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GN solid control intelligent control positive pressure frequency conversion cabinet is a combination of HMI, PLC and frequency converter. It can realize the equipment frequency conversion control mode, making the operation more humanized. Customers can choose different speed and difference speed according to the material conditions on site.


The automatic control makes the equipment more widely applicable to the site. The customer sets the running speed of the equipment according to different materials, and the difference speed is arbitrarily adjusted. The status screen automatically reminds the equipment maintenance parts of the regular maintenance alarm to make up for the damage caused by the negligence of the staff; The alarm screen shows the fault alarm when there is a problem with the electrical equipment, which is the better way for the user to find the problem in time.

PLC Touch screen for VFD centrifuge

PLC Touch screen for VFD centrifuge

Logic protection: (GN solid control GNLW363 mud centrifuge operation as an example)

Start: When the auxiliary machine starts for about 10s, the host starts to start slowly. After 30s, the slurry pump is allowed to start. The main and auxiliary machines do not start. The slurry pump cannot be started. Stop: After the slurry pump stops, the main and auxiliary machines can be stopped. After the host stops the speed to zero, the auxiliary machine can stop, providing better protection for the operation of the equipment.


First, the operation steps:

  1. The HMI automatically enters the main interface after power-on;
  2. Main interface Click the “Flush” button to select the flush mode. If the flush mode is not selected, the device cannot be started.
  3. Click “Back to Home” and the interface will return to the home page.
  4. Click the “Operation Interface” button to enter the operation interface;

5, set the host speed, differential speed, press the start button, as shown below;

  1. After the centrifuge is working normally, in the above picture, click “Parameter Setting” to enter, and set the parameters of the slurry pump;
  2. Set the corresponding parameters according to the nameplate of the motor of the slurry pump;
  3. After the parameter setting is completed, press the “Back” button to return to the operation interface;
  4. Select the starting mode of the pump in the operation interface. For example, select manual control, input the running flow of the pump, press the start button to start the normal operation of the slurry pump;
  5. If the slurry pump is selected for automatic control, at this time, the pump flow rate will not be input, and the pump will automatically work under the pump rated parameters;
  6. Stopping the equipment: In the operation interface, press the pump stop button, the pump starts to stop slowly, and then the button main and auxiliary machine stop button devices stop working slowly;
  7. If the slurry pump is not stopped, the stop button of the main and auxiliary machines of the centrifuge is invalid;
  8. If the “shutdown flush mode” is selected in the flush mode, after stopping the feed pump, press the main and auxiliary machine stop buttons, the flushing solenoid valve will open automatically (note that the water clear line is in the on state), after 10 minutes of washing, the main, The auxiliary machine will slowly slow down and stop;

There may be some differences in the use of different batches of equipment, but the protection principle remains unchanged.

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