The horizontal Solid Bowl decanter centrifuge design by GN Solids Control is very popular for oilfield drilling mud solids control application of drilling waste management system.

The centrifuge are the solid bowl, horizontal, continuous feed, scroll type specifically designed for drilling mud processes to continuously separate one solid and one liquid phaseMounted on a rugged, portable skid made of a fabricated carbon steel base with 304 stainless steel wetted parts.

solid bowl  decanter centrifuge

solid bowl decanter centrifuge

Solid bowl decanter type centrifuges often will dewater materials which are too fine for effective dewatering by filtering centrifuges.

In decanter-type units, extraction of liquid takes place in the cylindrical part of the bowl. Dewatering of solids by compression of the cake takes place in the conical part of the bowl. Bowl geometry must be adapted to achieve optimum results for the desired application.

The solid bowl decanter centrifuge consists of two horizontal concentric rotating elements contained in a stationary casing. The outer rotating bowl element is tapered so that the solids discharge from a smaller radius than the liquor. The inner element is a hollow hub screw conveyor with blade tips shaped to fit closely to the contour of the bowl. Feed slurry is introduced into the conveyor hub. The feed accelerates to the machine speed the slurry is delivered by centrifugal force into the rotating bowl by way of ports in the conveyor hub. The solids settle through the liquor pool formed on the wall of the bowl. The solids are then conveyed, due to a slight differential between the screw and bowl, up the drying beach to the solids discharge ports. The clarified liquors are discharge in the opposite direction from adjustable overflow ports.



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  1. Rwayda


    dear ,

    we are looking for complete sludge drying system, type (Solid Bowl Centrifuge) with the capacity of (150 m3/hr), capable of drying and compress the resulted sludge to a dry Concentration not less than (22%) , with all the accessories (locks , valves and closing gates)