Thermal Desorption treatment unit, short named TDU, is advanced equipment to treatment oily sludge waste.

Below is a general working process of the Thermal Desorption treatment unit:

Step 1: A Screw Conveyer transfer the oily sludge to the Sludge washing machine. In the Sludge washing machine, the sludge will be heated and some chemicals will be added to make it easy for separation.

Step 2: After the sludge washing machine processing, the sludge will be moved to high G drying shaker. Fine screens will be used on the shaker to remove solids above 60 microns. Fluids phase (oil, water and fine soil mixture) and solids discharge will be generated in this process.

Fluids phase from high G drying shaker will fall down to the catch tank under the shaker. Solids discharged from high G drying shaker will be moved to the Thermal Desorption unit to recovery oil and dry the solids (OOC≤0.5%).

Step 3: Fluids phase from high G drying shaker is transferred to high speed decanter centrifuge by a screw pump; flocculants from chemical enhancing system will also be transferred to the high speed centrifuge. The fluids and flocculants will be mixed before enter into decanter centrifuge for separation.
After the dewatering centrifuge treatment, 2 products will be generated:
Fluids mixture of oil, water and some ultra-fine solids: will be separated by oil water Separator.
Fine sands: will be moved to Thermal Desorption unit to recovery oil and dry the solids (OOC≤0.5%).

Step 4: Oil water separator: to get oil, water mixture
Oil: Can be sold to the refine companies. If the oil is clean enough, or the TDU burner allowed, the oil can be used for fuel oil.
Water mixture: Treated by water heater to get clean water (for reuse or other applications) and mud sludge (back to Sludge washing machine for recycling treatment).
Final products from Thermal Desorption treatment unit :
1) Solids : OOC≤0.5%
2) Clean mud
3) Oil