September 29 2020

GN Solids Control is busy with final testing of one 7,500 BBL liquid mud plant these days. This is the first partial order as part of the 30,000 BBL mud plant, GN will ship them to our South American customer in October. 
GN Solids Control has been providing hundreds of mud plant for global customers, no matter it’s OBM, WBM or SBM etc, GN Solids Control always has the right solution for customer. Actually, in order to meet the technical demands, GN Solids Control customize built all liquid mud plants.

2020.09.29 Liquid Mud Plant

This 7,500 BBL liquid mud plant is composed by the following main GN equipment:
1.500 BBL Mixing Tank
2 sets of parallel mud hoppers are fixed on the top of the mixing tank. Mixing power is provided by 2 separate submersible pump, in case one pump is broken the other submersible pump can be switched easily. 
A working platform is easy to access by ladders. 2 sets mud agitators with double impellers are using to keep the drilling mud from sediment. Besides, 2 units mud guns are also used to flush the mud from the corner. 
Mud tank uses checkered plate to build the top cover. This 500 BBL mixing tank is skid mounted type, in rectangular size, can be moved by a flat bed truck.   
2.7,000 BBL Storage Tank
After the drilling mud is mixed, one centrifugal pump with fast connections suck the drilling mud and move them into those storage tanks. There are 14 units 500 BBL cylinder tanks totally, so the whole storage volume is 7,000 BBL.

2020.09.29 Liquid Mud Plant 2
All these cylinder tanks are fixed with magnetic flip level gauges. Due to these tanks are used to stock water based mud, so mud agitators are not necessary. 
On one side the mud tank, a laying foundation is built in case they need to be put horizontally. A second centrifugal pump is used to move the water based mud to other tanks, and may also be used suck the drilling mud from the mixing tank. 
As a leading solids control and drilling waste management system provider, GN Solids Control is dedicated to provide the most cost-effective solution for global customers, welcome to connect with us!