation result, hence standard system is accepted by most clients. GN Solids Control makes standard desanding plant from the small size 200GPM, middle size 500GPM, and big size mud system 1000GPM. And also GN Solids Control makes big capacity slurry separation plant up to 360 m³/h, 5000 m³/h, 1000 m³/h, 2000 m³/h and up to 3000 m³/h. Clients can also choose more than 1 set of desanding plant and slurry separation plant to combined for a large handling capacity.

This month, GN Solids Control makes some desanding plant for some overseas projects. One set of desanding plant is middle size 500 GPM. The model of the unit is GNMS-500D. The desanding plant is customized with client’s color. GN Solids Control can also make customized logo and branding for GN system and equipment or clients’ order request. The GNMS-500 mud cleaning system will be exported to Sounth America for HDD projects.

Another system is GNMS1000D. It is a 1000 GPM capacity mud cleaning system. The model of GNMS-***D series mud desanding plant are very compact on design. It is one-skid and with the shaker and hydraucyclone separators. Feeding pump for hydro cyclone is inbuilt in the desanding plant for easy movement. The GNMS1000D mud system will be exported to Singapore for pipe jacking projects.

Drilling mud Vacuum degasser is a specialized equipment used to treat gas immersed drilling fluid. GN Solids Control makes 1200GPM vacuum degasser and 1500GPM vacuum degasser. It is widely used in various jobsites, like in USA, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Saudi, etc…

Drilling mud Vacuum degasser is used after shale shaker, and before hydro cyclone separators, includes mud cleaner, desander and desilter.

Vacuum degasser is the most popular degasser type in oil and gas drilling. Besides vacuum degaaser, GN Solids Control also makes centrifugal degasser. The centrifugal degasser is vertical type with a small footprint. In some areas and countries, centrifugal pump is specially requested.

GN Solids Control Drilling mud vacuum degasser is mainly designed and used for oil and gas drilling. It can suit for various mud systems, like for workover mud system, deep drilling mud system, developing rig mud system, especially for high temperature and high pressure mud system.

Drilling mud vacuum degasser plays an important role in restoring the mud’s specific gravity, stabilizing the mud’s viscosity performance, and reducing drilling costs. At the same time, GN Solids Control vacuum degasser can also be used as a high-power mixer.

Another advantage of GN Solids Control vacuum degasser is that, it is self suction type device, operators do not need to prepare another feeding pump. It save power and save space on the mud system. The major components of GN Solids Control drilling mud Vacuum degasser is vacuum tank which is installed on the base, a vacuum pump, water-gas separator, explosion proof control panel, explosion proof driven motor.

Besides vacuum degasser, GN Solids Control make full line drilling mud solids control equipment, includes but not limited to shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, drilling mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump,shearing pump, mixing hopper, shearing hopper, jet mud mixer, etc…

April and March is the most business months for GN Solids Control. During the month, GN Solids Control with his branch brand GN Separation have been taken part in many exhibitions in China and aboard. The exhibitions are covering the separation applications of petrochemical field, mining separation, water treatment and environment projection. The worldwide famous exhibition includes the IE expo Shanghai China environmental show, the NEFTEGAZ Russia Oil Exhibition in Moscow, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, which is just ended right away.

GN Solids Control has a 100% owned branch company in Houston: GN Solids America. GN Solids America has big warehouse in Houston for fast delivery to the market. Till the year, GN Solids America is operating there over 10 years. It developed fast and the team is growing bigger and bigger.

Below is the major equipment GN has taken for OTC. Clients can check GN equipment on the booth, and chat with GN sales engineer. If they want to know more, they can also arrange a visit to GN Solids America office and warehouse in Houston.

1. The vacuum screen shaker. It is the combination of vacuum unit and shale shakers. The vacuum screen unit package can be used to replace the combination of solids control shale shaker plus drying shaker. Compared with drying shaker, GN vacuum screen unit is much less footprint, less maintenance. And plus, clients can save big cost on drying shaker screen consumption.

2. Decanter centrifuge. It is wide used for liquid and solids separation in drilling mud system, dewater system, slurry separation system, waste water treatment, etc… Many clients showed interests on it. It is the most hot sale production of GN.

3. Portable solids and sludge vacuum pump. It is a 100% air driven pump for harzardous areas, the advantage of the pump is allow big particles, and for long distance discharge which up to 500m / 1000m which is various per models.

4. Replacement shaker screen for drilling fluids shale shakers

If you have missed to meet GN in the past exhibitions, there is still other changes. Welcome you visit GN at CIPPE Beijing oil show at end of May, and the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi early Oct.

GN Solids Control Sludge Vacuum Pump is widely used for oil and gas drilling. There are many functions of the pump whiled used for different applications.

The GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump can be used to carry drilling waste and drilling cuttings from drilling mud system, and transfer to trucks or other separation device. As the vacuum pump is high pressure for suction and discharge, it is normally used together with drilling waste distributor stations for buffering and for discharge to next step process stage.

In the field of mud cleaning, as the tank size is huge in some cases, or the slurry is hazardous, which is not suits for human operation by entering the internal tank, GN Solids Control vacuum pump can be used to suck the hazardous waste from the huge tank, and transfer to the tank cleaning slurry waste treatment system. GN Solids Control can also offer the dewatering centrifuge packages, as well as the waste slurry separation system from tank cleaning. GN Solids Control offers different proposal and solutions to treat oily sludge and non-oily sludge.

Besides transfer, the GN Solids Control vacuum pump can also be used an a big industry cleaner to clean the spilled oil and mud on tank surface. Operators can choose auto-control and manual control on the vacuum pump control panel. Many oil company requests at least a vacuum cleaner for each rig mud system to clean the spilled mud and oil on tank surface.

While choose the Auto-control function, the vacuum pump will be suck material at the setup time, while the suck time is over, the vacuum device will then discharge at the setup time. The Auto-control is mainly used while it is used as a transfer device.

The manual control function is mainly used for vacuum cleaner. When the pump is power on, it can suck wastes, when the tank is full, as when operators want to discharge the waste, he presses the discharge bottom to empty the vacuum pump tank.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes and various designs of oil sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system is customized per client’s job site situation and clients’ demands.

A full package of GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment has finished job site installation. Currently, GN Solids Control engineer is at the job site for commission, and offer training services to the job site operators.

The handling capacity of the GNOST-15B Oil Sludge separation system is 15m3/h, which is defined per the decanter centrifuge rather than the 1rst stage shale shaker. It means it is the not the raw material treatment capability. Decanter centrifuge is the last separation equipment, but its capacity is the smallest inside the system. Then we use the centrifuge capability to define the system.

It is a full function separation system including following treatment modular.
#1: Feeding pump modular. The vacuum pump is used to suck the oil sludge and transfer to the treatment equipment.
#2: Coarse shale shaker separation modular. There is a coarse shale shaker GNLMP1236 with coarse screens to remove the big particles.
#3: Crusher machine: It is used to crush large particles and rocks to help for the next stage separations.
#4: Pre-mixing and heating modular. There are 2 ea 20ft containerized mud tank to do the work.
#5: Fine screen separation shale shaker. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706 is used in this stage.
#6: Decanter centrifuge separation modular. Big bowl centrifuge GNLW553D-VFD is used in this stage. This process is for 2-phase separation.
#7: 3-phase centrifuge separation unit. It is equipped with disc centrifuge or 3-phase decanter centrifuge. For this project, it is GNSD-125 disc centrifuge.

And plus, there is a containerized chemical dosing unit in side the oil sludge separation system. It is suitable for both liquid and powder chemicals. It is equipped in the system to dosing chemicals for the whole process.