October 20 2019

GN Oil Sludge Treatment Plant installed in China

Recently, GN shipped out one set of oil sludge treatment plant to a domestic client, and now the plant has been completely installed on site. 

Oil sludge treatment plant is mainly used for recovering the oil and water from oily sludge coming from drilling site, refinery waste and other industrial oily sludge. After the treatment, the recovered oil can be used as fuel or selling to get profit, recovered water and cleaned solids will have very small content of oil, which would be easily treated by further process.

October 11 2019

Two Package Triple Shale Shaker Unit for Indian Client

GN finished the order of shale shaker unit for one Indian client and will arrange the shipment soon. Being a manufacturer specialized in providing the drilling fluids solids control equipment, GN has rich experience in designing and fabricating all kinds of fluids recycling equipment including the shale shaker unit. 

Shale shaker is the first stage cuttings removing equipment in the mud recycling system for coarse solids separation. Thus the performance of the shale shaker will to a certain extent affect the performance of the subsequent equipment. According to the required treating capacity of the solids control system, the quantity of the shaker unit equipped varies.

October 07 2019

GN Centrifugal Pump and decanter centrifuge sold to Russia Client

GN solids control is committed to providing the qualified equipment used in oilfield for drilling mud recycling. With over ten years' experience in designing and manufacturing the mud recycling equipment, GN product has been proved on site with stable performance and low maintenance. Recently, GN finished one batch mud recycling system for a client from Russia.

In mud recycling system, the decanter centrifuge is the last stage separation equipment used to remove the fine solids or cuttings. Before the decanter centrifuge, there are primary shale shakers, cyclone unit equipment to remove the coarse solids, so that the decanter centrifuge can be protected in the largest extent. In the petroleum industry, GN decanter centrifuge can be used as for fine solids and cuttings separation in solids control system, barite recovery, and the oily sludge treatment system for solid-liquid 2-phase separation. GN decanter centrifuge is with below features.

September 24 2019

GN Composite Frame Shaker Screen Sold to International Drilling Companies

Shaker screen is the most consumable parts of the shale shaker used in the drilling projects. The quality of the shaker screen, to a certain degree, will affect the efficiency and cost of the drilling job. Since the foundation of the corporation, GN has been committed to providing the qualified shaker screen to user to ensure the stable performance and to distributor for a long term profitable business.

September 19 2019

Drilling Rig Mud Circulation System for Hebei Client

This week, in GN workshop, one set of drilling rig mud circulation system is now under the factory trial assembling, after that the system will be shipped out to a domestic client coming from Hebei province. GN is with more than 10 years' experience in designing and manufacturing the mud circulation system according to both standard GN configurations and customized specifications.

This set mud circulation system is a full stage separation system including all the solids control procedures. The main equipment is below listed.