Swaco Mongoose is one of the advanced shale shaker model made by MI-Swaco. Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, Derrick 503 / 504 shale shaker, Derrick 48-30 shale shaker, together with NOV Brandt Cobra shale shaker, they are the most common shaker model.

GNZS594 shaker, as a replacement of Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, it is designed and made by China top manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

Swaco Mongoose replacement shale shaker

Advantages of Swaco Mongoose replacement shale shaker GNZS594:

1) Utilize composite material shale shaker screen, lifetime more than double compared with steel screen

2) The same size screen with Swaco Mongoose, users easy to source shaker screen worldwide

3) Shaker deck material: Stainless steel 304

4) Heat treatment for complete shale  shaker deck

5) Wedged type shaker screen for fast screen changing

6) Bisynchronous adjustament for shaker deck angle

7) IEC/Ex standard vibrating motor

Besides above mentioned advantages, the manufactuere-GN Solids Control is the 1rst API certified solids control company in China. All GN equipment made per standard of API and ISO.

GN have the complete production line from solids control to waste management and shale shaker screen. GN has the most advanced processing machine in this field. GN factory located near to Beijing, and Tianjing. GN can dispatch equipment to internaitonal airport or deaport within 1 week, shorten leading time. Throught the years, GN equipment have exported to over 60 countries worldwide.






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  2. Ricky Hulin


    I’m a mud and Solids control adviser and I’m looking to either develop or do y’all have a shaker screen to fit a MISWACO Mongoose mud cleaner that has a micron cut below 43. We are having LGS problems and I have 3 Mongoose shale shakers that we are running 74 microns on them and running the mud cleaner with 43 microns on it. We are drilling horizontal well’s at an average of 150′ 200′ per hour. Out total days of drilling in the synthetic base mud is around 3 – 5 days drilling any where from 5 – 10K feet of lateral.