2023.06.07 Decanter Centrifuge
June 09 2023

Vacuum Degasser and Solids Vacuum Pump for International Drilling Company

GN Solids Control today just finished packing of one set vacuum degasser and solids transfer vacuum pump for one international drilling company today. As a famous brand, GN Solids Control has rich experience on solids control and waste management industries, and customers from over 85 countries and regions are using GN products.

2023.06.05 1 CIPPE 1
June 03 2023

GN Solids Control Equipment on 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show

GN Solids Control participated in the 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show last week from May 31st to June 2nd in Beijing New Exhibition Center. The 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show is one of the world largest oil and gas shows in the world, with thousands of exhibitors and professional visitors from the oil and gas industry to share latest technology with newly developed equipment or products. GN Solids Control has been participating the CIPPE for many years, and this year GN Solids Control brought double deck shale shaker, vacuum shaker, vacuum pump, cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor to this show.  

2023.05.25 Mud Recycling Unit 1
May 27 2023

Mud Recycling Unit for Trenchless Drilling Customer

GN Solids Control is a professional solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer who have provided thousands of turkey solutions to global customers include New Zealand. This week GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of some sets mud recycling units for trenchless drilling customers. One mud recycler (model GNMS-1000D) will be shipped to a pipe jacking contractor based in Singapore and the other set (GNMS-500D) shall be used in South Africa for HDD contract.

20230516 Mud Cleaning System2
May 20 2023

Mud Cleaning Package Equipment for New Zealand Client

GN Solids Control finish one set of mud cleaning packaging equipment for one New Zealand Client this week, it will be shipped to customer very soon after the factory water test in the following weeks.

2023.05.08 Oil Sludge Treatment System
May 09 2023

GNOST-02B Oil Sludge Treatment Package Equipment for Fujian Client

GN Solids Control this week finished manufacturing of one set 2 m3/h oil sludge system for one Fujian client in China. As one of the most popular treating equipment, GN Solids Control has been providing oil sludge treating systems for worldwide customers for many years.