GN Solids Control has successfully delivered multiple sets of Vertical Cuttings Dryers, also known as vertical centrifuges, to drilling cuttings treatment clients in Africa. These cutting-edge units play a crucial role in the treatment of Oil  Based Mud (OBM) drilling cuttings, showcasing GN Solids Control’s commitment to providing effective solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The vertical cuttings dryer efficiently processes OBM drilling cuttings, extracting valuable drilling fluids and facilitating their reuse in the drilling mud system. However, the liquid discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer poses a challenge, being too heavy and containing a significant amount of fine solids. To address this, GN Solids Control recommends the integration of a high-speed decanter centrifuge in the system. This additional step is instrumental in reducing the mud weight, ensuring that the drilling fluids are in optimal condition for reuse in the drilling mud system.

In the transportation and transfer of drilling cuttings for the vertical cuttings dryer system, screw conveyor augers play a pivotal role. These widely used augers efficiently carry and transfer cuttings, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the cuttings drying process. Some clients also opt for the use of solids and sludge vacuum pumps to feed cuttings into the system, providing a versatile solution to suit specific operational requirements.

The combination of the Vertical Cuttings Dryer, high-speed decanter centrifuge, and efficient conveying mechanisms like screw conveyor augers or solids and sludge vacuum pumps represents a comprehensive and integrated approach to the management of OBM drilling cuttings. GN Solids Control’s solutions not only enhance operational efficiency but also align with sustainable practices by promoting the reuse of drilling fluids, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact.

Through its continuous innovation and dedication to meeting industry challenges, GN Solids Control remains a trusted partner for drilling operations globally, ensuring the advancement of efficient and environmentally responsible practices in the oil and gas sector.