GN Solids control makes complete solution for oil field oily sludge separation, it can get output solids with limited oil content, water with limited oil and soil, and oil with low content oil and soil.

GN oily sludge separation system can be used to treat below materials, it is the typical oily sludge GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system can treat, but it not only limited to below materials:
1) The oily sludge and waste from Crude Oil storage tank cleaning sludge
2) The oily sludge and waste from Refinery plant waste oil sludge
3) The oily sludge and waste from Drilling waste disposal.

GN oily sludge separation system is including below processing unit:
1) The solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump unit. It is 100% Air driven pump without electric driven parts.
2) The pre-mixing and heating system, it is equipped with slurry transfer pump, mud agitator, mud tank, and heating system.
3) The shale shaker separation system with mud tank and heating system.
4) Dewatering centrifuge unit for solids and liquid 2-phase separation
5) Disc centrifuge for 3-phase separation: solids, water and oil

Below is some popular questions clients are normally concern:
1) The air compressor was excluded. Can they send a quotation or specification?
GN can send clients the specification for the air compressor, as GN is not the manufacturer for air compressor. It’s better client to buy for them. GN need to know if clients need GN to provide the Vacuum pump for suction of the oil sludge to recommend the suitable model air compressor.

2) How will they heat up the sludge to 70 degrees C? Is it Electrical or by a heat exchanger? I did not see the price for the heat exchanger (Boiler)
GN answers: You can use the hot water boiler to heat up by steam, or you can use hot oil boilers. We already have the heating lines inside the tank; you can feed it with hot steam or hot oil. The volume of the hot heat depends on the ambient temperature. What will be the minimum ambient temperature for your operation? So we can calculate the size of the boiler for you.

3) In the Process Flow Diagram “PFD”, they mentioned about the water treatment unit, it was not included in the price
Mostly clients does not need this one, since GN unit already meet you requirements.

4) What is the maximum solid content that can be fed to the decanter? Before feeding the the shale shaker, in the premixing tank, you need to control the solids below 20%, to the decanter the solids should be below 20%.