Containerized oily sludge separation system is designed and made by China top manufacturing: GN Solids Control. It is widely used in drilling waste management field. Its compatct design and all equipment and collection tank mounted in the container, easy for movement.Containerized system for oily sludge separation

Equipment included in Containerized oily sludge separation system for waste management:

1) GNLW363VFD centrifuge with PLC control panel

2) NEMO pump German brand NETZSCH

3) GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer. (OOC: 5%)

4) Collection tank to collect clean fluids from vetical cuttings dryer and transfer to decanter centrifuge via NEMO pump

5) Container with temperature protectionContainerized oily sludge separation system

Advantages of Containerized oily sludge separation system:

1) All equipment mounted in the same container, easy for movement

2) 40ft container equiped temerature protection, suitable for lower temperature area

There are many advantages of the containerized system for oily sludge separation, but there still disadvantages.

As all equipment mounted in a 40ft container, space tight. It is not convenience for maintenance. User need to move out equipment for maintenance or for changing screen basket for vertical cuttings dryer (vertix G).

GN Solids Control is the only 1 China manufacturer who can make drilling waste management equipment. All GN euqipment design and made per API standard. For any inquire or question, you can contact Gn group directly for solution.





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