Liquid Mud Plant is big tank mud system for mud mixing and storage for drilling rigs. It is used to prepare qualified drilling fluids for drilling rigs.

GN Solids Control can do the Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) to suit for different applications. The Rapid Liquid Mud Plant can also be called as RDLMP (or Rapid Deployment Liquid Mud Plant), or Swift Liquid Mud Plant. The plant is good, stackable and modular.

GN Solids Control has done Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) for many Chinese domestic and international projects, like for COSL (China Oil Services Limited) and CNOOC (China National Offershore Oil Company). Each Tank of the Rapid Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) can up to 500BBL, or per clients’ request, it is stackable and modular.

The Liquid Mud Plant is always composed of horizontal mud mixing tanks, vertical mud storage tanks, vertical silo tanks, decanter centrifuge system, mud mixing pump and hopper system, mud shearing system, and some time, the shale shaker systems.

Mud agitator is the major equipment of liquid mud plant. There will be big quantity mud agitators used in liquid mud plant. GN Solids Control offers a options of mud agitator:

Option 1 is the normal Chinese standard: The agitator is equipped with worn gearbox reducer. It is economic standard.

Option 2: the agitator is equipped heavy duty helical bevel reducers. The torque of helical bevel reducer is much bigger than the same power worn gear reducer. Although the helical bevel reducer cost much than the worn gear reducer agitator, but it can save power.

Decanter centrifuge package is used in the liquid mud plant to reduce the mud weight. GN Solids Control equipped the decanter centrifuge unit with its feeding screw pump on a telescopic skid, and it is the same skid with mixing pump and hopper unit for easy movement.