GN Solids Control can make full package rapid liquid mud plant. Besides the metal components, GN Solids Control is capacity to supply all items including mud storage tanks, mud mixing tank and mud processing tank with all the manifolds, mixing equipment, processing equipment, level sensors, and central control room, etc…

Vertical storage tank is popular used at liquid mud plant. Compared with horizontal storage tank, vertical tank takes small footprint. And further more, vertical tank need less quantity mud gun than horizontal mud tank. A vertical tank only need to equip Qty 2 mud gun. But the same capacity horizontal mud tank will need at least double qty mud gun.

Last year, GN Solids Control supplied a liquid mud plant for a South America client. There are Qty 14 vertical mud tank and a package of mud mixing tank in the system. It is only part of a whole liquid mud plant. As the client is urgent to use some parts of the liquid mud plant. The whole liquid mud plant includes below items:

1) Totally Qty 75 × vertical storage tanks. The project request min. 400bbl usable capacity. GN Solids Control supplied 450 bbl vertical storage tank. Each storage is equipped with qty 2 mud gun and a level meter. Total usable capacity of the 75 vertical mud tanks is 33,750 bbl.

2) 2 packages of horizontal mixing tank unit. Each mixing tank is equipped with a dual mixing unit and dual transfer pump unit.

3) 1 package of horizontal processing tank C/W a shale shaker and qty 2 decanter centrifuge.

4) 6 packages of centrifugal pump transfer unit with its motor starter.

All pipelines and electrical control system are supplier by GN Solids Control. This year, GN Solids Control will supply the rest qty 61 vertical storage tanks, 1 package of mixing tank unit and 1 package of processing tank unit.