Recently many new clients and old clients contact GN Solids Control to ask for information and request quotation for solids and sludge vacuum pump. GN Solids Control vacuum pump has a very wide application.

Only take the oil field for example, the vacuum pump can be used for oil tank cleaning, vessel tank cleaning, for oil base mud clear-up, for oily sludge suction and transfer, for transfer the drill cuttings from shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge (replace screw conveyor), etc…

Clients can visit GN website to check the job site working videos about the vacuum pump operation:

GN Solids Control has 3 sizes vacuum pump to suit for different applications.
1) GNSP-40B. It is the biggest model. It is skid mounted design. Max Capacity (m³/h) of the 40B pump is 40m³/h. But it is requested a big air consumption: 17m³/min (600CFM). If supplier air by air compressor, the air compressor power should be 90kw or 110kw.

2) GNSP-20B is a middle size. It is a portable design for fast movement. The max. capacity of the 20B pump is 20m³/h. The air consumption is smaller than 40B pump. It is 8m³/min (280CFM).
3) GNSP-10B is the smallest vacuum GN Solids Control made. The max. capacity of the 10B pump is 10m³/h. The air consumption is 4.3 m³/min (150CFM) 8m³/min (280CFM). It is easier to source.

For the middle size 20B and the small size 10B vacuum pump, the operation is the same. During the vacuum pump working, the suction and discharge process conduct alternatively as the setup time in automatic mode.

Other Material transfer applications of GN Solids Control vacuum pumps:
1) Hazardous waste suction and trasnfer
2) Barge holdings and vessel bottom clean out
3) Bulk tank and silo transfer of material
4) Sand; Course, fine, conventional and frac sand
5) Diatomaceous earth
6) Animal waste etc.