CSK  Environmental company is one of the biggest Solid Control Services company in Nigeria.GN Solids Control now have established contact with this Nigeria company since OTC 2012.

About CKS Environmental Services:

CKS Environmental was created in France in 1967 under the name of SAPEC, the first company in the world dedicated to the treatment of drilling mud.
Since the company-commenced operation it worked with all the majors’ oil operators throughout the world including but not limited to Elf, Agip, BP, Dupont, Total, Shell and Esso.
In approximately 1800 customer locations CKS Environmental has never received a citation from any state or federal authority for discharge water or contamination.
Since 1992 , CKS Environmental is implanted in Nigeria , specialised in environmental protection, solid control , cutting treatment , transport of waste and associated civil work for the oil, chemical and pulp and paper industry.

Nigeria Solids Control

Nigeria Solids Control

CKS contracts concern: Solids control ,cutting treatment, dewatering, Physical and chemical waste treatment, solids inertization and all the environmental approach.
Since your organisation is in the process of evaluations with regards to the implementation of DPR regulation and also preparing the future, we feel that our company can greatly contribute and assist in solving youronmental concerns.

List of clients and executed  projects for CKS Environmental.

CLIENT Project
ELF Petroleum Nigeria Limited 1992/1993 Solids control, centrifugation Olo and Obagi.
DUPONT Nigeria 1992/1993: Solids control, centrifugation, and barite recovery.
E.N.P.L Nigeria 1998/1999 IBEWA. Solids control, dewatering, physical and chemical treatment and solids stabilization.
EPNL Nigeria 1999 Obagi 105. Solids control dewatering, physical and chemical treatment, and solids stabilization
NAOC 2000 Saipem rig 32  solids control services
NAOC 2000/2001 Trident VIII solids control services
EPNL Nigeria 2000 Ibewa IV  Site remediation
NAOC 2000/2001 Saipem rig 23 solids control services
PNL Nigeria 2000-2001 OML 100 solids control services
EPNL Nigeria 2000-2003 OML 58 waste management & solids control
TUPNI Nigeria 2001 OPL 246 cuttings treatment services
NEXEN,2001 Ejulebe 6 / OML 109
NAOC Nigeria 2001-2002 Alabatoru & Pirigbene , solids control services
ADDAX Nigeria 2002-2003 :Izombe , Ossu 7 / 8 Waste management
TOTALFINAELF 2002-2006 Amenam , Solid control , Cutting Treatment (2 rigs)
BAROID 2002-2004 Solids control Mud plant Onne FOT
NAOC Nigeria 2002-2003 Samabri Biseni  Solids control Services
NAOC Nigeria 2004 Obiafu  Solids control Services
EMERALD 2005 Solids control services
Niger Delta Petroleum Resources 2005 Waste management Solids Control
SHELL :DEUTAG T76 2005/ 2007 Solids Control Services
PEAK Petroleum 2006:DOLPHIN Solids Control Services
TOTAL :IMA 12  2006 Solids control Services
TOTAL: Seadrill 3  2006/2008 Solids Control Services
SHELL: DEUTAG T43 2005/ 2007 Solids Control Services
SHELL: Don Walker 2007 Solids Control Services
MONI PULO :Don Walker 2007 Solids Control Services
TOTAL AKPO 2007-2012 Jack Ryan  Solid control , Cutting Treatment
Niger Delta Petroleum Resources 2007-2009 Waste Management Solids Control
FRONTIER OIL Ltd .UQUO 5 :2008 Waste Management , Solids Control
TOTAL TRIDENT 8- TOJU 2-Etisong -2008 Solids control , Cuttings Treatment
BHI PLATFORM –T76 EBDE 2008-2009 Solids Control
NETWORK –NRG201-IBENO 1 2008-2009 Solids Control
SDF UERL 2008-2009 Waste Management
WALTERSMITH PETROMAN OIL Ltd 2009 Waste Management Solids Control ,Cuttings Treatment

 Nigeria CKS Environmental Solids Control Services

In order to ensure success of further waste management project, optimisation of solids control equipment is necessary.

However the emphasis in the past has been to utilise the solids control equipment to help optimise mud properties in order to control such variable as solid’s content, rehology and fluid loss control.

These properties affects important parameters such as penetration rate, stuck pipe, borehole stability, formation damage and drilling cost.

The statements above imply that we are looking for excellent removal of solids and fines while drilling.

For un-weighted mud system this can be as good as possible achieved by the following:

Linear Motion shale shakers with large screening area

Desander hydrocyclones

Desilter / mud cleaner

High G dryer

Vertical Centrifuge ( VG )

Centrifuges which are lined up to be able to treat:

1)          Active mud

2)          Under flow of desander/ shaker

3)          Under flow of mud cleaner

4)          Under flow of High G Dryer and Vertical dryer (VG)

In Nigeria,GN Solids Control have exported a lot of solids control equipments to Lone Star Drilling.



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