Jun 11

Vertical cuttings dryer and HG dryer for drill cuttings treatment

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Vertical cuttings dryer and High G dryer is the 2 major processing equipment for drilling cuttings treatment. But many clients do not know the difference. Here is a sample introduction of the 2 drilling waste management to help clients find the right model equipment:

1) Vertical Cuttings Dryer (VG dryer)

Vertical Cuttings Dryer utilizes centrifugal force to dry drill cuttings with oil or synthetic base. The stainless steel screen basket rotates at speed up to 900 RPM, which generates G force up to 420 G to separate the drilling cuttings. The solids bigger than the screen opening will be blocked by the screen and fall down, the fine solids and liquid will go through the screen and recovered by the dryer. Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl, which is crucial for proper operation.

2) High G dryer (It is also called as cuttings dryer, HG dryer, or high G drying shaker)

GN High G Force Drying shaker is design for primary solids control and drying the cuttings from the primary solids control equipment (solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, and desilter), recover useable drilling fluids and ultra-fine sands, provide solids in a consistently stackable and conveyable form and requires no expensive chemicals or polymers.

GN high G drying Shaker can generate G force Up to 8.0 G. The G force is adjustable. The high G force and achieve a dryer solids separation and recovery more usable drilling fluids, while the shaker screen servicing time will be shorten. The lower G force and ensure a longer life time of the shaker screens. The operation people can balance the performance and screen servicing time depending on the mud condition.

In many case, the drilling rig will utilize water base mud in some stage and then oil base mud will be used for deeper drilling. Clients can choose booth VG dryer and HG dryer in their pitless drilling cuttings recovery system. Equip a dual discharge on the screw conveyor for feeding. Job site can choose to treat with VG or HG flexibly.

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Jun 04

Two sets Construction slurry dewatering system for America Client

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This week, GN Solids Control finished fabrication of another 2 sets Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment dewatering system. The 2 sets Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment dewatering system is designed for construction field waste water treatment. They will be shipped to the sea port for an America client.

The hydro vac construction slurry separation system is composed of below treatment modular:

1) Feeding Hopper modular for waste collection: A hopper tank with coarse screens to collect the waste material and remove the big particles, like rocks.

2) Scalping shale Shaker separation modular. The scalping shale shaker separation modular is composed of a Scalping Shale shaker and a hold tank package. The scalping shale shaker is equipped with special metal frame screen with big opening to remove big solids. It can reduce the wearing of next processing equipment. The recovered liquid will be collected by the mud tank under the scalping shale shaker.


3) Double deck shale shaker unit for fine solids separation: the double deck shale shaker is located in #2 mud tank. As the waste material is already pre-separated by scalping shale shaker, the double deck shale shaker is equipped with normal API shaker screen for D100 separation.

4) Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment modular: Desilter hydra cyclone is used in this modular for hydra separation. The cut point of desilter modular is up to 20microns.

5) The final modular is centrifuge dewatering unit. Big bowl and High speed decanter centrifuge will be used together with chemical dosing system for dewatering treatment. GN Solids Control makes different sizes of decanter centrifuges to suit for difference types of waste material application. The centrifuge bowl size varies from 9inch, 14inch, 18inch, 20inch and the biggest bowl 30 inch.

If clients want more information of the Construction slurry dewatering system, you can contact GN Solids Control. Besides the Construction slurry dewatering system, GN Solids Control can also make automatic tank cleaning system, waste water treatment system, oily sludge separation system, etc…

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May 30

GN Solids Control Oily sludge separation system

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GN Solids control makes complete solution for oil field oily sludge separation, it can get output solids with limited oil content, water with limited oil and soil, and oil with low content oil and soil.

GN oily sludge separation system can be used to treat below materials, it is the typical oily sludge GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system can treat, but it not only limited to below materials:
1) The oily sludge and waste from Crude Oil storage tank cleaning sludge
2) The oily sludge and waste from Refinery plant waste oil sludge
3) The oily sludge and waste from Drilling waste disposal.

GN oily sludge separation system is including below processing unit:
1) The solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump unit. It is 100% Air driven pump without electric driven parts.
2) The pre-mixing and heating system, it is equipped with slurry transfer pump, mud agitator, mud tank, and heating system.
3) The shale shaker separation system with mud tank and heating system.
4) Dewatering centrifuge unit for solids and liquid 2-phase separation
5) Disc centrifuge for 3-phase separation: solids, water and oil

Below is some popular questions clients are normally concern:
1) The air compressor was excluded. Can they send a quotation or specification?
GN can send clients the specification for the air compressor, as GN is not the manufacturer for air compressor. It’s better client to buy for them. GN need to know if clients need GN to provide the Vacuum pump for suction of the oil sludge to recommend the suitable model air compressor.

2) How will they heat up the sludge to 70 degrees C? Is it Electrical or by a heat exchanger? I did not see the price for the heat exchanger (Boiler)
GN answers: You can use the hot water boiler to heat up by steam, or you can use hot oil boilers. We already have the heating lines inside the tank; you can feed it with hot steam or hot oil. The volume of the hot heat depends on the ambient temperature. What will be the minimum ambient temperature for your operation? So we can calculate the size of the boiler for you.

3) In the Process Flow Diagram “PFD”, they mentioned about the water treatment unit, it was not included in the price
Mostly clients does not need this one, since GN unit already meet you requirements.

4) What is the maximum solid content that can be fed to the decanter? Before feeding the the shale shaker, in the premixing tank, you need to control the solids below 20%, to the decanter the solids should be below 20%.

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May 19

Rapid Liquid Mud Plant for oil and gas drilling rigs

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Liquid Mud Plant is big tank mud system for mud mixing and storage for drilling rigs. It is used to prepare qualified drilling fluids for drilling rigs.

GN Solids Control can do the Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) to suit for different applications. The Rapid Liquid Mud Plant can also be called as RDLMP (or Rapid Deployment Liquid Mud Plant), or Swift Liquid Mud Plant. The plant is good, stackable and modular.

GN Solids Control has done Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) for many Chinese domestic and international projects, like for COSL (China Oil Services Limited) and CNOOC (China National Offershore Oil Company). Each Tank of the Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) can up to 500BBL, or per clients’ request, it is stackable and modular. http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/liquid-mud-plant-lmp-china-oilfield-services-limited-cosl

The Liquid Mud Plant is always composed of horizontal mud mixing tanks, vertical mud storage tanks, vertical silo tanks, decanter centrifuge system, mud mixing pump and hopper system, mud shearing system, and some time, the shale shaker systems.

Mud agitator is the major equipment of liquid mud plant. There will be big quantity mud agitators used in liquid mud plant. GN Solids Control offers a options of mud agitator:

Option 1 is the normal Chinese standard: The agitator is equipped with worn gearbox reducer. It is economic standard.

Option 2: the agitator is equipped heavy duty helical bevel reducers. The torque of helical bevel reducer is much bigger than the same power worn gear reducer. Although the helical bevel reducer cost much than the worn gear reducer agitator, but it can save power.

Decanter centrifuge package is used in the liquid mud plant to reduce the mud weight. GN Solids Control equipped the decanter centrifuge unit with its feeding screw pump on a telescopic skid, and it is the same skid with mixing pump and hopper unit for easy movement.

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May 12

Oily sludge treatment – Thermal Desorption treatment

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Thermal Desorption treatment unit, short named TDU, is advanced equipment to treatment oily sludge waste.

Below is a general working process of the Thermal Desorption treatment unit:

Step 1: A Screw Conveyer transfer the oily sludge to the Sludge washing machine. In the Sludge washing machine, the sludge will be heated and some chemicals will be added to make it easy for separation.

Step 2: After the sludge washing machine processing, the sludge will be moved to high G drying shaker. Fine screens will be used on the shaker to remove solids above 60 microns. Fluids phase (oil, water and fine soil mixture) and solids discharge will be generated in this process.

Fluids phase from high G drying shaker will fall down to the catch tank under the shaker. Solids discharged from high G drying shaker will be moved to the Thermal Desorption unit to recovery oil and dry the solids (OOC≤0.5%).

Step 3: Fluids phase from high G drying shaker is transferred to high speed decanter centrifuge by a screw pump; flocculants from chemical enhancing system will also be transferred to the high speed centrifuge. The fluids and flocculants will be mixed before enter into decanter centrifuge for separation.
After the dewatering centrifuge treatment, 2 products will be generated:
Fluids mixture of oil, water and some ultra-fine solids: will be separated by oil water Separator.
Fine sands: will be moved to Thermal Desorption unit to recovery oil and dry the solids (OOC≤0.5%).

Step 4: Oil water separator: to get oil, water mixture
Oil: Can be sold to the refine companies. If the oil is clean enough, or the TDU burner allowed, the oil can be used for fuel oil.
Water mixture: Treated by water heater to get clean water (for reuse or other applications) and mud sludge (back to Sludge washing machine for recycling treatment).
Final products from Thermal Desorption treatment unit :
1) Solids : OOC≤0.5%
2) Clean mud
3) Oil

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Apr 07

10 sets international high standard decanter centrifuge for Middle-east

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Recently, another 10 sets decanter centrifuge are ready for shipment. The 10 sets centrifuges will be shipped to middle-east to service the drilling rig mud systems there for drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management.

It is 14 inch high standard VFD decanter centrifuge: the motors, VFD control panels, cable glands, socket and plugs are complied with International IECEx standard for explosion proof for Zone 1 (equal to Class I Division 1 of U.S. and Canada standard) applications. All cables are designed for 110C degree high temperature ambient.

All VFD drives of the VFD panels are heavy duty type for reliable performance and longer service time. Futhermore, as the temperature in Middle East is high in summer reason. All the VFD panels for the 10 sets decanter centrifuges are equipped with Air conditioner automatically cooling system for high temperature ambient up to 55 C degree.

IECEx is the international standard for explosion proof. GN can also offer European standard ATEx, or China national explosion proof CNEx for explosion proof. Mostly, CNEx can suit for most of the project. But for some U.S companies or European end users, they will request IECEx or ATEx standard. Clients can specify the right EX standard they while inquire or before sending orders.

GN Solids Control makes full line drilling mud recycling and treatment system and drilling cuttings management equipment. GN Solids Control does offer Zero-discharge treatment system for drilling rigs for pitless solution.

Besides decanter centrifuges, below are some other equipment GN Solids Control does make for waste management:
1) High G drying shaker: Drying the cuttings discharged from your rig shakers.
2) Dewatering unit + dewatering centrifuge: It is not showing on the layout, but it is need to reduce the mud weight from High speed centrifuge.
3) Solidification unit: to further drying all the cuttings from your rig mud system and the above cuttings management equipment.
4) Screen vacuum unit

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Mar 02

This week, a full package of compact oily sludge separation system was finished from GN factory in Beijing China. The compact design fast movable oily sludge treatment system is purchased by a reputable Environmental Solutions Company from China domestic market.

There are 3-stage separation equipment included in the oily sludge treatment system.

1) There is a 2-panel small footprint shale shaker equipped in the system for coarse solids separation. The model is GNZS752. As mostly, the oily waste come out from different sources and it is mixture of different wastes. There may be big size solids in side. The big sides solids may block or even broken the centrifuges. The small size shale shaker is used to remove the possible big size solids in the sludge.

2) There are 2 centrifuges in the oily sludge treatment system. The first centrifuge we call it decanter centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge model is GNLW224, it is a 2-phase separation centrifuge. The 2-phase decanter centrifuge is help to remove solids or soil from liquid mixture. The 9 inch centrifuge is a min size decanter centrifuge. The bowl diameter is only 9 inch, but the bowl length and diameter ration is up to 4. The longer ration can help to get cleaner liquid. It is the smallest centrifuge from GN Solids Control for industry separation.

3) The second centrifuge inside the oily sludge treatment system is disc centrifuge. It is also called 3-phase centrifuge. As the name mean, the disc centrifuge can separation oil, water and soil.

Many people may wonder: in case the disc centrifuge can separate and get oil, water and soil. While you add 2-phase decanter centrifuge inside the system? Really, the 2-phase decanter centrifuge is surely not to increase the cost. The disc centrifuge can only allow liquid mixture with liquid content less than 3%. Otherwise, it will damage the centrifuge. While the decanter centrifuge can allow liquid with solids content up to 15% ~ 20%. Decanter centrifuge is a necessary as pre-separation before disc centrifuge.

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Feb 20

Thermal desorption unit is normally known as TDU. It is a kind of Ultimate equipment for oily waste management. The Thermal desorption unit (TDU) is a High-tech products, few company has the capability and technology to make it.

GN Thermal Desorption Unit is an ex-situ, non-incineration technology. It is designed to separate hydrocarbons from various matrices including oilfield drilling cuttings waste, oil based drill cuttings, oily contaminated soil, oil sludge and sand, filter-cake, tank and tanker bottoms, organic-based hazardous waste and contaminated soil in a non-oxidizing atmosphere without destroying the hydrocarbons. The TDU technology has been used extensively for waste management, the main function is for recovery of the oil from the waste material as a sellable product throughout the world.
Many clients showed great interest on the design of GN Thermal desorption unit (TDU) technology. There are mainly 2 designs developed by GN Solids Control.

From 2015 to June, 2016, GN Solids Control have been working on the design of the drum type TDU. But GN stopped that project after 2016. After that GN Solids Control shift to design the screw type TDU from July, 2016. So now, GN Solids Control does not make drum type Thermal desorption unit (TDU).

GN Solids Control latest design on is similar to TPS, but not TPS, TPS is a single screw in one tube, with different tubes.

GN Solids Control design is as following:
1) One tube, two auger system for self cleaning, it’s better than the single tube system.
2) Temperature can go up to 700 C degree which suits the drilling cuttings and oil sludge to recovery oil and water.
3) GN Solids Control have a dust removing unit before condensing, so it makes it easier for oil water, solids separation.
GN Solids Control already have the major components, like tube material, burners, air lock valves and Fin-Fan coolers etc in the factory to shorten the manufacturing time.

For any questions, please contact GN Solids Control sales team for support.

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Jan 26

Happy Chinese new year to all GN people and customers

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After the whole year hard working,  all GN people made a proud and happy ending for 2018. With the coming of 2019 Chinese Lunar New year, all GN workshop people are working date and night in different shifts to try to delivery as more orders as possible before the Chinese Lunar new year, to minimize the any delay caused as the traditional new year holiday.

GN Solids Control new technology composite material replacement shale shaker screens have more and more market share in China and in worldwide market. 2018 is a great year for GN Solids Control. The screen market was increased nearly double compared with 2017. GN one-stop oily sludge treatment systems were exported to more new countries and areas, and pride by the clients and end users.

As most of GN people are coming from cities far away, to thank for the hardworking of all GN people through the year, besides the Wonderful annual New Year party, wonderful new year gifts and surprising annual awards for year end, GN Solids Control will further offer a 15-day holiday for the traditional new year. And for many people, it is the most important to have more time to go back to their hometown and together with their familiars to celebrate the Lunar New year.

This year, the company offers a long holiday for the big event – Chinese Lunar new year. The holiday will start from 29th Jan., until 12th Feb., all people will start working on 13th Feb. 2019.

After hard day working on 28th Jan., 2019, the most Exciting annual New Year party is coming in Sheraton Hotel, welcome clients from worldwide joint us for the big event. There will be luck time for lottery, more than 2 thirds of the people joining the New Year party have the chance to get big and surprising gifts. All annual awards for GN workers will be awarded at the year-end on the new year party, including big cash red envelops, cars, Luxury travel opportunities provided by the company etc…

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Jan 20

Alumina is a stable oxide of aluminum and its chemical formula is Al2O3. Bauxite is also called bauxite in mining, ceramics and material science. GN Decanter centrifuge are widely used for alumina slurry dewatering for production of alumina.

GN-CD series chemical decanter centrifuge are designed for the chemical treatment. Typically The alumina (Aluminum Hydroxide) slurring have a water content of 90%. And the purpose to treat the alumina is to remove water to get 20% to 40% content of slurry. And the Aluminum slurry contains alumina ( fine particles) water and sodium nitrate dissolved in water. Different client have different requirement for the capacity for the alumina slurry treatment.

Check videos: http://www.gnseparation.com/video

Application of alumina are very wide, include but not limited to following:
1. The main components of ruby and sapphire are alumina, which show different colours because of other impurities. Ruby is red with chromium oxide, while sapphire is blue with iron oxide and titanium oxide.

2. Among the main components of bauxite, the content of alumina is the highest. In industry, bauxite is purified into alumina by Bayer process, and then converted from Hall-Heroult process to aluminium metal.

3. Alumina is the reason why metallic aluminium is not easily corroded in air. Pure aluminium metal reacts easily with oxygen in the air to form a thin alumina film covering the surface of aluminium exposed to air. This alumina film prevents aluminium from being oxidized further. The thickness and properties of this oxide film can be enhanced by a process called anodic treatment (anodic anticorrosion).

4. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Aluminum crystal form diamond is suitable for grinding materials and cutting tools because of its high hardness.

5. Alumina powder is often used as a medium for chromatographic analysis.

China market for Alumina
The data show that China is the largest alumina producer in the world. In 2010, the global alumina output was 56.355 million tons. China’s alumina output reached 28.955 million tons, an increase of 20.14% year on year, accounting for 51.38% of the world’s total. In 2010, China’s apparent consumption of alumina reached 33.21 million tons, with an annual growth rate of 14.05%, net imports of 4.26 million tons, bauxite imports of 30.19 million tons, external dependence of 39.71%, and alumina external dependence of 47.26%.

With the rapid development of China’s electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries, the market demand for alumina still has greater room for growth, and alumina production will continue to grow. GN Chemical Decanter Centrifuge made by GN separation and conveying equipment company

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