2020.06.04 DMGS Shale Shaker
June 05 2020

DGMS Explosion Proof Certified Shale Shaker for India Client 

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing shale shakers for decades. GN made shale shakers are widely seen in global drilling rig sites. As one important market for GN Solids Control, India has hundreds of GN shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers help customer on solids control and drilling waste management

2020.5.29 telescopic skid mounted cuttings dryer
May 29 2020

GN Telescopic Skid Mounted Cuttings Dryers and Centrifuges Delivered to In......

GN Solids Control is one of the leading solids control equipment and drilling waste management systems manufacturers based on China, with branch company in Houston, USA and Moscow, Russia. Every year, GN Solids Control deliver more than 300 sets decanter centrifuges and 100 cuttings dryers to global customers. Word of mouth good reputation has brought more and more customers to GN Solids Control. Several weeks ago, GN Solids Control delivered some sets telescopic skid mounted cuttings dryers and centrifuges to one International Oilfield Service company. Here are the main equipment:

2020.5.19 Shale Shaker
May 23 2020

Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge for an International Environmental Protecti......

GN Solids Control is one of the famous brand for solids and liquid separation equipment. With years of successful projects provided to global customers, GN Solids Control is more and more popular when treat slurry from different industries. Today we would like to share one large system that we provided to a International Environmental Protection Company. This customer is from North America, and they are using GN treating equipment to treat the slurry collected from different recycling company. Materials recycled includes metal, glass, silt, sand, plastic etc. By using GN equipment, they succeeded to separate out those valuable info such as metals, glass or silt to resell. 

2020.05.14 High Drying Shaker
May 15 2020

Pitless Drilling Waste Management Equipment for an International Oilfield ......

GN Solids Control last week delivered another large batch of pitless drilling waste management equipment for an international oilfield service company. GN Solids Control has rich experience on designing and manufacturing turnkey treating equipment which can be effectively used to treat different kinds of drilling waste includes OBM, WBM and SBM.

2020.04.30 Drilling Shale Shaker
May 08 2020

Dual Motion Shale Shaker for an intentional drilling company

GN Solids Control manufactures 300 sets to 500 sets shale shakers every year, customers from more than 70 countries are using GN shale shakers especially those customers from oil and gas drilling industry.

Most of GN shale shakers are linear motion ones, actually GN Solids Control also provides dual motion shale shakers that can be used in complicate working environment. Several weeks ago, GN Solids Control delivered some sets dual motion shale shakers to an international drilling company.