January 05 2024

Two Big Bowl Mud Dewatering Centrifuge Unit  to  South America

GN Solids Control has recently achieved a significant milestone by completing the sale of two big bowl mud dewatering Decanter centrifuge to a customer in South America.

December 28 2023

Drilling Rig Mud Cleaner and Decanter Centrifuge  for Shandong Client

In a notable achievement within the solids control industry, GN Solids Control has recently concluded a significant sale involving its cutting-edge drilling rig mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge to an esteemed client in Shandong.

December 22 2023

Large Linear Vibrating Screen for Iron Ore Client 

1 set of Large Linear vibrating screen was manufactured recently by GN and it will start service soon for an Iron Ore Separation project.

December 17 2023

Mud Gas Separator and Mud Gun for Middle East Client

Last week, 1 set of Mud Gas Separator and a few sets of Mud Guns were manufactured and ready to start serving for a project of GN's client in Middle East.

December 10 2023

Drilling Waste Management Packaged Equipment for European client

Recently, 1 complete set of GN  Drilling Waste Management System has been manufactured by GN Solids Control