December 14 2019

GN complete solids control package take flight to Papua New Guinea

In some remote oilfield like Papua New Guinea, customers need high quality and specially design solids control system for shipping by helicopiter. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies who have experiece for such system design and manufacture.

This is project not only need special design with high quality, but client need delivery in a short time. Finally with all the effort we can make together with customer, the solids control system is delivered in time. To ensure the project start on time, our client decided to ship it with airplane. So for the first time, we deliver the whole mud system with a big airplane.

December 06 2019

Helicopter hoisting Drilling Mud System for Australia Customer

This week, GN shipped out one set drilling mud system for an Australia drilling company. It is worthy to mention that the whole package of the mud system will be helicoptered to drilling site where no road can arrive. Lot of huge size mud tank and heavy machinery will be hoisting shipped there, really a rough job.

This system is consisting of complete drilling mud recycling module and mud mixing module. It counts 6 mud tanks total to ensure the sufficient mud storage capacity. 

November 26 2019

GN Separation Company Attended Italy 2019 Ecomondo Green Technology Expo

Recently, GN attended the Ecomondo Green Technology Expo in Rimini Italy and showed the separation and conveying equipment there. Many visitors came to GN booth and showed interest to GN Corporation and the products. 

GN booth was located in the Hall D2 and No. 010, GN brought the widely used decanter centrifuge and sludge vacuum pump. From the TV set, visitors can learn more about the working principle and performance of GN equipment. 

November 17 2019

Highlights of GN Solids Control 2019 ADIPEC oil exhibition in Middle East

Last week, from November 11~14th, GN Solids Control attended the ADIPEC 2019 oil exhibition in Middle East. More than 150,000 visitors and over 2,200 exhibitors were there for this great event. GN attracted lot of attention on the show.

Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of the oilfield drilling fluids recycling and waste recovery solution, GN is committed to bringing qualified and advanced technology to this industry with the vision to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the contractors. 

November 09 2019

Oil Sludge Treatment Plant for Oilfield Environmental Solutions Company

Recently, GN finished the manufacturing of one set oil sludge treatment plant for an oilfield environmental solution company. Since the issuing, GN oil sludge treatment system received widely attention and the feedback on site performance was excellent. More and more contractors are accepting this system to be efficiency and cost saving solution for oil sludge hazardous content reducing solution.  

The oil sludge treatment plant has chemical action and physical separation procedures, and is consisting of several modules with different functions to step by step recover the water and oil in the oil sludge. Below is the brief introduction of the plant.