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Shale shaker screen is one of the most important products for GN Solids Control, as an API Certified China leading manufacturer for drilling fluids shale shaker and other solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipment, GN shale shaker screen factory keeps developing the word’s most advanced technology for making the shale shaker screens.

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GN Screen FactoryGN Pyramid Shaker Screen

GN shale shaker screens has been exported to over 60 countries and regions, GN shaker screens factory offers all types of API Standard screen fit for all popular shale shakers like Derrick, MI-Swaco, Brandt and GN Shakers ect. GN design hook strip screen, steel frame screen, composite material screen ,Pyramid and Flat screens etc.

GN Shale Shaker Screen Factory

What Brand of Shale Shaker Screen GN offer?

GN manufacture replacement shaker screens for Derrick FLC2000 (48-30) Series Shaker, FLC 500(including 503,513,504,514 model flow line cleaner).GN manufacture replacement screen for  Derrick shaker in Pyramid and fla type.

GN Shale Shaker ScreenGN Mongoose Shaker Screen

  • Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for MI-Swaco .

GN provide replacement shaker screens for MI-Swaco Mongoose PT Shakers, ALS shale shaker,BEM 600/650 Shakers.GN screen for MI-Swaco Mongoose PT have options available for Steel Frame or composite material.

GN manufacture replacement shaker screens for NOV Brandt Shale shakers, models available for Brandt King Cobra, and VSM 300 shale shaker screen.

What Shaker Screen mesh available from GN?

API Screen No. D100 Separation (Micron)
API 20 780.0 To 925.0
API 25 655.0 To 780.0
API 30 550.0 To 655.0
API 35 462.5 To 550.0
API 40 390.0 To 462.5
API 45 327.5 To 390.0
API 50 275.0 To 327.5
API 60 231.0 To 275.0
API 70 196.0 To 231.0
API 80 165.0 To 196.0
API 100 137.5 To 165.0
API 120 116.5 to 137.5
API 140 98.0 To 116.5
API 170 82.5 To 98.0
API 200 69.0 To 82.5
API 230 58.0 To 69.0
API 270 49.0 To 58.0
API 325 41.5 To 49.0
API 400 35.0 To 41.5


For more information of GN shale shaker screen. Please call or email GN Solids control.


[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation

[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco

[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger