1P2 GNTBM 360M
February 26 2020

GN Released Updated TBM Slurry Separation Unit

GN Solids Control has been keeping upgrade all different kinds of solids and liquid separation systems since the beginning of establishment. Until now GN Solids Control has provided thousands of mud recycling systems to global customers. 

2020.02.20 Offshore Platform Pump
February 21 2020

GN Offshore Vacuum Pump Delivered to Offshore Customer

GN Solids Control is one leading solids control and waste management equipment manufacturer. Besides those solids and liquid treating equipment, GN Solids Control also manufactures different kinds of transfer pumps include Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Pump and Screw Pump etc. 

February 15 2020

GN Oil Water Solids Separation System in stock for sale

GN oil sludge treatment system is a type turnkey solution for oil, water and solids separation. It is specially designed to the treat the oily sludge coming from various sources like oil waste from refinery, oil storage tank bottom slag and oil drilling waste. GN now has one set oil water solids separation system in stock for sale. Complete new set, prompt delivery with good price.

GN oil water solids separation system is using different equipment to make the separation step by step; the final purpose is to recover oil and water. Its main working procedures are as below.

February 04 2020

Several Package Mud Cleaning System for North America Client

GN mud cleaning system is widely used to separate the waste solid in all kinds of drilling mud to make the drilling mud reusable or recover the liquid. GN has a client from North America, whose business is using the vacuum truck to collect all kinds of used mud with waste solid from drilling or construction site.

Pictures in this article are showing the main equipment in the mud cleaning system that is designed after site visiting client's facility. This system fully considered the site area and the convenience of slurry feeding and treatment procedures.  

20200118 01
January 19 2020

“Innovation and Unique” – GN Company Annual Conference for 2019

On January 17, 2020, GN Company held the 12th annual summary and commendation conference for 2019 in Beijing Chun Hui Yuan hot spring resort. The theme of this annual conference is “Innovation and Unique”. From Qu Yuan's "Ode to the orange", it refers to the awareness of the turbid world, independence from the world, and keeping sober; standing horizontally in the water, not following the waves. This is also one of the corporate culture that GN company has been adhering to. GN has the courage to innovate and launch technologically advanced products, and actively forge ahead to build our unique brand: GN.

This annual meeting includes the following parts: Video Clip, General manager's speech, Award and Commendation, Art program, Lottery.

1.Video Clip

The video clip introduces some classic project cases of GN company, including China Russia natural gas pipeline project, Australia aircraft hoisting solid control system project, world record breaking Hong Kong airport aviation oil pipeline crossing project, Abu Dhabi high-end decanter centrifuge project, Algeria 32 decanter centrifuge project. And the main leaders, overseas branch company employees and main teams send greetings by the Video.

Learn more about GN classic project cases:

2. General manager's speech

Mr. Zhou Pengxian, The General manager of GN company, delivered a speech at the annual conference, expressing his appreciation for the 30% performance growth of GN company's team in 2019, and fully affirming the more than 20% performance growth rate of GN company for last 3 years. And also Mr. Zhou made plans for the future development of the company:

2.1 Since 2020, the company has divided its business into three business divisions through the team of high-end talents: Solid control business division, Centrifuge business division and conveying equipment business division. Solid control equipment business vision is the foundation of GN. It is necessary to continue to improve the technical content of products and broaden the domestic and foreign markets. The centrifuge business division includes two-phase decanter centrifuges, three-phase decanter centrifuges, vertical centrifuges and other widely used products in the industrial separation field. The application industries include: environmental protection industry, chemical industry, food industry, mining industry, etc. The conveying equipment division includes screw conveyor, vacuum solid pump, scraper conveyor, bucket elevator and complete bulk material handling solutions. 2.2 The first phase of the 80,000 m2 land project of GN Yutian new plant has been started in 2019, and it is expected to complete the first phase of the project in the second quarter of 2020, and complete the second phase of the project in 2021, and the third phase of the project is planned to be put into operation in 2022. 2.3 By strengthening the construction of talent team and improving the company's hardware and management level, this will ensure that the company will maintain a compound growth rate of more than 20% in the next five years, and create conditions for the company's future public listing.

3. Award and Commendation

The 30% growth of the company's performance in 2019 comes from the wisdom and sweat of all GN people and the strong support of the vast number of supplier partners. For this reason, the company awarded outstanding supplier award, outstanding contribution award, sales elite award, dedication and respect award, first, second and third prizes for outstanding employees. The outstanding contribution award is auto mobile, and the sales elite award receives different amount of purchase subsidy or foreign travel award according to performance. Other awards received different amounts of cash awards.

4. Art program:

As in previous years, the art program of GN annual conference includes talent display of employees and excellent performance of external professional art team. In the joyful atmosphere of appreciating culture and art, the team welcomes the expectation for the New Year.

5. Lottery.

Under the leadership of GN General Manager Mr. Zhou, GN company has a lot of Huawei Fans. We advocate Chinese made brands with core technologies, and Huawei has always been a model for GN. Our goal is to be the "Huawei" for industrial separation and conveying equipment industry. With core technology and practical spirit, we will sell our products to the world and win the favor of customers at home and abroad through excellent quality. Fortunately, the audience won the prizes of 5g Huawei mate30 mobile phone, Huawei Honor magic watch, Huawei wireless headset, etc. The winning rate is more than 60%.

Finally, GN Company thanks again for the trust of customers, the hard work of employees, the strong support of suppliers and partners, as well as the help from other friends. Wish you all a happy new year, good health and good luck!