This week, GN Solids Control finished fabrication of another 2 sets Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment dewatering system. The 2 sets Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment dewatering system is designed for construction field waste water treatment. They will be shipped to the sea port for an America client.

The hydro vac construction slurry separation system is composed of below treatment modular:

1) Feeding Hopper modular for waste collection: A hopper tank with coarse screens to collect the waste material and remove the big particles, like rocks.

2) Scalping shale Shaker separation modular. The scalping shale shaker separation modular is composed of a Scalping Shale shaker and a hold tank package. The scalping shale shaker is equipped with special metal frame screen with big opening to remove big solids. It can reduce the wearing of next processing equipment. The recovered liquid will be collected by the mud tank under the scalping shale shaker.


3) Double deck shale shaker unit for fine solids separation: the double deck shale shaker is located in #2 mud tank. As the waste material is already pre-separated by scalping shale shaker, the double deck shale shaker is equipped with normal API shaker screen for D100 separation.

4) Hydro Vac Slurry Treatment modular: Desilter hydra cyclone is used in this modular for hydra separation. The cut point of desilter modular is up to 20microns.

5) The final modular is centrifuge dewatering unit. Big bowl and High speed decanter centrifuge will be used together with chemical dosing system for dewatering treatment. GN Solids Control makes different sizes of decanter centrifuges to suit for difference types of waste material application. The centrifuge bowl size varies from 9inch, 14inch, 18inch, 20inch and the biggest bowl 30 inch.

If clients want more information of the Construction slurry dewatering system, you can contact GN Solids Control. Besides the Construction slurry dewatering system, GN Solids Control can also make automatic tank cleaning system, waste water treatment system, oily sludge separation system, etc…