GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer on drilling mud solids control system and drilling waste management equipment. GN Solids Control has branch companies in Russia with branding name GN Solids Russia, and a branching company in Houston U.S.A with branding name GN Solids America. GN Solids Control also has a sister company GN Solids Separation which is focusing on conveyor and separation equipment.

Although the COVID-19 damage the worldwide economic, with the application and promotion of vaccine, the situation becomes better and better, and our world start to get to normal. The oil field and industry field is also recovered.

Drilling mud mixing tank and drilling mud mixing unit are widely used in various kinds of drilling rigs and engineering works. In the middle of March, GN Solids Control finished the manufacturing of a dual mixing system which is complete with a mixing hopper unit and centrifugal pump. The drilling mud mixing system is prepared for an engineering company in China.

Below is the flow line description of the drilling mud mixing tank unit.

The drilling mud mixing system includes 2 small vertical circular tanks. The jet mud mixing hopper and centrifugal pump is used to transport the drilling mud chemicals to the first tank. Two centrifugal pumps connected in parallel are connected to the tank through manual butterfly valves.
Through the opening and closing of the butterfly valve, any centrifugal pump can be used to transport chemical agents. After the first mud tank is fully stirred, the qualified mud is transported to the second tank through the connecting pipeline, and the mud can be directly used for the drilling rig. In order to ensure uniform mixing of drilling mud, each mud tank is equipped with a mud agitator.

Besides the dual tank mixing system, some sets of jet mud mixing unit are ready for delivery to clients’ job site. The mixing unit is composed of Venturi hopper and centrifugal mixing hopper, which are located on a skid and connected by pipelines. GN Solids Control can also makes EX control panel to complied with different market standard. GN Solids Control has EX certificate to accordance with CNEX, ATEX and IECEX.

For any questions or inquires, clients can contact GN engineering team to get solution.