Vortex Mud Hopper is the replacement hopper for Venturi hopper.Both mud hopper are used in mud mixing system for adding chemicals.Connect the hopper with centrifugal pump and mixing tank,it will consist to be a mud mixing system.

Traditional Venturi mud hopper

A mud-flow device, also called a jet hopper, in which materials are put into the circulating mud system. The mud hopper is powered



by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet) below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.

Advantages of Vortex Mud Hopper

Compare with Venturi hopper  the Vortex hopper has following advantages

a) Effective mixing time in vortex hopper  is longer and the result is better.

b) Material feed caliber is bigger to prevent feeding jam and increase feeding rate.

c) Vortex hopper  is suitable for various materials and is widely used

d) Vortex mud hopper  has no limitation for the size of material particles and will not be jammed by solid deposit when left unused for long period

Vortex mud hopper  mixes solids  additives with drilling fluids evenly. It is suitable to the basic equipment in configuration of equipments for drilling fluids. Vortex mud hopper adopts rotational flow mixing technology, and can fill bentonite and barite, etc into drilling fluids quickly in order to be adapted to complicated drilling process. This product is of good mixing effect, quick filling of material, and with no-blockage.


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