GN Solids Control design and manufacture replacement composite material shale shaker screens for MI Swaco Mongoose shale shakers.GN also have metal frame Shaker screens for Mongoose shale shakers.

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  • What Shakers use the Composite material Mongoose shaker screens?

M-I SWACO groundbreaking MONGOOSE PT shale shaker is the only such unit capable of adjusting on-the-fly as solids characteristics change.

Composite Material Mongoose Shaker Screen

Composite Material Mongoose Shaker Screen

MONGOOSE PT gives you the unprecedented ability to change the shaker motion as the characteristics and volume of the cuttings change. The MONGOOSE PT can go from linear to elliptical motion with the simple flip of a switch.

Balanced and Progressive elliptical motion combined with configuration flexibility to suit your needs.

With the new generation MONGOOSE PRO dual-motion shale shaker, M‑I SWACO has combined balanced and progressive elliptical motion technology for a shaker that adapts as
drilling conditions change. As drilling conditions change, the evolutionary MONGOOSE PRO dual-motion shaker can be adjusted “on the fly.” Simply flipping a switch on the control box reconfigures the shaker from balanced to progressive elliptical motion. There is no need to suspend or shut down operations. With the MONGOOSE PRO shaker operating in the gentler progressive elliptical mode, solids encounter reduced G-forces and longer screen residence time. This results in drier solids, improved drilling-fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs.

  • Features of MI Swaco Mongoose composite material shaker screens

M-I SWACO DURAFLO Composite Screens use a polypropylene frame with an internal reinforcing cage made of high-strength steel. This design increases screen life and fluids-handling capacity to improve solids-control performance. In addition, DURAFLO Composite Screens are lighter than older metal-backed designs.
Longer screen life. The composite frame design provides smaller more numerous panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and containing mesh tears when they occur.

Maintains or reduces current screen weight. Our evolutionary DURAFLO composite screen weighs about the same as the original HIFLO screen and significantly less than metal-frame screens.

Easy to repair. The patented SNAP-LOK plug-repair system, available on DURAFLO screens for the NOV Brandt VSM 300 shaker, reduces repair time to less than two minutes. Simply remove the screen from the shaker and snap in a factory-made plug. This system eliminates the need for removing the damaged mesh and requires no cutting, gluing or bonding time.This gives more advantage to the composite material shaker screens for Mongoose shale shaker.