GN Solids Control makes various sizes and various designs of oil sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system is customized per client’s job site situation and clients’ demands.

A full package of GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment has finished job site installation. Currently, GN Solids Control engineer is at the job site for commission, and offer training services to the job site operators.

The handling capacity of the GNOST-15B Oil Sludge separation system is 15m3/h, which is defined per the decanter centrifuge rather than the 1rst stage shale shaker. It means it is the not the raw material treatment capability. Decanter centrifuge is the last separation equipment, but its capacity is the smallest inside the system. Then we use the centrifuge capability to define the system.

It is a full function separation system including following treatment modular.
#1: Feeding pump modular. The vacuum pump is used to suck the oil sludge and transfer to the treatment equipment.
#2: Coarse shale shaker separation modular. There is a coarse shale shaker GNLMP1236 with coarse screens to remove the big particles.
#3: Crusher machine: It is used to crush large particles and rocks to help for the next stage separations.
#4: Pre-mixing and heating modular. There are 2 ea 20ft containerized mud tank to do the work.
#5: Fine screen separation shale shaker. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706 is used in this stage.
#6: Decanter centrifuge separation modular. Big bowl centrifuge GNLW553D-VFD is used in this stage. This process is for 2-phase separation.
#7: 3-phase centrifuge separation unit. It is equipped with disc centrifuge or 3-phase decanter centrifuge. For this project, it is GNSD-125 disc centrifuge.

And plus, there is a containerized chemical dosing unit in side the oil sludge separation system. It is suitable for both liquid and powder chemicals. It is equipped in the system to dosing chemicals for the whole process.