In order to know if the oily sludge and waste water is suitable for decanter centrifuge separation or not, the necessary test should be took to know the material situation.

But how should you do the test if you do not want to buy a big decanter centrifuge before you know if it suits your material or not? And you do not know which kind of decanter centrifuge model you should choose? If send the material to the centrifuge supplier for test, firstly, it request a certain quantity material in order to know the real performance, the shipment cost maybe high. Secondly, most hazardous material is prohibited to leave the storage job site. How should you do?

Lab test centrifuge is widely used in this situation. Operators can set up the rotating speed of lab centrifuge to find out the material situation. But unlike the real centrifuge, material after lab centrifuge is still in the same tube. How should you know the performance?

Below are the procedures of Lab test centrifuges processing for oil sludge or waste water may give you an idea:

Below are the procedures to test the sludge by lab centrifuge

1) Setup G force 1200G, Setup Separation time: 2 min. If the solids can significantly layered, and the liquid looks clear, it mean the sludge or waste water is very easy for centrifuge separation.

2) If there is not much difference after 1200G separation, setup G force to 2000G, setup separation time 2min. If the sludge or waste water can layered significantly at 2000G, it means the material suits for centrifuge separation.

3) If 2000G separation is not workable, increase the G force to 2500G by separating 2 min., if the oily sludge or waste water can settle down and the liquid looks clear, it means the material is a little bit difficult for centrifuge separation. But the centrifuge is still workable.

4) If the G force need to up to 3000G~4000G to make the solids settle down clearly, it means it is difficult for centrifuge separation, request high speed centrifuge.

5) If it is must be 4000G or above to make the solids settle down clearly and the liquid look clear, it means the material is very difficult for centrifuge separation, you will need to find other way as instead.