High G drying shaker and vertical cuttings dryer are the major products for drilling cuttings treatment. This week, some sets of high G drying shaker are vertical cuttings dryer are packed for shipping to an offshore drilling company. The high G drying shaker are installed on a small holding tank. There is a centrifugal pump used as transfer pump to transfer mud out from the small holding tank.

The different is that, high G drying shaker is mainly used to separate water base mud and water base cuttings. While vertical cuttings dryer are used to treat oil base mud and oil base cuttings. In some cases, vertical cuttings dryer can be used to treat water base cuttings. But it is easier to be blocked than high G drying shaker.

High G drying shale shaker utilize API RP13C complied shaker screen. Operators can choose suitable API screen to reach the expected cut point. But vertical cuttings dryer use screen basket. Most supplier can only offer 2 sizes of bigger opening screen baskets. GN Solids Control offers 3 options of screen basket: 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.5mm. Operators can choose the suitable size per his job site situation and their performance demands. Generally speaking, the fine opening can get more clean liquid, and it may cause more block than big size screen opening. And the more the feeding flow rate, the wetter in the solids discharge.

Vertical cuttings dryer itself cost higher than high G drying shaker. And its motor power is much higher than high G drying shale shaker. But while be used to treat oil base mud, Vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the oil on the cuttings to 3% ~ 5%. But the high G drying shaker can only reduce oil on cuttings to 10% ~ 15%. There is a much difference.

Normally, water base mud is used at the the early drilling sections, and oil based mud is used at deeper drilling. In this case, some clients will choose both high G drying shaker and vertical cuttings dryer to treat WBM and OBM separately. Clients can also choose neither high G drying shaker or vertical cuttings dryer per their job site situation.