Recently, another 10 sets decanter centrifuge are ready for shipment. The 10 sets centrifuges will be shipped to middle-east to service the drilling rig mud systems there for drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management.

It is 14 inch high standard VFD decanter centrifuge: the motors, VFD control panels, cable glands, socket and plugs are complied with International IECEx standard for explosion proof for Zone 1 (equal to Class I Division 1 of U.S. and Canada standard) applications. All cables are designed for 110C degree high temperature ambient.

All VFD drives of the VFD panels are heavy duty type for reliable performance and longer service time. Futhermore, as the temperature in Middle East is high in summer reason. All the VFD panels for the 10 sets decanter centrifuges are equipped with Air conditioner automatically cooling system for high temperature ambient up to 55 C degree.

IECEx is the international standard for explosion proof. GN can also offer European standard ATEx, or China national explosion proof CNEx for explosion proof. Mostly, CNEx can suit for most of the project. But for some U.S companies or European end users, they will request IECEx or ATEx standard. Clients can specify the right EX standard they while inquire or before sending orders.

GN Solids Control makes full line drilling mud recycling and treatment system and drilling cuttings management equipment. GN Solids Control does offer Zero-discharge treatment system for drilling rigs for pitless solution.

Besides decanter centrifuges, below are some other equipment GN Solids Control does make for waste management:
1) High G drying shaker: Drying the cuttings discharged from your rig shakers.
2) Dewatering unit + dewatering centrifuge: It is not showing on the layout, but it is need to reduce the mud weight from High speed centrifuge.
3) Solidification unit: to further drying all the cuttings from your rig mud system and the above cuttings management equipment.
4) Screen vacuum unit