4 2021.11.24 Mud Tank On Truck
December 04 2021

35,000bbl Liquid Mud Plant for international drilling fluids service company

GN Solids Control is a turnkey solids and liquid separation manufacturer with hundreds of mud systems or mud plants provided to worldwide clients every year. During the passed week, GN Solids Control shipped one 35,0000 bbl liquid mud plant for an international drilling fluids service company. 

2021.11.24 DWM System Whole Layout
November 26 2021

Hi-G Shaker and Cuttings Dryer Successfully Using for International Oilfie......

GN Solids Control made drilling waste management systems are widely using in the global world drilling rig sites, several days ago GN Solids Control received one more positive feedback on Hi-G shaker and cuttings dryer from an International oilfield company. Usually, drilling cuttings are classified into water base cuttings and oil base cuttings, as the water base cuttings are mainly treated by shale shaker and decanter centrifuge, while cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge will be the perfect solution to treat oil base cuttings. 

2021.11.18 Solids Control Equipment
November 19 2021

Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment shipped to Oilfield Service Company

As one of the largest types of GN Solids Control customers, oil & gas service companies has repeated orders on different kinds of solids control and DWM equipment. These weeks, GN Solids Control has finished one batch of solids control equipment for an international oilfield service company, will get them delivered very soon. GN Solids Control has been providing the most cost-effective solids and liquid separation equipment for many years, in this batch GN provides the following equipment:

2021.11.08 GNTBM 360 Separation Plant
November 12 2021

GNTBM-360 Slurry Separation Plant for pipe jacking engineering company

GN Solids Control has been providing slurry separation equipment for many years to global drilling contractors. Last week, GN Solids Control delivered one set of GNTBM-360 slurry separation plant to a pipe jacking engineering company. Several months ago, GN Solids Control also provided one GNTBM-240 to a South American client. Most of these systems have similar design, they mainly includes the following treating components:

2021.10.30 Dewatering Centrifuge
November 02 2021

Waste Sludge Dewatering Equipment shipped to Environmental Company

GN Solids Control this month finished manufacturing of one whole set waste sludge dewatering system for an environmental company, it mainly includes dewatering centrifuge, screw press dewatering machine and chemical dosing unit. Solids and liquid separation or liquid and liquid separation is always the topic when you need to treat waste, either precious solids need to be recovered or valuable liquid need to be thickened, or harmful oil should be removed, GN Solids Control always have the right equipment for you.