Professional at solids liquids separation, now GN road to the piling field. In Desander for Piling construction, we introduce the piling piling desanderslurry recycle and the process of the piling slurry treatment. Now we are going to talk about the application and the desander for piling in the piling construction system.

Piling Introduction

Foundations relying on driven piles often have groups of piles connected by a pile cap (a large concrete block into which the heads of the piles are embedded) to distribute loads which are larger than one pile can bear. Pile caps and isolated piles are typically connected with grade beams to tie the foundation elements together; lighter structural elements bear on the grade beams while heavier elements bear directly on the pile cap.piling rig

Usually there are kinds of pile. eg. Drilled piles, Under reamed piles, Augercast pile, Pier and grade beam foundation, also micro piles and so on. But not all the piling work needs slurry treatment desander, only if the deepth of the piling work is bigger than 40 meter, like this time we exported to Pakistan, 50 meter, then we need this kind of equipments.

Piling Slurry Treatment in the Piling Work

So if we need to clean the pile, we need the slurry treatment equipments, but it is different because of the different type of rig. As this time in PK, we customized a desander company with YTRD230.

A mud pump with a long pipe deep in the bottom of the which send the clean slurry right to the bottom. And a short pipe from the top of the pile, lead the dirty slurry to the desander. While the process of the piling desander is here: Desander for Piling construction.

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