As GN Solids Control major is mainly focusing on domestic high level market, and international market. GN Solids Control design is compete with U.S and EU brands, the quality and design of GN Solids Control products must be high standard, reliable HSE standard, as well as user friendly.

Take screw conveyor for example, it is a sample transfer device to carry drilling waste and drilling cuttings, and transfered to waste pits for disposal. It is widely used with solids control shale shaker, desander cleaner, desilter cleaner, combined type shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, as well as drilling waste management high G dryer, vertical cuttings dryer, etc… Many people say the screw conveyor is sample device. Frankly speaking, its design is really complex, but it is easy to make it durable and safety.

Firstly, as the screw conveyor is mainly used to carry drilling cuttings, sludges, hence it must be good at wearing resistant. GN Solids Control use high quality hard iron for long lifetime.

Secondly, some clients said they faced HSE issues caused by screw conveyor. Their workers hurt their figures or feet while touch the augers accidentally. It is serious HSE issue and caused the job site shut down for correction.

GN Solids Control has 3 safety protections to avoid the problem:

1. There a closed loop grab wire along the whole auger length. The operators can stop the auger at any position of the auger by pull the grab wire in case of any accident issue happened.

2. GN Solids Control offered fixed covers on top of the auger. The top cover material can be metal plate for good sealing, and small hole gratings for watching side to check the auger discharge.

3. The covers can be fixed at both sizes, or with hinges on one side & provision for locks and bolts on the other side. It is for fast open and close. And plus, it can avoid the missing of the cover at job site.

4. And plus, in case of the auger top cover can be opened unexpectedly, or un-locked well, the auger will be auto-stop for protection.

5. GN Solids Control equips Audio / visual alarm on auger starter control panel, which is located near the auger. The Audio & visual alarm which will be automatically activated once the power is switched on followed by the actual auger start-up with a safety delay time. Audio / Visual Alarm to be in the OFF mode after some time once the auger starts operation.

If you need more information of GN Screw conveyor, welcome you contact GN sales engineers.