GN Solids Control will ask for pictures and / or videos of the raw waste sludge to design and implement the different phases of clients’ project for the waste management coming from the Oil & Gas sector.

GN Solids Control offers 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation treatment on oil base mud (OBM), oil sludge treatment solution, tank cleaning, vessel cleaning, etc…

The 2-phase separation treatment: It is for liquid and solids separation. Most clients only need to reduce the solids waste and recover the usable drilling fluids for reuse. In this situation, they will choose 2-phase separation system.
It is more popular and the process is relative easier. Oil base mud and water base mud is used for different drilling sections. The separation equipment for OBM and WBM is different. The major separation equipment for OBM cuttings is vertical cuttings dryer. It can reduce the oil on cuttings to 5% and less.

If for water base mud, high G drying shaker is used to reduce the liquid content.

After vertical cuttings dryer and High H drying shaker, decanter centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids in the recovered fluids which comes from cuttings dryer with high content fine solids content. The purpose of the centrifuge application is to reduce the mud weight to make it suit for reused. After high speed centrifuge separation, the fluids will go back to solids control mud system for drilling activities. Some time, will use chemical dosing system for flocculation.

Another option is more complex, it is 3 phase separation: it means the separation of solids, water and oil. GN Solids Control have both 2-phase and 3-phase centrifuge. 3-phase centrifuge can only allow slurry with less than 3% solids contend. In this case, clients have to use 2-phase centrifuge before 3-phase centrifuge. But while treating the sludge with less ultra fine particles, clients can use 3-phase decanter centrifuge or disc centrifuge to separate oil and water.