dewatering unit

A number of sets of Fully Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuge (FHD centrifuge) have been specifically fabricated for customers in Asia. The centrifuge, hydraulic unit and the electrical control panel are all allocated on a crash frame. These centrifuges are destined to be utilized in offshore services. All FHD centrifuge units are designed and made to suit for DNV2.7-1 lifting requirement, and tested by CCSI (CHINA CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY INDUSTRY CORP.). There are lifting certificates for each centrifuge unit.

GN Solids Control FHD decanter centrifuge is equipped with a Viscotherm FHD system and a Rotodiff gear drive motor, which are designed to perform exceptionally well. The FHD centrifuge is engineered to be suitable for environments with a temperature of up to +55 degrees Celsius, ensuring its reliable operation in challenging conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for various offshore applications where high temperatures may be prevalent.

The lifting certificate guarantees that these centrifuges meet the necessary safety and compliance standards for handling and transportation. The combination of advanced features and certifications makes these FHD centrifuges a valuable asset for the Asian customers. They will play a crucial role in providing efficient and effective separation in the offshore drilling sector, helping to ensure smooth and successful operations. The specific design and capabilities of these centrifuges demonstrate a commitment to meeting the unique requirements of the Asian market and the demanding offshore environment, promising enhanced productivity and performance in the intended applications.

GN Solids Control will offer a additional pump control inside the centrifuge control panel. The feeding pump of the FHD decanter centrifuge can be start, stop and controlled on the centrifuge control panel. And plus, there are interlock program for the centrifuge and pump start and stop, to proven the decanter centrifuge from overload.

Besides FHD centrifuge, GN Solids Control also offers variable frequency drive control (VFD) centrifuge and fixed speed control centrifuge. GN Solids Control made VFD centrifuge is equipped with air-conditioner to suit for high temperature area. GN Solids Control makes centrifuges vaty from mini size 9 inch to large size big bowl 30 inch for various applications. Welcome to contact GN sales teams for more information.

Australia has more stringent product standards than Europe. GN Solids Control has many years of experience in providing solids control equipment and mud systems, liquid and solids separation equipment to Australia. A recent batch of high-speed water treatment decanter centrifuges that have just been delivered will be used in dewatering projects. According to customer requirements, ABB brand motors, bearing temperature sensors, and vibration sensors are selected, and IEC Ex explosion-proof standards are followed.

The high-speed water treatment decanter centrifuge delivered this time is a small size with a 9-inch bowl. GN Solids Control can also produce centrifuges of other sizes, with bowl sizes ranging from 9 inches to the conventional size 14 inches, big bowl 18 inches, 22 inches, and the huge bowl 30 inches.

The high-speed water treatment centrifuge is a key equipment in the dewatering project. Its excellent performance and high reliability ensure the efficient operation of the entire project. The use of ABB brand motors can provide stable power and ensure the smooth operation of the centrifuge. The bearing temperature sensor and vibration sensor can monitor the operating status of the centrifuge in real time, and detect and deal with potential problems in a timely manner, ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment.

In addition, following the IEC Ex explosion-proof standard, the high-speed water treatment centrifuge has better explosion-proof performance, which can meet the special requirements of some working environments. This not only ensures the safety of the equipment but also provides a more reliable guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.

GN Solids Control always pays attention to customer needs and is committed to providing high-quality products and services. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with more excellent solid-liquid separation solutions. Whether it is a small 9-inch bowl or a larger size, we can meet the needs of different customers and projects.

GN Solids Control has recently concluded the manufacturing of an advanced system comprising a large bowl decanter centrifuge, specifically the GNLW654 model. This substantial centrifuge is outfitted with a cutting-edge variable frequency control cabinet, strategically placed alongside the centrifuge on an adjustable-height lifting frame. This integrated design allows for seamless coordination between the centrifuge and its control components. The dewatering centrifuge unit will be shipped to a South America client.

Notably, the centrifuge system is complemented by a sophisticated 6000-liter chemical dosing unit, which plays a crucial role as the central component in the dewatering system. The polymer mixing unit is meticulously engineered to facilitate efficient coagulation and flocculation processes, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the dewatering system.

One of the distinctive features of this centrifuge setup is its adaptability, owing to the adjustable-height lifting frame that accommodates both the centrifuge and the control cabinet. This design not only enhances operational convenience but also underscores the commitment to ergonomic and user-friendly solutions.

In terms of performance, the centrifuge feeding pump is German brand, NETZSCH. This choice reflects a dedication to quality and reliability, ensuring that the centrifuge operates at optimal levels and delivers consistent results.

This comprehensive system, comprising the GNLW654 centrifuge, variable frequency control cabinet, and the 6000-liter polymer mixing unit, stands out as a cornerstone in dewatering technology. Its robust design, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge components, positions it as a key player in industrial processes requiring efficient solids-liquid separation.

Except for the big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW654, the 6000L chemical mixing and dosing unit with holding skid and feeding pumps, GN Solids Control also supplied 2 mud tanks together along with the dewatering unit. The mud tanks are the same size as 20ft container for easy transportation.

In summary, GN Solids Control’s latest centrifuge system represents a synthesis of advanced engineering and functionality, promising enhanced performance and reliability for dewatering applications across various industries.

GN Solids Control recently delivered a comprehensive Slurry Dewatering System to the construction industry in New Zealand. This system is designed to efficiently separate solid particles from slurry and provide effective dewatering solutions for construction projects. The imported equipment includes a range of high-performance components tailored for the specific needs of the construction industry.

The GNLMP1536 coarse separation shale shaker is a key component of the system, specifically designed for the mining industry. It utilizes durable PU screens to ensure a longer operational lifetime, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for coarse particle separation. In addition, the GNZJ706 double deck shale shaker offers a two-step separation process with coarse and fine screens, providing efficient and precise separation of solid particles from the slurry.

The system also incorporates the GNZJ594J-12N desilter mud cleaner, equipped with twelve 4-inch desilter cones for effective removal of fine particles from the slurry. Complementing these components is the GNLW553D big bowl decanter centrifuge, which plays a crucial role in dewatering treatment by efficiently separating solids from the slurry.

To enhance the dewatering process, a chemical mixing and dosing system has been integrated to work in synergy with the big bowl decanter centrifuge. This ensures the effective treatment and dewatering of the slurry, providing a comprehensive solution for the construction industry’s solid-liquid separation needs.

GN Solids Control is renowned for its full line of drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, and replacement shaker screens. Their commitment to high-quality, high-performance equipment makes them a trusted provider of solids control solutions for various industries, including construction and mining. The Slurry Dewatering System imported to New Zealand is expected to significantly contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of dewatering processes in the construction industry.

GN Separation, a prominent provider of solid-liquid separation equipment, has confirmed its participation in Dubai WETEX 2023, scheduled to take place from November 15th to 17th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This highly anticipated exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements in wastewater treatment and sludge treatment, and GN Separation is set to present its cutting-edge equipment and technologies in this specialized field.

During the exhibition, GN Separation will feature its high-speed decanter centrifuge, the GNLW224, and the sludge and solids vacuum pump, the GNSP-10B. These state-of-the-art equipment solutions are widely employed in wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, and various other industry separation applications. Renowned for their high efficiency, stability, and reliability, these solutions are designed to assist customers in achieving superior treatment effects and realizing significant economic benefits.

Moreover, GN Separation’s dedicated technical team will be available at the exhibition to offer comprehensive technical support and tailored solutions to visitors. The team will address any inquiries and specific requirements raised by customers, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights and guidance from industry experts.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit GN Separation at Booth No. 6D13, Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Center from November 15th to 17th to explore the company’s innovative wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering solutions firsthand.

GN Separation, the sister brand of GN Solids Control, offers an extensive range of equipment solutions. In addition to the showcased GNLW224 small decanter centrifuge, the company has the capability to manufacture larger decanter centrifuges for 2-phase and 3-phase separation. These centrifuges are available in various bowl sizes, including 9 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches, and the largest bowl size of 30 inches, catering to diverse industrial requirements.

The GNSP-10B, the smallest vacuum pump for solids and sludge transfer, demonstrates GN Separation’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions across the spectrum of solid-liquid separation applications.

By participating in Dubai WETEX 2023, GN Separation reaffirms its dedication to advancing the industry and delivering exceptional solutions to address the evolving needs of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The company’s presence at the exhibition underscores its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and efficient wastewater management practices.

In the selection process for centrifuge models used in wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing through three-phase separation, the test tube centrifuge method plays a crucial role. This method involves a specific procedure to determine the most suitable decanter centrifuge model. The customer is instructed to set the separation factor to 1200G for a duration of 2 minutes. If clear layering occurs during this process, it indicates that the centrifuge possesses excellent separation capability. However, if clear layering is not observed at 1200G, the setting is increased to 2000G for an additional 2 minutes. If clear layering is achieved at this stage, it suggests that a high-speed decanter centrifuge can also achieve effective separation.

The test tube centrifuge method provides a preliminary assessment of the centrifuge’s separation capabilities, making it an essential step in the selection process. By gradually increasing the separation factor and observing the clarity of the layers formed, it becomes possible to determine the optimal centrifuge model for wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing.

Clear layering serves as a critical indicator of a centrifuge’s ability to effectively separate the different phases present in wastewater and oil sludge. The presence of clear layering indicates successful separation of solid particles from the liquid phase, resulting in distinct layers. This separation is vital for efficient treatment and processing, allowing for the removal of contaminants and the recovery of valuable resources.

However, if the centrifuge fails to achieve clear layering even at higher separation factors like 2500G or 3000G, it suggests that the separation efficiency may be compromised. In such cases, alternative separation methods beyond centrifugation need to be considered.

In conclusion, the test tube centrifuge method is a crucial tool in the selection of centrifuge models for wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing. By gradually increasing the separation factor and observing the clarity of the layers formed, the centrifuge’s separation capabilities can be determined. Clear layering indicates effective separation, while the absence of clear layering suggests the need for alternative separation methods. This careful selection process ensures the optimal choice of centrifuge models for efficient wastewater treatment and oil sludge processing.

In a significant development for the global wastewater treatment industry, GN Solids Control has successfully exported 8 sets of GNIPC-25A Inclined Plate clarifier (IPC) to a South American client. These state-of-the-art Inclined Plate clarifiers (IPC) are specifically designed for efficient industrial sludge treatment, promising to revolutionize the way wastewater is managed in the region.

The GNIPC-25A Inclined Plate Settlers, engineered by a leading manufacturer, offer a highly effective solution for separating solids from wastewater. It is used to separation the sludge with oil or without oil.

The company also offers oil-water separation, decanter centrifuges, and disc centrifuges for oil, water, and soil separation. While these separators have different functions and separation results, they all play an important role in various industrial applications.

The GNIPC-25A IPC is a state-of-the-art clarifier that is specifically designed for efficient sludge treatment in wastewater treatment plants. The inclined plate design provides superior separation efficiency, ensuring that wastewater can be effectively treated and reused. The IPC is also cost-effective and easy to operate, making it a popular choice for industrial wastewater treatment.

Oil-water separators are used to separate oil and water mixtures, typically in refineries and petrochemical plants. GN Solids Control offers a range of oil-water separators, including disc centrifuges and decanter centrifuges, that are suitable for different oil-water ratios and flow rates. These separators can help prevent oil spills and contamination of water resources, protecting the environment and minimizing operational costs.

Disc centrifuges and decanter centrifuges are also widely used for soil separation applications. These centrifuges can help extract sediment, silt, and other particles from soil, allowing for efficient and cost-effective soil processing. They can be used in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and environmental restoration.

GN Solids Control offers a wide range of separators that are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. While each separator has its own function, separation result, and cost, they all help industries achieve efficient and sustainable operations.

Renowned for its expertise in the realm of decanter centrifuges and disc centrifuges, GN Solids Control boasts an extensive array of offerings. These encompass a wide spectrum of sizes and models, meticulously designed to cater to the intricacies of both 2-phase and 3-phase separation processes.

Setting them apart from the competition is a truly remarkable accomplishment—the engineering marvel that is the 30-inch big bowl decanter centrifuge. This monumental achievement places GN Solids Control among a select few global manufacturers possessing the prowess to conceive such an innovation. Dubbed the GNLW764A-VFD, this colossal apparatus assumes a pivotal role in the mining sector, specifically for the treatment of tailing slurry, a process vital for efficient dewatering.

The immense bowl of the centrifuge is meticulously crafted to accommodate substantial capacities, making it tailored for scenarios requiring large-scale operations. This innovation not only showcases GN Solids Control’s technical prowess but also its commitment to addressing the evolving demands of diverse industries.

The pinnacle of their ingenuity lies in their containerized water treatment system. Within this innovation, two distinct containerized systems harmonize seamlessly. The upper container houses the centrifuge, an indispensable cog in the separation process machinery, ensuring precision and efficiency. Contrarily, the lower container hosts the chemical dosing unit, playing a pivotal role in fine-tuning the treatment process for optimal results.

The ingenuity doesn’t stop at physical arrangement—the interconnectivity of these systems is facilitated through an intricate web of pipelines. GN Solids Control orchestrates a symphony of fluid dynamics, achieving not only a fluid flow but also a flow of information through their comprehensive control systems.

This holistic approach signifies GN Solids Control’s commitment to furnishing comprehensive solutions for intricate industrial challenges. Their prowess extends beyond equipment production; it lies in their capability to create cohesive systems that enhance efficiency while optimizing spatial resources. By adeptly intertwining the centrifuge and chemical dosing unit within a dual-container setup, GN Solids Control continues to illuminate the path for cutting-edge water treatment solutions, effectively setting new benchmarks within the industry.

GN Solids Control has further expanded its international reach with the establishment of GN Solids Australia, following the successful ventures of GN Solids Russia and GN Solids America. Specializing in solids control equipment and mining slurry separation, GN Solids Australia offers a comprehensive range of products, including centrifuge equipment and mining vibrating screen separators of various sizes.

One of the standout offerings from GN Solids Australia is their advanced vibrating screen separators, specifically designed for ore beneficiation and mineral processing applications. These vibrating screens come in a diverse range of models, such as the Dewatering Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion, Classification Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion, Stack Vibrating Screen-Fine Sizer, High Frequency Vibrating Screen, Large Linear Vibrating Screen, Large Banana Vibrating Screen, and Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen.

The Dewatering Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion is engineered to efficiently remove moisture from processed materials, ensuring optimal dryness and improved handling. The Classification Vibrating Screen-Linear Motion enables precise particle classification based on size, facilitating efficient separation and enhancing overall productivity. The Stack Vibrating Screen-Fine Sizer delivers exceptional screening performance, particularly for fine particles, allowing for precise particle size control in mining operations.

Additionally, GN Solids Australia offers the High Frequency Vibrating Screen, which excels in separating materials with high moisture content or high viscosity. This vibrating screen ensures efficient screening and dewatering of challenging materials, contributing to enhanced process efficiency. The Large Linear Vibrating Screen and Large Banana Vibrating Screen are designed to handle high-capacity operations, providing reliable performance and exceptional throughput in demanding mining environments. Lastly, the Flip-Flow Vibrating Screen offers superior screening efficiency and reduced blinding, making it ideal for processing materials with high moisture and difficult-to-screen characteristics.

With the introduction of GN Solids Australia, customers in the region now have access to a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solids control equipment and mining slurry separation solutions. GN Solids Australia’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, coupled with their deep expertise in the mining industry, positions them as a trusted partner for mining companies in need of reliable and efficient equipment.

To learn more about GN Solids Australia and explore their extensive product offerings, interested individuals can visit the official website at This expansion solidifies GN Solids Control’s global presence and underscores their dedication to providing innovative solutions for solids control and slurry separation in the mining sector.

GN Solids Control is the first Solids Control manufacturer from China with API Q1 management certificate. Currently, GN Solids Control quality control certificates includes but not limited to API Q1, HSE, ISO 14001-2015, OHSMS-ISO45001-2018, QMS, and so on.

GN Solids Control major products is solids control system and drilling waste management as well as oily sludge separation system for oil and gas drilling field. And plus, GN Solids Control makes compact mud recycling system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), CBM drilling, TBM Drilling, water well drilling, And also GN Solids Control makes various sides of desanding plant for tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, etc…

With regarding to trenchless field, such as tunneling, micron tunneling, piling, pipe jacking, normally clients do not have high standard on the separation result, hence standard system is accepted by most clients. GN Solids Control makes standard desanding plant from the small size 200GPM, middle size 500GPM, and big size mud system 1000GPM. And also GN Solids Control makes big capacity slurry separation plant up to 360 m³/h, 5000 m³/h, 1000 m³/h, 2000 m³/h and up to 3000 m³/h. Clients can also choose more than 1 set of desanding plant and slurry separation plant to combined for a large handling capacity.

This month, GN Solids Control makes some desanding plant for some overseas projects. One set of desanding plant is middle size 500 GPM. The model of the unit is GNMS-500D. The desanding plant is customized with client’s color. GN Solids Control can also make customized logo and branding for GN system and equipment or clients’ order request. The GNMS-500 mud cleaning system will be exported to Sounth America for HDD projects.

Another system is GNMS1000D. It is a 1000 GPM capacity mud cleaning system. The model of GNMS-***D series mud desanding plant are very compact on design. It is one-skid and with the shaker and hydraucyclone separators. Feeding pump for hydro cyclone is inbuilt in the desanding plant for easy movement. The GNMS1000D mud system will be exported to Singapore for pipe jacking projects.