As a  API Certified manufacturer for shale shaker screens, GN Solids Control  have the following shale shaker screens for sale:

For the type of shale shaker screens,GN owns the following types

  • Steel Frame shale shaker screen
  • Hook Strip flat shaker screen
  • Pyramid shaker screen
  • Composite material shale shaker screen
Shale Shaker Screen

Shale Shaker Screen

For the following countries and regions GN have already sold equipment or  shale shaker screens:

China, USA(America),Canada, Russia,Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Yemen Qatar etc.), Latin America (Brazil,Argentina,Columbia, Venezuela  Chile, Ecuador etc), Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India, Indonesia,Thailand,Malaysia ,and Africa (Nigeria,Libya,Egypt Sudan,Algeria,Kenya)

GN supply replacment shale shaker screens for following model of shale shakers

GN Group of Shale Shakers :GNZS703 GNZS853 GNZS852 GNZS752 shale shaker.

Derrick model of shaker: FLC 2000  FLC 500  FLC 503 FLC 513  FLC504 FLC514 shaker or mud cleaner.

MI-Swaco shale shaker:Moongoose Shale shaker screen,DP380 shale shaker screen

NOV Brandt: VSM100 VSM300 King Cobra shaker or mud cleaner




    COMMENT (1)

  1. Alex


    Could You make me a quotation on the following GN ZS 703 series shale shaker screens:
    1. Screen 1250*750 mm, mesh 80 – 50 pc.
    2. Screen 1250*750 mm, mesh 60 – 50 pc.
    3. Screen 1250*750 mm, mesh 40 – 50 pc.
    4. Screen 1250*750 mm, mesh 20 – 20 pc.
    Ask You to print the price on EXW turms and time of production.