Shaker screen is the most common and important wearing spares of shale shaker separator, such as solids control shale shaker, drilling waste drying shaker, comboned type shale shaker with desander and/or desilter, coarse shale shaker, etc…

In many cases, clients are looking for replacement screens to suit for their shale shakers purchased from various companies. But many clients many wonder that, every company have their own screen part no., they do not know how can they make sure that, the quoted screens can suit for their shakers and applications.

API RP13C is an internal standard for replacement screen manufacturing, labeling and packing. If the Screens are made per API RP13C, it proves that that the same API size from different makers are fully interchangeable. This is the root reason that all major screen users requested screens must be complied with API RP13C.

GN Solids Control makes various models replacement shaker screens which are all complied with API RP13C. GN Solids Control is the only one screen manufacturer from China who has third party test report from U.S lab for all the API sizes. Some companies said they have API RP 13C testing report, but it only cover a few API size. The reason is that, the qualified third party lab will test the samples offered by the manufacturer.

Sometimes, manufacture will have to provide more than 1 screen samples in order to get a certain API size. This should be the reason that, some OEM screen manufacturer have more than 1 part no, for the same API size: they design is for a API size, but after lab testing, the data approve it is another API size. Hence they have to adjust, and send samples again for a specified API size.

Besides replacement shaker screens, GN Solids Control is focusing on full line drilling mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, transfer equipment, as well as industry centrifuge separators.