The main function of the mud system of ZJ50 drilling rig is: recycle, clean the drilling fluids with debris from the wellhead. this system can eliminate sands less than 7μm in size, and supply drilling rigs with satisfied drilling fluids.

1. The installation

Level off the work site, set a good base. As show as figure 1 : install and fix GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250 × 3 / 100 × 16 mudzj 50 mud system cleaner and jet mud mixer SLH150-50. connect all manifolds ,walkways, guardrails ,ladders, etc.. Ensure all parts flexible and on the good site. Connect inlet manifolds as showed. Connect all the solids control equipment control circuit connectors.

2. Working process of the recycling system

Firstly, start up the shaker box locking device of GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner (as to its operation please refer to the related user manual), and have a trying operation. And ensure all valves not been blocked . The butterfly vavles should be shut up while connecting the mud cleaner pipes. Send drilling fluids to the mud cleaner while bigger capacity needed.

Then, start up GNPS70-3 shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner.

①start up the feeding pump(user owner) while they are working steadily, by this stage mud in the mud sump from the wellhead ,can be sent to the shale shaker GNPS70-3 for the first class purification.

② When the mud amount up to three quarters of the sump (about 5 minutes), start up the 1﹟SB8×6-13sand pump . mud will be sent to the desander cyclone from the sump 1﹟, at a pressure of 0.25~0.40MPa , then ,the desander starts to work for the second class purification.

③the treated mud overflows to the 2﹟sump. start 2﹟SB8×6-13 sand pump, mud will be send to desilter cyclone from 2﹟sump at a pressure of 0.25~0.40MPa.the desilter starts to work for the third class purification. Mud from this stage overflow to 3﹟sump. The treated mud flows to compartment 1 of other storage tanks through connecting pipes (user owned). Then the submersible pump will pump the drilling fluid to supply the decanter centrifuge. After treatment of centrifuge, it flows to compartment 2, and if the second compartment is full, it overflows to the third compartment. And all the drilling fluids in compartment 2 and 3 are available for the mud pump (user owned) to supply the drilling rig.
The jet mud mixer can mix the mud in 2# and 3# compartment of the mixing tank, if you connect it with any other tanks, it can mix mud for other tanks, while the pipelines need to be prepared in advance.
In compartment 2# and 3# of the recycling tank, there are overflows, there are holes (φ300) in the bottom, and there are covers, It is open when it is regularly running. While no need to desanding and desilting, cover theφ300 hole, then the mud can directly flow to the mixing tank.